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How Much Does It Cost To Hire Salesforce Remote Developers in the USA?

September 20, 2022

Table of Contents


    In Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Salesforce is a global leader, and Salesforce Developers are those individuals who customize and manage Salesforce using different technologies.

    If you think of hiring a salesforce developer, hiring a Salesforce Developer’s pricing differs depending on the features and functionalities.

    Before going for Salesforce Development services, it is necessary to decide the goals of Salesforce Development and the options through which the Salesforce Developer would be hired. The structure of preparations further extends to what skills you may want to have in the Salesforce Developer and the project timeline you are hiring for. 

    Who are the Salesforce Developers?

    Salesforce Developers are the programmers who design and develop the Salesforce Application using Salesforce Platform or another Salesforce Cloud Technology, including Visualforce, Apex, and Lightning Component Framework for various SaaS or PaaS Platforms. Salesforce developers work in a technical role, but it also involves collaborating with marketing, sales, and support to ascertain that the necessities are met. 

    Salesforce Technology at a Glance: Current Market Size and Growth in the USA

    Presently, the market size for international Salesforce services is USD 13 billion, but by 2029, it is expected to rise with a CAGR of 14.4%. The forecasted revenue of Salesforce services is expected to reach USD 33.5 billion by 2029. In the global IT services market, Salesforce services account for 2% of the share, and the market’s growth is driven by the rise in the adoption of Salesforce services. Between 2014 to 2021, the market for Salesforce services expanded to a 12.2% CAGR. 

    Moreover, in the banking sector, the utilization of services of Salesforce has increased considerably over recent years. Consumer engagement has been transformed by using Salesforce services and has become widely popular in the financial services industry. This popularity is because the services of Salesforce assist bankers in engaging with their clients, fulfilling financial aims with models centered around customers, and providing excellent customer service. As a result of these advantages, many financial institutions have been increasingly utilizing the services of Salesforce, intending to facilitate their business operations. 

    Roles and Responsibilities of Salesforce Developers

    The roles and responsibilities of Salesforce Developers include: supporting the requirements of the business and dealing with all the CRM-related needs of the client, providing customized solutions utilizing the platform of Salesforce, taking care of gathering the requirements, facilitating customer workshops, producing functional analysis, communicating with different technicians, clients, project managers, to ascertain full participation in the various stages of development from maintenance to testing. In addition, the role of Salesforce Developers involves:

    • Developing effective solutions for web and mobile.
    • Managing internal structure.
    • Integrating Salesforce CRM with other systems.
    • Developing solutions customized for every client.
    • Managing external and internal stakeholders.
    • Creating reports.
    • Overall being a system of support.

    Moreover, the responsibilities of a Salesforce Developer consist of troubleshooting the attacks or bugs in the system, along with creating several development goals and timelines. The other responsibilities of Salesforce Developers can extend to searching for best practices, resolutions, or issues, working with the project manager to formulate a logical plan, providing technical training, and many more.  

    How to Find and Hire a Salesforce Developer at an Affordable Pricing?

    Hire a Salesforce Developer

    #1 Decide the Salesforce Development Goals

    It is necessary to begin extensive research on Salesforce development before finding and hiring a Salesforce Developer. This step also includes setting a budget and how much you are willing to spend while deciding the goals of Salesforce development. It is also significant to determine how much development is needed and have clear expectations of what you may want. Finally, when it is about Salesforce development, you need to be precise about the functionality and the reasons that led to the formation of a goal. 

    #2 Choose suitable options to hire a Salesforce Developer

    When hiring a Salesforce Developer, there are many ways and options, and some are cost-effective. For example, depending on your requirements, Cyntexa could help you hire a full-time or remote Salesforce Developer. When hiring a Salesforce Developer, Cyntexa considers the length of your project and what kind of Salesforce Developer would best suit your project.  

    #3 Key skills a Salesforce Developer should have

    There exist an array of skills that a Salesforce Developer should know. Some of the essential general skills consist of analytical skills, programming skills, problem-solving skills, logic, and communication skills. However, some specific skills are required in a Salesforce Developer. These skills are knowing force.com and lighting and app builder. Force.com is an official platform of Salesforce, a convenient and fast way of creating applications.

    #4 Keep track of the Developer’s earlier existing projects and Certifications

    Any developer, expressly Salesforce Developers, must be qualified for the job before being hired; that is why it is necessary to ensure that their qualifications and skills match their work’s evidence. Keeping track of the Developer’s earlier projects and what Salesforce certification they had done is an excellent and efficient way of assessing their capabilities and what expectations they would be able to fulfil. Furthermore, keeping track of the earlier projects would also hint at the work standards of the Salesforce Developer. 

    #5 The tenure of the project must be decided

    This step is extremely crucial in the process of hiring a Salesforce Developer. The project’s tenure would influence the budget and the duration for which the Salesforce Developer will be required. Furthermore, the time consumed for building the project would also decide the success of the project. The market for Salesforce services is only increasing, so you must determine the period a project will take to hire a Salesforce Developer. Hence, the timeline or tenure dictates the efficiency of the project, the period till which the Salesforce Developer will be required, and the budget that would be considered. 

    #6 Contact Developer or Company to hire Salesforce Developer

    When answering the core questions about how to contact a Salesforce Developer, it is necessary to know how to hire them; you would need to contact them after gauging the competitors or post review. When doing a hiring process, it is essential to go beyond the reach of google for the best results. Based on summaries and interviews, you must ascertain that you know how to be hired. It would be best if you also ascertained that you could gauge the specific skills you’re looking for in a Salesforce Developer. It is helped by reviewing their past projects, experiences, and referrals before employing them as a Salesforce Developer for the project. 

    Cost of Salesforce Developers in the USA

    The cost of Salesforce developers varies depending on their experience, skills, and the tenure that you may need them for. The average cost of a Salesforce Developer in the USA is $112,315 approx. If we are on a per-hour basis or monthly basis starting cost will be 25$ to 40 $ or $8,242, respectively. 

    Basic Price Model to Hire Salesforce Developers

    Price Model to Hire Salesforce Developer

    #1 Fixed Cost

    When hiring an established Salesforce Developer, this is the most common agreement. The Developer will make a discovery and provide you with an outline of the total cost and the timeline. Even if the project’s cost is fixed, you can come forward with new needs in the way, which will cost you additional charges.   

    #2 Managed Services Monthly Cost

    This agreement is most commonly utilized when your needs lean more towards monthly assistance or support. Generally, Salesforce Developers may charge you a fee each month based on the number of billable hours. In this type of pricing, the billing would be monthly.

    #3 Hourly Rate

    For Salesforce Freelancers or Developers, this is the most common price model. As the words suggest, you will be required to pay them based on their hourly rate and the number of hours they have worked. This would allow you to stop and begin the project anytime and would not require a long-time commitment from your end. 

    Factors that Affect Salesforce Development Cost

    Factor To Hire Salesforce Developer

    #1 Type and Size of Salesforce Project

    The cloud solutions offered by Salesforce are of differentiating rates. Depending on the type and size of the Salesforce project, most products are available through a yearly contract. However, the subscription terms of Salesforce may differ, such as the Salesforce Essentials, which provides for multi-year or monthly payment options.  

    #2 Feature and Functionalities

    Before hiring Salesforce Developers, it is necessary to identify the functionalities and features and finalize them. Depending on the functionalities, the cost and time incurred may be minimal, whereas complex functionalities and features would require a lot of time and cost. 

    #3 Cost of Consulting

    For some, working on Salesforce can be costly, so it is crucial to understand what you may want for your project. This means that you would have to work together with an experienced Salesforce consulting company. Furthermore, the cost of consulting depends on the company you hire. 

    #4 Cost of Data Migration

    The factors which affect Salesforce Development cost further include the cost of data migration. Generally, this cost occurs when a business utilizing another CRM platform wishes to move to Salesforce. The migration service of Salesforce can be costly since it includes several steps of checking the data accuracy, cleaning errors, data mapping, redundancy elimination, etc. Also, when executing data migration, some custom tools may need to be developed to transfer data automatically. 

    #5 Cost of Maintenance

    Maintenance cost is a recurring cost that will frequently incur when utilizing Salesforce. However, maintenance cost is more of an investment than an expense. And recurring costs like the cost of maintenance work towards improving the usage of Salesforce. 

    Final Thoughts

    We have attempted to cover every kernel of how much it may cost to hire remote Salesforce developers in the USA. The market of Salesforce Technology has been growing consistently and will continue to grow further. There are many steps involved when hiring a Salesforce Developer or even a freelancer at an affordable price. However, some are more crucial, and they influence the following steps in the hiring process. As mentioned, the introductory price models for hiring them include fixed cost, monthly cost, and hourly rate. However, the hourly rate is the most commonly used pricing model if choosing to hire a freelancer. 

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