Cyntexa Stands Firm Against The Terror Of COVID-19

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July 11, 20207 Mins Read

Cyntexa stands firm against the terror of COVID-19

We understand the seriousness of the effect caused to our world by the globally spread pandemic COVID-19. It has brought a lot of activities to a sudden and unforeseeable halt. Coronavirus has so far affected the lives of people living overseas and forced them to retreat in the safety of their homes and hang on to each available resource that is essential to fulfilling the necessities of the families. 

The significance of the granted help, no matter however big, could be of great importance for the people in need. And therefore we, at Cyntexa, are proud and grateful for the support our members have shown towards the betterment and steady recovery of the world. 

Under the circumstances in which the health and lives of our world are exposed to the risk of death, one is left behind with no choices but to avoid being infected. To get rid of these critical circumstances and lead our ways back to the normal, loving human lives, the team of Cyntexa has been selflessly caring and contributed their shares of helping in an attempt to see things falling back in their places. 

We Are Grateful For The Generous Amounts Of Donations Made By Our Team

In response to the dire need of generous funding and provision for the fulfillment of whoever is in need, Cyntexa has donated a generous amount of funds to the PMCaresFund to strengthen the base of our fight against the crisis. We are grateful to have the opportunity to stand with our citizens and the world while the necessary preparations to stand against the calamity that was never known before are being made. 

We have faith that our donations will sum up along with that of others and end up being a bountiful collection of funding that can be further helpful for the people across the nation. We are thankful for the authorities to have made the most appropriate and fitting decisions to prevent the virus from spreading, and also looking after the wellness of our country and each one of its citizens. We stand firmly with our citizens along with the governments, companies, organizations, and communities to combat the pandemic and make our world, once again, a better place to live in with a healed environment and carefree business of our lives. 


We Have Not Put  A Stop To Hiring The Deserving Members For Our Company 

We are delighted to say that our company and its services have learned to adapt to the changing and unpredictable circumstances that might occur. We have enhanced our methods and made them suitable to be in sync with the changes that we’re noticing under the presence of a pandemic. Cyntexa has made the necessary alterations and adjustments to continue hiring and recruiting candidates by all the necessary and important means. 

While most of the companies have currently thought it better to pause the hiring and recruitment of more members in the expansion to their teams, Cyntexa hasn’t stopped offering opportunities for both the fresher and experienced candidates. 

The seismic shift caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way almost every business has run so far. Now it is the responsibility of each company to take necessary steps and blend well with constant changes that are being noticed under the effect of uncertain situations that arise. We can already observe that several fundamental changes are being made in the processes of hiring and recruiting members since the situations need to be controlled. But we hope that it delights you to know that even then Cyntexa hasn’t stopped offering job opportunities to the candidates.


We Have Not Given A Pay-Cut To Our Team Members

We are heartedly against cutting the salaries of our members at Cyntexa. The pandemic has affected our working procedures that might have resulted in reduced or altered work-hours. We have continued to pay our staff members without lying off their deserving amounts of payment. 

If we look around us, we can observe certain scenarios in which various companies are forced to take harsh decisions for the sake of their companies. Such corporate denials and layoffs have cost the jobs of thousands of people across the world. 

Thankfully the need to consider taking such a step didn’t arise at Cyntexa and we promise to stand by our staff members through the tough time brought upon us by the disease. We have continued to encourage our teams by making provisions for the necessary tools and technologies that will help them in continuing their work without being disturbed by the change and challenges that we are facing and overcoming with patience and gracefulness. 

An Appreciable Response To The Crisis From Our Members

We are grateful for each one of our team members to donate their one day’s salaries to PMCares Fund, therefore selflessly strengthening our fight against the pandemic. We believe that such generosity shown towards the world by our team members will never go in vain. Their coordination and warm intentions to help mankind has lead and inspired many others to donate and be more understanding and compassionate towards others. 

We are wholeheartedly thankful to our members and their incredible support. Their generous contribution to making our world a safer place to live in will always be remembered, cherished, and revered. It gladdens us to know that the patients are being taken care of with under great amount of attention. Along with our team members, we thank each one of the individuals that contributed to improving the efforts to maintain the calm and safety of the nations worldwide. 

As a parting thought,  We encourage other enterprises to take the most appreciable and appropriate decisions that are in favor of their teams. Together, we will overcome the challenges and soon the days of agony will be left behind; welcoming a brighter future.

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