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From Refreshing Drinks to Refreshing Work Experiences: How Coca-Cola Leveraged ServiceNow ITSM to Improve Employee Work Experiences?

June 10, 2024 eye-glyph 78

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    Coca-Cola is the world’s most beloved beverage brand with diverse geographical footprints across more than 200 countries. It is synonymous with refreshing soft drinks.

    While securing a place in the hearts (and stomachs) of soft drink drinkers worldwide, Coca-Cola is also in constant pursuit of becoming an employee-first company. With a global family of 79,100 employees, Coca-Cola is constantly seeking ways to make their employees’ lives easier and more fulfilling.

    From building an inclusive work culture to adopting cutting-edge technologies for seamless operations, Coca-Cola understands that happy employees are the pillar of success.

    Here in this blog, we explore how they’re simplifying processes, and setting a benchmark in refreshing the work experiences of its employees.

    So, let’s get started.

    Coca-Cola Beverages Africa: One IT System for Success Across Africa

    Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA) is the eighth-largest Coca-Cola bottling partner worldwide, and the largest on the African continent.

    CCBA is responsible for 40% of the Coca-Cola products sold throughout Africa. Despite this, the overall consumption of these products in Africa is still less than in other parts of the world. To address this, CCBA plans to boost its efforts in distribution and marketing.

    Effective distribution and marketing strategies are undoubtedly the best ways to drive growth, however, to keep up with this demand, CCBA knew they needed to improve from within.

    They have more than 22,000 employees throughout eastern and southern Africa, most working remotely. Furthermore, there were two consolidated systems. One is used by Coca-Cola Beverages Africa’s (CCBA) business operations in South Africa, and another is used by its operations in the rest of the African countries it serves.

    Also, the service desk was located in South Africa. Hence, employees calling from other countries would require additional approval for international calling, adding an extra layer of difficulties and increased costs.

    CCBA solicited a consolidated system with unified approaches to IT processes. ServiceNow ITSM, a tool that brings together IT services and tools to help teams boost productivity chosen by CCBA for doing so.

    Here is how ServiceNow ITSM helped them bring the growth they were looking for;

    servicenow itsm helps coca-cola beverages africa
    • Unified IT process: It consolidated the IT systems into one, resulting in reduced complexities and costs.
    • Enhanced support: ITSM streamlined ticket logging support by eradicating the need for international dialing approval.
    • Clear visibility and control: CCBA has a clear audit trail, and centralized hub enabling them to identify and address IT issues prominently.
    • Improving incident management: The Service Desk and Operations Center (SDOC) monitors the IT infrastructure in real time, facilitating major incident processes and reducing the need for users to report outages.
    • Support from anywhere: With the launch of the mobile app ITSM enabled remote employees to log issues and access support from anywhere.
    • Operational efficiencies: Automation and self-service capabilities of ITSM helped CCBA to handle larger IT staff with no additional requirement of human resources. Furthermore, the reduction in manual processes led to the creation of a Center of Excellence for application support by using the same resource pool more effectively.
    • Improved service delivery: ITSM improved IT support response time, better service level agreements (SLAs), and a rise in customer satisfaction.
    • Streamlined upgrades: With Automated Test Framework (ATF), ServiceNow IT Service Management reduced the time needed for system upgrades. Also, the documentation of specific requirements and reusing test instances made CCBA future-ready for upgrades and changes.
    harmonizied approach to it process coca cola servicenow itsm

    ServiceNow ITSM helped Coca-Cola Beverages Africa to adopt one harmonized approach to IT processes. Also, they have reduced the time to upgrade by 80%.

    Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company Reinstates 150K Happy Hours for Employees

    Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (HBC) is the world‘s third-largest Coca-Cola bottling partner with a presence in over 29 markets across three continents. Every year they sell more than 2 billion unit cases.

    HBC believes that tech enablement is key to driving growth and sustainability. The organization is using AI-driven systems to monitor the factories against leaks and hazardous waste spills. Organizations are experimenting with technology to support their business operations and more than 33,000 employees alike.

    The IT department of HBC was reliant on a highly customizable legacy system which is completely impossible to upgrade. They were looking for a platform that could be implemented quickly, and offer interaction functionality. ServiceNow came out as the best choice.

    Here is how ServiceNow helped the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (HBC) to return 150k happy hours for employees:

    Retiring Legacies to Embrace Automation With ITSM

    Coca-Cola HBC chose to replace the legacy system with ServiceNow ITSM, a platform that can be quickly implemented, has state-of-the-art functionalities, and allows integrations.

    Initially, HBC was using ITSM primarily to manage IT issues and changes. The organization grasped the use cases of ITSM beyond this incident and change management. They have a mobile app and virtual agent to make IT support more accessible and effective. The other benefits are the DevOps application and change acceleration.

    The HBC team was using DevOps to integrate CI/CD pipelines and gain detailed visibility across the product teams. They have also established governance through change automation to ensure faster and more efficient processes without manual intervention.

    Before ServiceNow ITSM implementation, HBC had more than 30% of major incidents caused by change. ITSM slashed this to half by automating governance processes, resulting in significant cost savings.

    For incident and key business applications management like CRM, and ERP Coca-Cola HBC collaborated with at least five partners to ensure that everything ran smoothly. ServiceNow is being used to coordinate with all these partners, which reduces the critical incident response time by about 3.5 to 4 hours.

    Optimizing Portfolio Management with a Central Source of Truth

    Coca-Cola HBC employees were heavily dependent on the Excel spreadsheet, and PowerPoint presentations to manage business projects. Employees handling project management lead to discrepancies and a lack of insights into the project. This results in the project getting delayed.

    Coca-Cola HBC decided to implement ServiceNow Portfolio Management (SPM) for managing business projects. This system enabled a single source of truth for all the project-related information. This information helped HBC to better prioritize, improve resource management, and see where delays are and what could be the impact.

    servicnow itsm helped save 150000 hours coca cola

    HBC’s strategic implementation of ServiceNow is anticipated to free up approximately 150,000 hours annually across various departments.

    Ready to Pop the Top on Growth? Scale Like Coca-Cola with ServiceNow

    Coca-Cola is empowering its employees with ServiceNow to do their jobs more effectively and productively. ServiceNow is a cloud-based end-to-end intelligent workflow automation platform for digital business. It serves organizations of all sizes from small-size organizations to Fortune 500 companies like Coca-Cola to make work lives easier.

    Are you ready to empower your teams to focus on what truly matters and boost their productivity to new heights? ServiceNow’s capabilities coupled with Cyntexa’s expertise take away so many complexities from your workspace to build a digital experience that is admired by your employees.

    Cyntexa is a renowned ServiceNow consulting company helping businesses build the infrastructure for long-term and sustainable growth. At Cyntexa, we believe that trust is the foundation of every successful relationship. It must be earned, rather than proclaimed.

    Let’s connect with us obligation-free consulting session to find out how Cyntexa can help you refresh your work experiences with ServiceNow.

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