Learn more about ChargeOn Features and Benefits

ChargeOn: Its Features and Benefits

November 1, 2021 | visibility 51 views
ChargeOn Payment Processing App


The category of payment processing software involves quite an extensive range of systems that allow the companies as well as individuals to send and receive payments automatically. Within the payment processing software, there is the involvement of mainly two groups, which are B2C and B2B payment solutions.

The main aim of any Payment processing software/application is to provide the businesses with the right access which would further help them in processing various types of business-to-business (B2B) payments. Companies use this type of software which helps them in managing several payments that they received from other business customers and further makes it to their suppliers. Any business that allows acceptance of payments in a method, that is other than cash, could be benefitted from the payment processing software.

In this blog, a new payment processing application will be discussed, which is the Salesforce native application, brought by Cyntexa Labs.

What is ChargeOn?

To manage customer billing in Salesforce using the payment processing application Stripe, an organization is required to hire a developer to integrate Salesforce with Stripe. The developer would further take a lot of time to integrate it into the organization and it becomes an additional cost for them. Moreover, there are higher chances that a messy integration could happen. To solve this challenge, Cyntexa has come up with a solution with its new product – ChargeOn

ChargeOn is a free application on Salesforce AppExchange which makes payment processing and online trade easy by integrating Stripe with Salesforce. It helps businesses to set up a global payment system instantly, enabling payments to inflow immediately, expediting the growth of companies. It is a 100% native app on Salesforce which uses the world-class secure API from Stripe for payment processing.

Now, let’s get to know about its features in detail.

Features of ChargeOn

The main features of ChargeOn are discussed in the following points:

ChargeOn Features

1. Manage Payments Efficiently

With the help of the ChargeOn application, organizations can now easily manage multiple payments at once, which would not be accompanied by any hassles, and thus, a proper billing management system could be established within the organization.

2. Faster Payment Processing

With the help of this payment processing application, you can directly make use of Stripe Payment Gateway. Due to the use of this payment gateway, the user can be well assured to have the benefit of faster and flawless payment processing.

3. Global Transaction

Moreover, the payments can be easily accepted by the businesses from their customers who could be living in any corner of the world. This feature is more fruitful for organizations that have customers in foreign countries as well.

4. Security

There is a complete assurance of a point-to-point encryption solution with modern API in ChargeOn that would ensure security to all the organization’s sensitive and important data.

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5. 100% Native App on Salesforce

There is further acceptance of payments directly in the Salesforce platform from opportunity objects. All the transactions are initiated directly from Salesforce.

6. Simple and Flexible Invoicing

With the help of ChargeOn, the organization can easily create invoices with the usage of fully customizable templates with an option to add additional discounts/charges and send them within Salesforce with ease.

Now, let’s understand the benefits of ChargeOn which differentiates it from other customer integration applications.

Benefits of ChargeOn

The main benefits of ChargeOn are discussed in the following points:


1. Zero Cost

ChargeOn is a completely free application. You can easily find this application on the Salesforce AppExchange platform, with no charges required to download it. Moreover, organizations don’t need to worry about any additional cost that could occur while integrating Salesforce with Stripe without this payment processing application.

2. Saves Time

ChargeOn saves the precious time of an organization that could have been wasted while explaining to someone your specific requirements related to the integration of Salesforce with Stripe.

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3. Secure Payment

ChargeOn uses a 100% secured API provided exclusively by Stripe itself. Also, having a point-to-point encryption solution would further give assurance that the payments done are fully secured.

Furthermore, ChargeOn can help in performing the following tasks easily:

  • Creating as well as Sending invoices within Salesforce with ease;
  • Personalizing invoice templates;
  • Simplifying addition of discounts, taxes, convenience fees, and other charges;
  • Printing/Email multiple invoices at once.

Now, let’s discuss how exactly ChargeOn works and how the integration between Salesforce and Stripe can be done by the organization themselves, without involving the team of Salesforce developers for the same.

How does ChargeOn Work?

After knowing the interesting features and benefits, now it’s time for you to understand exactly how to enable ChargeOn with your Salesforce platform.

ChargeOn offers a basic way to collect money from the customers either through one-off payments or subscription payments. Also, ChargeOn will take great care of your card details with the tightest security practices with 24×7 technical support.

Once you click on the Payment button on ChargeOn (after its installation on your system), a pop-up will appear which will ask for the card details and more. This pop-up is all hosted by Stripe, which tells that the customer and other details are stored in a secured manner.

Once payment is completed, the customer is sent back to the detail page of their record.

As it is a well-known fact, having a visual representation is far better than getting instructions in a written form. For the same reason, we have got a few videos already published exclusively for you. One is a Demo Video of a test transaction in ChargeOn, which would show you the process involved in a step-by-step mode. Please note that the same process will be followed in the real transaction as well.

Another video is ChargeOn Salesforce and Stripe Configuration Steps, wherein you’ll be able to understand the steps involved in installing and configuring Stripe in your Salesforce platform.

Last, but not least, we have brought an Installation Demo of ChargeOn. This video will demonstrate how to install Stripe configuration in your Salesforce platform.

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Cyntexa is a top Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner and provides Salesforce solutions to optimize, accelerate, and simplify your complex business problems. We are a team of 150+ certified Salesforce developers, architects, consultants, administrators & MVPs who are highly skilled and have completed more than 450 projects and served over 300 clients.

With the help of Cyntexa’s new product ChargeOn, businesses can now set up a global payment system instantly, enabling payments to inflow immediately, expediting the growth of companies.

In the next release of ChargeOn, the following features will come:

  • Recurring Billing: Accept Recurring payments from customers on a prearranged schedule – monthly or weekly. 
  • ACH Credit Transfer: ACH Credit Transfer enables US customers to pay by sending funds directly to a US bank account.
  • Mobile Device: Access ChargeOn on your mobile device using Salesforce 1.

As already discussed in the benefits, this application is free of cost and is very user-friendly, available exclusively on Salesforce AppExchange. So as to download this app, you can log in to your Salesforce AppExchange account with your username, and go towards the ChargeOn app and Install it. With no hassle of in-app purchases, you can easily install it without thinking much about it!

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