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Beyond the Cloud: Cyntexa’s Commitment to Net Zero and a Greener World

May 16, 2024 eye-glyph 78

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    The term “net zero” has taken over the business’s sustainability concerns. From news headlines to annual boardrooms discussion, leaders are understanding the pro and cons and how to emit it to make the planet greener for the future generation.

    Considering the renewable resources utilization is quite costly, many are repelling from the concept. Here at Cyntexa, it’s quite the contrary. Net Zero is not just a concept in the books, finding a balance between what you are taking and what you can give back is what we have started practicing.

    By taking real actions, we are indulging ourselves as an individual and team towards environmental welfare and reducing CO2 emissions.

    We understand the challenges many companies face when it comes to sustainability. In this blog, we’ll share our journey towards net zero. We’ll explore the hurdles we encountered and the strategies we’re implementing to neutralize our environmental impact and committing towards a greener world.

    Net Zero Emission – An Overview

    Net Zero Emission

    Net Zero Emission is all about finding and establishing a balance between greenhouse gases (GHGs) we generate and those we remove from our atmosphere. You can achieve this balance through a combination of strategies:

    1. Reducing Emissions: It involves practices for minimizing our carbon footprint like adapting extensive usage of renewable energy sources and improving energy efficiency.

    2. Carbon Elimination: This is a process where you capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it permanently. You can plant as many trees as you can (to give back mother nature) and invest in carbon capture technologies.

    Reaching net zero emissions is crucial for neutralizing climate change. By reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, we can slow down global warming and prevent its disturbing repercussions.

    3. Net Zero Commitment: A company’s “net zero commitment” signifies a pledge to reach this state within a defined timeframe. It acknowledges the environmental impact of their operations and outlines a concrete plan for mitigation.

    The Urgency of Cloud Sustainability

    While the cloud offers undeniable benefits for businesses, it also add so much in the overall environmental cost. The majority of energy consumption is already taken by data centers operations and cooling, which increases overall greenhouse gas emissions. As cloud adoption continues to grow, so does its potential environmental impact.

    Here’s why cloud sustainability is an urgent concern that demands immediate action:

    The Urgency of Cloud Sustainability

    • Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Cloud basically lives on data centers which is eating most of the energy. They demand constant supply power for operations and cooling, which leads to the release of greenhouse gases like CO2. As cloud adoption isn’t slowing down, its potential contribution to climate change doesn’t seem to get in control any soon. A McKinsey & Company study estimates that without intervention, the IT sector, including cloud data centers, can solely account for up to 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.
    • E-Waste Concerns: The rise and growth of technological advancement in cloud industry is definitely working out in favor of businesses but for environment it’s becoming a threat in form of electronic waste (e-waste). Outdated hardware from data centers are often dumped in landfills, releasing harmful toxins and posing in the roots of nature creating a potential environmental risks. Sustainable cloud practices must be capable of addressing, not just energy consumption but also responsible e-waste management.
    • Resource Depletion: The excessive demand for data storage necessities are using a huge chunk of raw materials, like rare earth metals and precious minerals for producing hardwares. An ideal cloud solution must plan for optimizing resource utilization and exploring alternatives to minimize environmental impact.

    We understand this gap and as a proactive Salesforce Consulting Partner, we have started taking initiative to reduce environmental footprint, and ensure our future leaders get the most healthy and toxin-free in the evolving cloud landscape.

    Challenges and Opportunities on the Road to Net Zero

    Every challenge is going to appear on the road to goodness. Net Zero Emissions has brought both challenges and opportunities:


    Challenges in Net Zero Emissions

    • Technological Limitations: No matter how advanced your existing data center technology is, it will still consume a good amount of energy. Further, there are plenty of carbon capturing methods are in development that can come handy in future as a reliable solution.
    • Economic Considerations: It’s always good to invest in renewable energy sources and energy-efficient technologies, but they can be expensive. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to strike a balance between sustainability and affordability for maximum adoption.
    • Lack of Standardization: Another challenge can be the absence of standard metrics for tracking and reporting cloud emissions.
    • Behavioral Change: It is a tad difficult to get both individuals and businesses to adopt eco-conscious cloud practices to minimize energy consumption.


    Opportunities in Net Zero Emissions

    • Innovation and Collaboration: The urgency of achieving net zero bring more opportunities for designing and developing of energy-efficient data center frameworks renewable energy sources, and carbon capture technologies. A dedicated collaboration between cloud providers, research and development groups, and policymakers is essential to launch these advancements.
    • Cost Savings: Businesses are often afraid of initially investing in sustainable practices as it’s overall cost is quite high but the long-term cost savings from energy efficiency are highly considerable. To add this further, a cloud optimization strategy can help businesses reduce their environmental impact and associated costs.
    • Enhanced Brand Reputation: In 20th century, both investors and customers are getting conscious about a company’s commitment towards environment. A credible net zero strategy can help in strengthening brand reputation and attract environmentally conscious customers and partners.

    Our Net Zero Commitment: A Multi-Pronged Approach

    At Cyntexa, we are committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2030. By taking a multi-pronged approach to achieve success through the following ways:

    Our Net Zero Commitment Approach

    • Energy Efficiency: By optimizing our data centers and IT infrastructural setup, we are continuously optimizing our workplace in terms of energy efficiency. Additionally, we have created teams to take care of utilizing renewable energy sources, establishing more energy-saving tools and machines like solar panels, and optimizing server utilization.
    • Cloud Optimization: Customer success is our top-most value. Ensuring client not only get success in terms of technological implementation but also get right & environment-friendly solution is what we practice here. This includes right-sizing resources, adopting serverless architectures, promoting the use of cloud-native technologies and more.
    • Building A Workplace With Optimal Resource Utilization: It’s important to start securing environment from home itself. Keeping that in mind, we have created a workplace that is always equipped with sunshine, reducing the usage of electricity.
    • The Greener The Workplace, The Better People Will Perform: Not only net zero is important, having a workplace filled with environment particles and eco-friendly workstations can add a lot more than you can imagine. Cyntexa’s infrastructure boasts its design elevated with 40% green work area, dismantling half of the carbon release inside the premises.

    Investing in the Future

    Cyntexa, as an leading IT consulting company knows the significance of net zero commitment and we are soon planning to go above and beyond just reducing carbon footprint. We are committed to supporting the development of a more sustainable cloud ecosystem. We will actively champion the adoption of sustainable practices, encourage collaboration within the industry, and advocate for policies that promote cleaner energy infrastructure and technological advancements.

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