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How A Cloud Consultant Can Improve Your IT Operations?

February 8, 2024 eye-glyph 78

Table of Contents

    Is your business stuck in a bustling medieval marketplace, but everyone’s utilizing cutting-edge technologies? Does this sound inefficient? That’s how many companies approach IT today, relying on cumbersome systems and manual processes. But fear no! That’s when the cloud consultants do their magic.

    According to a Statista report, businesses have experienced an impressive 27% increase in employee productivity and a 40% reduction in costs following engagements with cloud consultants.

    Cloud consultants are the tech gurus who navigate cloud computing complexities. They are the tech-savvy sorcerers wielding the power of cloud computing, a digital marketplace for resources like storage, computing power, and software. Also, their expertise in cloud technology and services assists you in choosing the right solutions to manage cloud-based platforms.

    So, in this blog, we unravel the key areas where a cloud consultant could help transform your IT operations seamlessly.

    What does a cloud consultant do?

    Cloud consultants assist you with highly secure, customizable, scalable cloud solutions and winning strategies catering to your unique business needs. Their assistance guarantees a seamless transition of your existing infrastructure to the cloud, ensuring resilience in the digital landscape. Their responsibilities also include:

    • Meticulously analyze your current cloud infrastructure and workflows
    • Optimize and monitor your cloud workloads
    • Analyze your cloud usage, resource allocation, application performance
    • Design a roadmap based on analysis and recommend strategies

    Before we explore how cloud consultants boost your IT, check out our blog on What is Cloud Computing? It’s a great intro to understanding the power of cloud tech.

    Benefits of a cloud consultant for your IT operations

    Transforming to the cloud promises and navigating its complexity might be daunting. That’s where cloud consulting services or consultants who act as your trusted guide and optimizer shine. Here is how you can reap the maximum benefits of cloud consulting by partnering with the right consultant.

    Benefits of Cloud Consultant for IT Operations

    1. Boosted productivity and employee satisfaction

    Enterprises strategically adopt the latest technologies, trends, and tools to optimize efficiency and boost productivity, ultimately prioritizing customer satisfaction.

    According to a Forrester study, leveraging cloud-enabled collaboration and resource access leads to an impressive average increase of 27% in employee productivity, underlining the transformative impact of such technological advancements on organizational performance.

    With consulting services, you get the expertise to analyze your current infrastructure and recommend the best platform to automate your repetitive tasks. Also, they will assist you with the cloud solutions that streamline your business operations and help you achieve excellence.

    2. Cost savings through optimized resource allocation

    The platform you’re currently using may not necessarily include all the required services, and the packages from providers might contain additional features that are not essential for your needs. However, you must still pay for the entire package despite only needing specific functionalities. This is where cloud consulting companies prove invaluable. They guide you in selecting the optimal plan, services, and resources, helping you avoid unnecessary expenses associated with an all-encompassing package.

    By engaging in cloud computing for businesses, you only pay for the customized services you use. This approach translates into substantial savings on hardware, software, and maintenance costs.

    3. Streamlined processes and increased efficiency

    Cloud consultants analyze your current business operations, identifying bottlenecks and repetitive tasks ready for automation. They assist you with cloud-based technology, including cutting-edge tools and services, helping with automating workflows and managing tedious manual work.

    The numbers speak for themselves: According to a Forrester study, 27% of cloud-enabled automation boosts employee productivity and streamlines business operations by 28% (Source: Accenture), reducing IT expenses and adopting pay-as-you-go models.

    Consultants will assist you with what tools are required to automate manual tasks and boost processes to bring efficiency into the workflows. However, investing in a cloud service management and operations consultant is worth all the investment, paving the way for a seamless, productive and successful business.

    4. Unwavering security and data protection

    When addressing the crucial aspects of data security and privacy, a cloud consultant aids in selecting a provider that offers robust security measures, such as HIPAA compliance.

    Renowned cloud consulting companies like Microsoft and Google make substantial investments in cutting-edge security infrastructure. Their ongoing efforts in patching vulnerabilities and maintaining a strong security posture, in comparison to pre-built solutions, are commendable achievements.

    According to a study by the Cloud Security Alliance, 94% of cloud users reported no data breaches, surpassing the 72% reported for on-premise solutions. This continual caution is pivotal in establishing an unwavering security posture, safeguarding your data in the constantly evolving threat landscape.

    With a cloud consultant by your side, you can be confident that your data is secured within a fortress of protection, allowing you to focus on the core aspects of running a successful business.

    Key areas where a cloud consultant can improve IT operations

    Cloud IT consultants as the catalysts are the professionals of your digital journey. They help you improve your business IT operations. Some of them are included here:

    1. Infrastructure assessment and optimization

    On-premises infrastructure can be challenging and inexpensive for businesses. According to Enterprise Technology Research (ETR), 45% of organizations face difficulties in handling multi-cloud environments, resulting in inefficiencies and wasted resources.

    That’s where Cloud Consultant helps. They conduct a thorough assessment of your existing infrastructure, pinpoint bottlenecks, and propose cloud strategy consulting services tailored to your specific needs. Consultant assistance ensures a 20-30% reduction in infrastructure costs by right-sizing resources and eliminating underutilized services.

    Not only this, but their infrastructure assessment optimizes performance and security. In essence, partnering with a Cloud Consultant ensures a more efficient, cost-effective, and secure transition to cloud-based solutions.

    2. Migration to cloud platforms

    Businesses are manually unable to perform migration of legacy systems to the cloud. According to a Forbes report, 70% of organizations face complexities while performing cloud migration, including downtime, data loss, and exceeding budgets. That’s where cloud consultants guide you to choose the best platform.

    They also assist you with cloud strategy consulting services for developing a comprehensive migration plan that meets your business needs. This will definitely reduce downtime and optimize your cloud environment.

    3. Implementation of cloud-native technologies

    Businesses must stay up-to-date with the latest technological trends to remain competitive. One such fastest-growing cloud-native technology has been gaining traction in recent years.

    Gartner Report About New Enterprise Applications for Cloud Native

    Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, predicts that by 2025, 85% of new enterprise applications will be cloud-native. This shows how cloud-native technologies are becoming the rising demand and future of enhancement in the business landscape.

    So, to reap the maximum benefits of cloud-native technologies, many businesses choose cloud consultants for incredible transition. Cloud consultants are experts who assess your business needs and assist you in determining which cloud solutions work best for you, such as containers and serverless computing. By utilizing these technologies, businesses can significantly lower development and operational costs and improve efficiency and performance.

    4. DevOps integration and automation

    Even expertise may fail to streamline the IT processes manually because it leads to human error. Undoubtedly, this can be easily addressed with automation only.

    20x Faster 60% Percent Fewer Failures Says Deveops Institute Reports

    DevOps Institute reports that organizations with high-performing DevOps teams release software 20 times faster and experience 60% fewer failures.

    But without the right assistance, it’s challenging to identify which technology optimizes current processes. That’s why all trust relies on cloud consultants’ guidance. They examine which tools consume more power and which processes require more resources. Based on their analysis, consultants suggest adopting DevOps integration and automation tools for faster software delivery cycles and increased responsiveness to business needs.

    5. Continuous monitoring and management

    Implementing cloud-based solutions is one step to kickstart your cloud journey, but constant observation and continuous monitoring are essential to maintain its health. Somehow, a lack of visibility and control over cloud resources can lead to security risks and cost overruns.

    63% of Organization Struggle to Manage Cloud Security

    63% of organizations struggle to manage cloud security effectively (Source: 451 Research report). That’s where cloud consultants help you. They will check what current cloud operations management and monitoring tools you are leveraging for assessment.

    Based on their analysis, consultants recommend cloud-native monitoring tools and software such as Amazon CloudWatch, Microsoft Azure Monitor, and Google Cloud Monitoring to offer visibility into the health and performance of your cloud resources.

    How to choose the right cloud consultant

    Choosing the right cloud consultant is essential to reap the benefits of cloud infrastructure for the success of your ongoing cloud operations. Consider these key points when choosing a provider for your business:

    Essential Factors for Selecting Ideal Cloud Consultant

    1. Experience and expertise

    When you need the right cloud consults, you need to access the provider’s experience and expertise to make an informed decision. These providers have the skills, experienced team and professional experience required to take your business to new heights. However, considering technical skills, industry knowledge, and proven track record (case studies or customer success stories) can help you decide whether or not the provider is right for you.

    2. Alignment with your business goals

    Providers with a similar project delivery record have proven to be invaluable for your business. So, when you explain your challenges and give clarity to your business needs, they can easily understand what barriers are affecting growth and success. Opting for an understanding consultant can help you adapt to your changing needs and scale your services as your cloud usage grows

    3. Cost and value proposition

    When choosing a cloud consultant, carefully assess their costs and returns. Once you have clear quotes and a pricing model that aligns with your budget, evaluate the potential return on investment based on the costing. Finally, consider the add-on services with the existing pricing model, like ongoing support, assistance, and managed cloud options, to ensure you have opted for the perfect fit for your needs and maximize your cloud journey’s success.

    Get Started with Expert Cloud Consultant

    In a Nutshell,

    The fundamentals of a successful business lie in the expertise of the right professional cloud consultants. Cloud consultants serve as catalysts in transforming IT operations, navigating the complexities of cloud computing from optimizing resource allocation to fortifying security. However, choosing the right consultant is pivotal for unlocking the full potential of technology and ensuring a seamless, efficient, and secure journey into the digital future.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cloud strategy consulting is a service that experienced partners can provide to businesses on how effectively they can leverage cloud computing technology to meet their business goals, keeping high-end data security in mind.

    Cloud-based solutions allow small to large enterprises - build, test, and deploy apps and store, back up, and recover lost data.

    IT strategy consultants are highly skilled experts who help businesses and clients align their IT capabilities with the technologies to meet their business needs. They analyze the core state, identify loopholes, design architecture, and assist solutions that enhance IT performance, value, and overall growth.

    Cloud consultants are problem solvers because they assist you in addressing your business challenges. They follow a linear process - identify the problems, diagnose them, solve them, and implement solutions.

    Cloud consultants bring innovative ideas, the best soundons, and different skills to the table, which, fortunately, adds value to the industry.

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