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Get Started With Salesforce User Experience Designer Certification

July 5, 2021 eye-glyph 78

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    With the more evolving technology, even the Salesforce platform is aiming to go higher with a wide reach. As of May 2021, Salesforce started gaining more insights towards how to pass SAP as the largest enterprise applications company in the world. This means that Salesforce will power up its ecosystem and the skills involved with the same.

    Now, more essentially, companies have started recognizing the value of designs and this has made them look forward to more talent with better design skills which would help them to navigate towards the more evolving business landscape. Another fact to add here is that there has been a clear linkage found between designing and improving business outcomes, and increasing the capacity for design which would further lead to quite improved customer satisfaction as well as the adoption of the product.

    In the Salesforce Ecosystem, designing skills have become a key ingredient across most of the Salesforce roles. There has been a growing demand for people to work over their design skills in their specific roles to ensure delivering the best-in-class customer experiences.

    In this blog, we’ll learn more about the brand new Salesforce User Experience Designer Certificate and how they help in businesses along with more details.

    What is Salesforce User Experience Designer Certification?

    The Salesforce User Experience (UX) Designer credential is designed for those individuals who have at least 6 months experience in UX (User Experience) design and further 3–6 months’ experience while utilizing the already learned UX design concepts on the Salesforce Platform.

    This certification exam covers the following key topics, while each making up for a certain percentage of the exam:

    • Discovery: 13%
    • User experience (UX) fundamentals: 16%
    • Human-centered design: 12%
    • Declarative design: 27%
    • Testing: 11%
    • Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS): 21%
    Salesforce UX Designer Exam Covers

    Moreover, the Salesforce UX Designer exam is for those candidates who are aspiring or have experienced while being designers who want to build and design solutions on the Salesforce Platform. Salesforce Certified UX Designer candidates are required to have a strong baseline knowledge of how to solve a problem and design using core UX concepts and being able to deliver those experiences using the Salesforce Platform’s core features. With the help of this new certification course, candidates should also be able to work with customers to determine their needs and requirements while using a human-centered design.

    Now, let’s move forward to understand how exactly these credentials help one’s business.

    How can Salesforce Certified UX Designer Help Businesses?

    With the help of Salesforce UX Designer Certifications, new opportunities have been opened for the Salesforce Administrators, Architects, Consultants, Developers, and Marketers which help in cultivating in-demand designing skills, ensure advancing their careers, and also creating the right solutions that would help in sustainably supporting the needs of individuals, organizations, and communities.

    As per IBM’s The State of Salesforce 2020–21, the best companies are currently using more human-centered designs in Salesforce and also across their business to meet their users’ needs, simplifying the problems, reducing the complexity involved, and accordingly ensuring that there is alignment in goals and the vision across teams.

    It doesn’t matter about what one’s role is in the company, but having a heightened design mindset would always help one in solving complicated problems that the users face or could face, in a better way than usual.

    For instance, Technical Architects, as well as Product Owners, are required to start with interfacing the end-user maybe as much as designers are or more, so that there is a better understanding of the design processes. This will help them to address their customer’s problems, in a better way. This would also mean that there will be a generation of better ideas, and outputs would also look and behave better, which would help in ultimately improving the ecosystem and even the communities at a large pace.

    Now, lastly, let’s learn how one can become a Salesforce Certified UX Designer.

    How Do I Become a Salesforce Certified UX Designer?

    To become a ‘Salesforce Certified UX Designer’, one needs to ensure to follow the below points rigorously:

    How to Become a Salesforce User Experience Designer?

    1. Explore Salesforce Designer Careers

    To begin, one needs to first learn more about their dream designer career and how they are planning to expand their own Salesforce design skills. One needs to ensure that building a designer Career on the Salesforce trail mix is actually to learn how to build the design skills that are specifically in-demand to deliver great experiences.

    2. Find Designer Trailhead Content With New Role Tag

    With a new tag of Salesforce Designer, the ability to find and skill up on Designer content and instructor-led learning would become easier than ever before. This will further enable one to filter and ensure to quickly find out the relevant trails, modules, projects, and courses that are required to be succeeded.

    3. Check Out the UX Designer Exam Guide

    There is an exam guide available for this credential exam that will have a proper description of the intended audience for this certification, a drawn outline of the exam topics, recommended training courses as well as resources, and relevant Trailhead modules that would greatly help one in preparing for the exam.

    4. Complete the UX Designer Certification Preparation Trail Mix

    Salesforce has curated a step-by-step learning path that will help you in understanding and apply the key concepts that will be needed to become a Salesforce Certified UX Designer.

    5. Maintaining the Certification

    To maintain the Salesforce Certification credentials, all the already certified professionals are required to also complete the release maintenance exams that would be specific to their credentials. So one is required to finish off a Salesforce UX Designer Certification maintenance module on Trailhead once a year. In case someone is not able to complete their maintenance requirements before the due date, their credential will expire.

    CTA Consultancy


    After looking at the above points related to Salesforce User Experience Design Certification, it can be well concluded that this new certification should be on everyone’s to-do list. The main reason for the same would be that this will further ensure that there are improvements in the Salesforce user experiences in a more personalized way than ever.

    If you are also looking forward to ensuring the improvement of your Salesforce user experiences by designing systems that your customers would love to use every day? Well, our dedicated UX designers at Cyntexa can definitely help by building user experiences that would advocate for the end-user while exceeding business goals and metrics. 

    Whether you are a newbie to User Experience or wish to solve complex challenges that are related to Salesforce user experiences at an enterprise level, we would surely love to hear from you. Contact Us to learn more!

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