Dreamforce 2019: Announcements, Updates & Keynotes

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Dreamforce 2019 – An Introduction

Dreamforce 2019 is the ultimate gathering of Salesforce teams, customers and associated Partners where they discuss the latest developments implemented in Salesforce and let the users understand the new features through engaging conversations. This year, it took place at Moscone Center, San Francisco with around 171,000 attendees from throughout the world. The series of events started from November 19 and drove through November 22 ending with recreational activities for the attendees.
Let us see in detail what the Dreamforce has to offer us in 2019.

Partnership With Apple

Salesforce and Apple join hands to deliver the business runners a revolution that will help them run their business through mobile in a more conversational way. This comes with maximizing the power of both Siri and Einstein Voice Assistants to take tasks, add notes and update their CRM effectively.

When last year Salesforce and apple announced a Global Partnership, they reported the redesigning of the Salesforce mobile app on ios with excellent features of Siri Shortcuts, Face ID and Business Chat to provide exceptional services to their Apple customers.

At Dreamforce 2019, Salesforce and Apple launched two excellent apps for their business customers, the redesigned new Salesforce App and Trailhead Go learning App.


The Salesforce App – Revamped

The Salesforce App is the mobile app that brings the full power of the Salesforce platform to the Users’ mobile phones.  The revamped Salesforce Mobile App is powered by AI and Einstein Capabilities to provide better conversational services to the users.

Besides the new look and feel, the users get the benefits of Salesforce Lightning brought to mobile apps, with which the users can boost their functionality and speed to keep up the race. 

The new navigational updates help the users move to their favorite apps with ease and speed. The new App launchers will help the user to toggle between the apps anytime needed.

In Partnership with Apple, the app provides Siri Shortcuts for easy navigation to contact and other areas. Face ID provides better security to the App and Handoff helps seamless data transition between the iOS devices.

CTA Consultancy

Einstein Voice Assistant provides excellent voice support to the users on the go with the location and the tasks and Einstein Analytics provides advanced analytical reports to the users to speed up the sales lifecycle.

Trailhead Go

Exclusively for the Apple Users, Salesforce introduces Trailhead Go which helps the users access the online training for the platform. As we all know that Trailhead is the online training platform for Salesforce products, this Trailhead Go App is the first-ever mobile training for the Salesforce platform. iPad includes Split View along with Handoff and other features. With the help of this ios App, users can have access to over 700 modules for training.

New Salesforce Mobile SDK

This new Salesforce SDK provides support the advancements in Swift UI, iOS 13 and iPAD OS with the Package Manager helping compilation and distribution of code with ease. The new Salesforce Mobile SDK caters to the needs of millions of Salesforce developers to develop and deploy developments with ease.

Salesforce and Microsoft


“By bringing together the power of Azure and Microsoft Teams with Salesforce, our aim is to help businesses harness the power of Microsoft Cloud to better serve customers.”, said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, during their joint announcement at Dreamforce 2019.

Salesforce with Microsoft Azure

With the Microsoft collaboration, Salesforce gets Microsoft Azure as their Public Cloud for marketing. With Azure, customers can expand their business globally in no time and meets up with the local data security and privacy requirement of the customers.

This new integration will help Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud teams work together and will prove better productivity at the workplace.

Microsoft and Salesforce

Customer 360 Truth


Among other great features announced at Dreamforce 2019, a single source of truth for customer data is a great touch. Customer 360 Platform powered by Cloud Information Model connects the entire information of a customer across the sales, service, and marketing and links all of this data under one Salesforce ID.

This helps the Users maintain the history of the customer with the brand through the website visits, order history, and device ID.

Of the many features in Customer 360 Platform, the key components are,

Customer 360 Data Manager

provides the ability to access and connect with customers data across Salesforce and other systems, using the universal Salesforce ID created for each customer. With the help of the app and data management, business users can establish links between data sources to prepare, match, and update the customer profile. The updated profile across apps helps employees look for relevant data as and when needed.

Salesforce Identity for Customers

Customer 360 gives every customer a single Salesforce ID to have a single login across all the apps so as to avoid disconnected services. Identity for Customers helps to build trust among the customers and it helps companies obtain the most valuable customer insights to analyze customer engagement with identity reporting and analytics.

Customer 360 Audiences

constructs customer profiles with known data such as email addresses and unknown data such as website visits and device IDs. It then segments the collected data and marketing engagement journeys from those profiles and delivers AI-powered insights.

Goals of Customer 360 

The most important benefits of Customer 360 would be the ability of the users to create deep personalized customer journeys, provide constant customer support, trigger sales opportunities with segmented customer data and help customers with relevant product recommendations based on customer history. With the extensive features incorporated to empower digital transformation, Customer 360 platform provides a unified view of the Business.


Salesforce Data Mask

Salesforce Data Mask helps to provide better security to the Sandbox information during testing. With this advanced feature, the real customer information is substituted with high-fidelity data for testing purposes. 

This is how Salesforce Data Mask works. Anonymization encrypts the customer information, Pseudonymization converts the customer information into pseudo information and the deletion helps to convert a field of information to empty data set.

Einstein Voice Enhancements

Dreamforce 2019 empowers voice power technologies with the Einstein Voice enhancements. Let us see below the enhancements announced with the Einstein capabilities for Salesforce market Cloud.

Einstein Call Coaching

With AI-Powered Einstein Call Coaching, the business users can study the insights and trends with the help of the conversation with the customers. With the customer calls, the managers can understand the need of the customers, the price discussion and the latest trends. 

With the help of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Einstein Call Coaching analyzes call recordings and provides a sales team with the insights needed to optimize every call. 

The Conversation library will highlight the successful sales calls and this collection will be used to coach the sales team to stay in trends.

Einstein Skills

Einstein skills help the companies build customized voice apps that will reimagine the work process replacing time-consuming manual entry. With the help of Einstein Skills, voice apps can perform the tasks for the users such as updating a field or adding tasks to the list and many more.

 Admins control how information can be read back to the user, providing steps or follow-up tasks within the response, and channels and devices to access the skills such as speakers or phones. 

Service Cloud Voice

Service Cloud Voice combines phone, digital channels, and CRM data in real-time under a centralized console. This becomes the contact center for communication-related tasks. The telephone is embedded with the agent’s console to provide help with customer communication. 

Automatic transcription capabilities the agents can save time from manual entry and other related tasks.  With the help of the transcription abilities, the agents can provide prompt solutions to the customers and related recommendations. 

The new Supervisor Console helps the managers monitor the calls and check the skill set of the service agents.

Einstein Voice Agents

At Dreamforce 2019, Salesforce announced Einstein Voice, a new platform service empowered with the power of voice to millions of Salesforce users. With Einstein Voice, the users can talk to Salesforce, giving employees new possibilities to connect with their customers in new ways.

Einstein Voice helps Users with administrative tasks like entering data and such. The Voice Assistant will automatically convert the voice data into records to be saved for later use. Daily Briefings of the Voice Assistant will help the Salesforce Users plan their daily tasks based on the User’s collective data.

Einstein Voice Bots will help companies to provide custom voice-based interaction between the Users and the customers. 

Einstein Voice Enhancements

AWS with Salesforce

Impact in Salesforce

Salesforce and Amazon Web Services join hands to provide a seamless customer service for its Users through their new advanced features announced at Dreamforce 2019. It is interesting to see how Salesforce is making use of AWS for their contact center with the help of Amazon Connect. 

One important aspect of this feature is that it comes for low cost with the ability to provide better customer service. 

Partnership with Salesforce

The partnership between Amazon Web Services, the leader of infrastructure Cloud Computing and the Salesforce, the leader of Customer Relationship Marketing join hands to provide better customer service with the help of the Amazon Connect, the Cloud Center. The partnership also provides training to the Users through the “AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials” in the Trailhead Training platform. Apart from this, the partnership provides a compatible Voice Cloud offering in Alexa of Amazon.

Advantages of Amazon Connect

  • The integration of Amazon Connect and Salesforce Service Cloud Voice helps to bring the phone calls, digital channels and Customer Engagement unified under a single console. This organizes the workspace for the Users.
  • This collaboration helps simplifying tasks of the service agents and provides better productivity.
  • Simplifying the work tasks helps the agents save time and categorize the tasks accordingly.
  • Amazon Connect provides AI-powered speech analytics, using Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Translate, and Amazon Comprehend to help with speech to text transcription, and translation into preferred languages for the agents through Service Cloud Voice. This helps them provide appropriate recommendations to the customers and other service-related queries with the help of Salesforce Einstein.

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Announcing Salesforce Evergreen

An additional feature in the Customer 360 Platform provides a better digital experience for the Customers and the Users. As the best way to provide deep engaging digital experience, the Salesforce Evergreen helps development teams to be more productive.

The key features of the Salesforce Evergreen include Functions-as-Services that help writing business logic in technical languages, Microservices to build HTTP Apps and APIS, and Managed Data Stores to provide high-performance and real-time events.


Salesforce Blockchain with Lamborghini

 Lamborghini, the luxurious Automobile Producer, join hands with Salesforce for easing up the tedious process of going through various certification check process. Usually, a car runs through almost 1000 certification checks and this takes up a lot of time to get to the market. Salesforce helps ease this process by providing the feature of Blockchain which helps the distributors speed up the certification process and give them better-quality controlled vehicles to the customers.


Listening to Keynote Speakers of Dreamforce 2019

Barack Obama, 44th President of United States of America, Keynote Speaker

As the Keynote Speaker at Dreamforce 2019, Mr. Obama made sure of the downsides of the internet but also made a point on the importance of technology growth. The following is the best quote out of his praised speech.

I believed, and I still believe the internet can be a powerful tool for us to finally see each other through the bias and unify us, but right now it’s disappointing….it is splintering right now, and it’s going to take a lot of work to fix it.

Tim Cook, CEO – Apple Inc.

As the important partner to Apple, Tim Cook quoted,

So many people confuse innovation with change. We and our companies recognize that innovation is about making things better, not just changing them. That requires a depth of thought beyond change. That’s Apple’s secret.

Marc Benioff, Chairman & Co-CEO – Salesforce

The Captain of the Show, Benioff stressed how Salesforce works harder to ease the business for people from all corners. He quoted,

As we move into this digital revolution, we can squarely say that this fourth wave of computing is now upon us… We’ve moved from systems of record, where many of us started in the industry, to systems of engagement… We moved from systems of engagement to systems of intelligence… Now we’re moving from systems of intelligence toward something in computer science we’ve been talking about for years: the single source of truth.


  • The Salesforce App is the mobile app that brings the Salesforce Customer 360 platform to their mobile phones.  Along with the UI changes, the app also comes with Salesforce Lightning features to speed up productivity. Also, Hand-Off and Face ID are additional features.
  • Trailhead Go App is the first-ever mobile training for the Salesforce platform.
  • This new integration of Salesforce and Microsoft Azure as their Public Cloud will help Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud teams work together and will prove better productivity at the workplace.
  • Customer 360 Platform is to link all the data of a customer to one Salesforce ID so as to maintain the history of the customer with the brand.
  • Dreamforce 2019 empowers voice power technologies with the Einstein Voice enhancements through Einstein Call Coaching, Einstein Skills, and Einstein Voice.

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