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Cyntexa’s DEIB Celebration: All About Embracing & Celebrating Difference

May 14, 2024 eye-glyph 78

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    In a world thriving on constant change and innovation, fostering Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) within the workforce has become paramount for businesses of all sizes. Recognizing this, Cyntexa, being one of the leading providers of premier IT Consulting Services Companies, hosted a dynamic DEIB event that started thought-provoking conversations, celebrated inclusivity, and empowered employees to be their authentic selves.

    The theme of the event was to bring together a diverse range of employees from across the company’s departments and get started with communication and effective collaboration between them. The day kicked off with a powerful keynote address by Shrey Sharma, CEO and Founder at Cyntexa. He captivated the audiences with insights on the importance of DEIB in fostering creativity and problem-solving, especially in the workplace. Also, as highlighted by Forbes, over 80% of employees expect DEIB initiatives (diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging) from their employers. Hence, it becomes their responsibility to fulfill those duties.

    Highlights From Shrey’s speech On the vitality of having DEIB at workplace:

    Benefits of DEIB At Workplace
    • Boosts Innovation: Diverse teams bring together a more comprehensive range of perspectives and experiences, leading to more creative solutions and better problem-solving.
    • Improves Decision-Making: When everyone feels valued and heard, companies can make more informed decisions by considering different viewpoints.
    • Enhances Employee Experience: A culture of inclusion leads to higher employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

    Following Shrey’s audience address, some interactive workshops provided employees with the opportunity to delve deeper into specific aspects of DEIB. The event also featured a vibrant panel discussion with a diverse group of our employees. The panelists, representing different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, discussed their personal journeys within Cyntexa and the importance of an inclusive work culture.

    Neha Jain, Practice Lead Vlocity and one of the panelists, said, “Participating in Cyntexa’s DEIB event was truly inspiring. It was refreshing to see such a commitment to diversity and inclusion from leadership. The open discussions about unconscious bias and microaggressions were precious. Cyntexa has always believed in creating a space where everyone feels empowered to bring their authentic selves to work. As a woman in the IT industry, I find this type of inclusive environment essential for career growth. It fosters a sense of belonging in me. I’m excited to see the positive impact these initiatives will have on the company culture and its future success.”

    The audience also actively participated, engaging in thought-provoking questions and sharing their own experiences and journeys.

    Cyntexa’s DEIB event wasn’t more than just a three-day affair. The company is committed to fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. They have implemented several initiatives to maintain the momentum, including:

    • Employee Engagement Activities: Employees were divided into groups of 7 and made to perform enjoyable employee engagement activities to strengthen their interpersonal bonds and connections.
    • Unconscious Bias Training: Provision for making unconscious bias training mandatory for all employees at all levels.
    • Mentorship Programs: Establishing mentorship programs that connect experienced employees with diverse mentees.

    By prioritizing DEIB, Cyntexa is not only creating a more welcoming and equitable workplace but also positioning itself as a leader in attracting and retaining top talent in a competitive market. This commitment to diversity sets the stage for continued innovation and success in the years to come.

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