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January 13, 20208 Mins Read
Cover for Salesforce marketing blog
Cover for Salesforce marketing blog

Salesforce Marketing Cloud – A Brief Introduction

Salesforce is a cloud-based marketing platform that works based on the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Salesforce marketing cloud helps the users to store, create and enhance the data and of the companies and helps them connect with their clients more organically, with less effort and better results.

It is one integrated solution to bring Sales, Service, and Marketing together, providing deep insights into Customer activities, helps to convert leads to potential prospects with the help of the inbound marketing techniques and provides excellent customer support post-sales. With extensive features designed to cater to the needs of businesses of any size, be it small or big, Salesforce helps businesses achieve their goals and grow business to great extends.

Let us understand how Salesforce can help marketers enhance their business and what in Salesforce helps marketers achieve this.

How Salesforce can enhance marketing as a whole for an organization?

Salesforce allows the users to customize the functionality of the Marketing Cloud according to the needs of the clients and potential leads. The companies can create personalized content for marketing and interactions for different clients based on business needs. This makes the relationship between the customer and the brand stronger and helps with the spread of a positive brand image. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps the marketer connect with the customers through discrete interactions, through any channel, on the customer’s terms. It helps in the collection of data related to customer behaviors in real-time to create more intelligent interactions that respond to the customer needs appropriately. With the help of the Journey Builder, Marketers can build personalized customer journeys by understanding the customer activities and deep insights into the customer history with the brand, thus understanding the needs of the customer. Based on this analytics, marketers can curate better content and provide recommendations for the customers. The interactions have personalized that move every customer along in their unique journey.

Many features and tools of Salesforce help marketers build personalized content for their customers based on the insights collected and process this content to convert the leads to potential customers. Like Sales Cloud helps marketers produce effective marketing measures and campaigns, Service Cloud helps the company provide standard customer experience with their granular tools and build a prospective relationship with the customers.

Some of the best practices in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help to create winning campaigns for your brand. 

Tools that help in enhancing marketing

Salesforce uses the following tools to enhance marketing:

  • Predictive Intelligence

Predictive Intelligence makes predictive decisions that are based on customer data and behavior analysis based on previous interactions. The user behavior is tracked online and then the messages can be automated based on customers’ individual preferences which give the users the ability to create and deliver relevant and personalized content to every customer. The work here is finished digitally so that saves manual labor and time. 

Einstein enabled predictive analytics with artificial intelligence to help with personalized journeys and provide cross channel customer experience.

  • Marketing Automation

The organizations are focused on data-driven interactions and experiences to their customers. The marketers can send personalized and customized mail to the clients on time which helps create a positive impression and helps the marketers keep in touch with customers. Automation tools are used to plan and optimize every experience across the entire customer lifecycle.

Automation Studio helps to simplify complex business activities, offers advanced segmenting and helps with import and export of data from external sources. 

This simple guide to Automation Studio will help understand the benefits.

  • Customer-centric measures

After the data has been collected from known and individuals, the data sources are to be connected across devices and channels, creating a single data profile of each customer which is shareable across business units. The work is completely focused around the customer and that is how it is carried out by the companies.

  • Use of Social Media

Research findings reveal a 15% increase in churn if the companies fail to respond to your customers via social channels. The use of Twitter’s Advanced Search feature helps to keep track of customer complaints and inquiries. Responding to people or carrying forward the conversations through Direct Messages helps in adding a personal touch in conversations. It is easier to find out the interests of the customers through their social media profiles which can also be used later to create a good rapport with the customers.

Social Studio of Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you keep a tab of the social activities of the customers.

  • Customer Service

Apart from responding to the customer on Social Media, the marketers have to make sure they keep in touch with customers after their purchase through feedback forms or by sending those offers. This is useful in keeping track of the customers’ issue and prevent the same issues from occurring again.

Jeff Dailey, CEO of Farmers Insurance inspires with their story of Salesforce helping them in providing excellent customer service.

  • Identifying and re-engaging

The marketers must make a note of their inactive subscribers and make sure they are engaged with the company again. This can be done by sending them irresistible offers, discounts or informing them about upcoming competitions. 

  • Use of CRM

Salesforce uses CRM which allows the customers to have a safe storage space, planned tasks, analytics reports, segmented data, email integration and effective decrease in the costs. CRM helps the companies store the data of the customers, track their activities and interaction and make personalized messages based on the same which makes it one of the most effective tools for marketing.

Statistical data

It is no denying that
with the inevitable features, Salesforce ranks number#1 in Sales Applications. The total spending of cloud computing services by Salesforce is 11% in PaaS (Platform as a Service), 16.0% in Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service) and 12.0% in Saas (Software as a Service). Almost 66% of the consumers have agreed that they have been treated well, as an individual it is one of the reasons they’re royal towards the company. (Source: Marketwatch on CRM Stock.)

By 2015, Salesforce was ahead of its rivals like Adobe, Oracle, Microsoft with $10.48 billion in revenue representing a 19.7% market share and was viewed as the fastest growing marketing segment. Salesforce has been ranked #1 for Marketing Campaign Management Applications based on IDC 2019H1 Revenue Market Share Worldwide. More than 150,000 customers use Salesforce to help drive results for sales, service, and marketing.

According to the CRM Trends of 2019, getting in touch with customers and making sure the interaction with the customers is maintained optimum levels has become convenient for the businesses.

How is Salesforce benefiting businesses?

The following are some of the key benefits of Cloud Computing in Salesforce that prospers every business living out of Salesforce,

  • Cost savings with the Salesforce Cloud automating most of the manual handling.
  • Security with the data governance offered across the Cloud.
  • Flexibility and customization based on business needs.
  • Mobility of business across multiple platforms.
  • Deep Insights into valuable customers.
  • Increased Collaboration with third-party business platforms.
  • Quality Control with A/B Testing of content deliveries.
  • Disaster Recovery.
  • Loss Prevention.
  • Automatic Software Updates.
  • Competitive Edge.
  • Sustainability.

Cloud computing gives marketers access to tremendous resources available on-demand. This is available at an affordable cost for the customers. They provide an opportunity for businesses to leverage their CRM models. The customers stay organized and have the opportunity to track what has been done and what needs to be done. The utilization of data is improvised as all the follow-up information related to the customers is available in one place, which is facilitated with the help of the Customer 360 platform.  The data can be further analyzed and decisions can be derived which help the organization to effectively handle the prospective customers.

Pros of Salesforce


Thus it is conclusive how Salesforce can help you enhance your marketing strategies and target the right audience with the right content. With the extensive features and tools available, Salesforce helps you identify the potential customers, predict personalized journeys and with the help of the insights and analytics reports, you can offer the customers recommendations and offer better post-sales service.

Salesforce uses Marketing Cloud and CRM which helps create a strong bond between the customer and the company. They help in boosting the performance of the sales team and the marketing team who are both motivated with the benefits of CRM. It helps people excel in: sorting leads, follow up sales opportunities, prioritize follow up activities and increase target rates. It enhances the mobility of people who can now depend on the Marketing Cloud to store, create, and personalize the user data. 

Now that you have seen the best services offered by Salesforce to enhance Marketing, feel free to reach us anytime to know how we can help you enhance your business with Salesforce.

We would love to see your dreams turn into reality!

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