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How can Salesforce Government Cloud be beneficial for the next US President?

September 25, 2020 eye-glyph 78

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    Before understanding the¬†Salesforce Government Cloud meaning, let’s first understand Salesforce’s in brief.

    In simpler words, it is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Solution which further connects businesses with their customers. Additionally, it helps the organization in the smooth working of its sales and marketing operations.

    They are the top 1 CRM based platform in the world. It is also a cloud computing service working as a Service as a Software (SaaS) that focuses entirely on CRM.

    Now, let’s look at the top 7 Salesforce products, which further strengthen its CRM solutions. They are Salesforce for:

    Since these products run entirely on the cloud, there is no tension being too expensive to maintain and setup costs. Also, the employees will benefit from working remotely with the help of the internet, anywhere, and anytime.

    Now, let’s briefly discuss Salesforce Government Cloud before moving forward towards the main topic.

    What is Salesforce Government Cloud?

    Another platform of Salesforce, explicitly designed for the US (United States of America) government, is the Salesforce Government Cloud. It is to support the need and security of the public sector customers of the US. 

    Moreover, it is a leading Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS), working as a multi-tenant community cloud. By multi-tenant, we mean a single software is running on a server and serving multiple customers. So, this cloud infrastructure is designed explicitly for the Federals, state, local government, government contractors, and even Research and Development teams of the US only.

    Also, Salesforce’s colocation data centers set up to ensure that the storing, processing and transmission of Government data is done separately from the hardware supporting its’ other customers. The colocation data center implies an outsourced data center space wherein you can operate the servers and hardware securely.¬†

    Through the¬†Salesforce Government Cloud, the working and managing of the government departments have transformed efficiently. Furthermore, it is now the world’s number 1 enterprise cloud, which provides the government and its stakeholders the tools they require to connect the data and more.

    Talking about the benefits of this product of the Salesforce, the following points can be put into consideration:

    • Provide easy-to-use solutions, along-with innovative, secure, and fast solutions to the entire team. This further implies that government institutions’ smooth functioning without spending more money on maintaining IT systems.
    • Provides approved solutions from FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Program). This program is an initiative by the US Government to look after the security. Also, timely monitoring of cloud products and services is a part of their work.
    • The platform is customizable, similar to the other platforms of Salesforce.

    Now, let’s discuss the¬†Salesforce Government Cloud¬†features, which has transformed the government’s IT infrastructure.

    Features of the Salesforce Government Cloud

    The features of the Salesforce Government Cloud are mentioned according to the different U.S. departments, as follows:

    The following features are present for ‚ÄėFederal Government‚Äô:

    • Federal Contact Center
    • Government Cloud Wave
    • Facilities and Capital Management
    • Federal Case Management
    • Cloud App Development
    Federal Government Salesforce Government Cloud

    The following features are present for ‚ÄėGovernment Contractors‚Äô:

    • Business Development
    • Client/Partner Service Support
    • Productivity Tools
    • Lifecycle Contract Management
    • Personalized Marketing
    • Collaboration
    • Automation
    • Employee Engagement
    • Supplier Relationship Management
    • Business Intelligence
    • Account-based Marketing
    • CRM
    • Analytics

    The following features are present for the ‚ÄėDepartment of Defence‚Äô:

    • Talent Management
    • Supplier Relationship Management
    • Recruiting
    • Patient Relationship Management
    • Productivity Tools
    • Compliance

    The following features are present for ‚ÄėState‚Äô:

    • State Case Management
    • Workforce Development
    • Government Cloud Wave
    • Engagement Center
    • State Contact Center
    • Salesforce Licensing
    • Salesforce Government HHS (Human & Health Service) Case Management)


    features are present for state

    The following features are present for ‚ÄėCity‚Äô:

    • Mobile connectivity
    • Pre-confined Business Processes for HHS Sector
    • Client Self-Service
    • Custom App Development
    • IoT (Internet of Things)
    • Mobile Case Management
    • Automated Workflows
    • Shared Communication Platform
    • CRM


    The following features are present for City Salesforce Government Cloud

    The following features are present for ‚ÄėSecurity and Compliance‚Äô:

    • Support and Compliance with FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program)
    • Support and Compliance with various U.S. Department of Defence Security Requirements
    • Compliance Certifications
    • Support and Compliance with iRAP (Information Security Registered Assessors Program)
    • Event Monitoring and Platform Encryption


    Security and Compliance salesforce government cloud

    How can it be beneficial for the next US President?

    The US Presidential elections will take place on the first Tuesday of November 2020, on the 3rd. But the ongoing pandemic situation has created a significant hindrance. It is for the smooth working of both the campaigns and the elections. With the problem getting worse, many people are opting for postal votes rather than giving votes in person. The request for the same will be accepted before the given deadline of each state in the US. The two main competitors for the next US President are РDonald Trump and Joe Biden.

    Now, let’s discuss the main point, how will¬†Salesforce Government Cloud¬†be beneficial for the¬†next US President?

    In 2012, Salesforce first introduced the Salesforce Government Cloud, specifically designed for the US government. It aimed to provide the same reliability, availability, and security as the other Salesforce products. Further, it supports the existing security and privacy protocols and certifications of the government. This includes FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act), ISO 27001, Safe Harbor, etc.

    On June 18, 2020,¬†Salesforce Government Cloud Plus came into existence. This platform also got the FedRAMP provisional authority to work at a high-security impact level. Moreover, it will be running on Amazon Web Services’ AWS GovCloud. Amidst the ongoing pandemic situation due to COVID-19, the IT sector is growing rapidly, especially in public sectors. The upgraded version of the Salesforce Government Cloud aims to deliver higher security and compliance controls.

    The challenge for the¬†next US President¬†will be to meet the growing demands of the citizen as well as other government institutions to provide a safe and secure platform for their data. Also, there are inflexible regulatory policies that create a big hindrance to the government sector’s working. This further makes an issue in updating the outdated systems, thus creating a barrier for new innovative strategies.¬†

    The solution to these problems and more is¬†Salesforce Government Cloud. The platform and its’ collaboration with AWS will help meet the growing demands of citizens and government agencies. It aims to accelerate the digital transformation along-with the ever-increasing regulatory environment of the country.

    Through the¬†Salesforce Government Cloud¬†Plus, the US government customers will enjoy high secure environment through Salesforce’s Customer 360 Platform and other industry solutions.


    To sum up, the Salesforce Government Cloud will prove highly beneficial for the next US President. For the same, Salesforce has joined hands with Amazon Web Service (AWS) to provide security and compliance controls. This will further help the customers to use Salesforce for even the most sensitive and unclassified data. 

    Over the same matter, Jujhar Singh, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager of Industry Clouds at Salesforce gave a brief statement. He said that “Government Cloud Plus brings the full power of the Salesforce platform designed with the trust, security, and compliance required by government agencies, as well as providing customers with the agility and flexibility inherent with the Customer 360 Platform”.

    Cyntexa is a leading Salesforce Partner working across different Salesforce domains and serving clients all over the globe.

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