How Salesforce Integration with Twilio Boosts Customer Satisfaction?

BlogSalesforceHow Salesforce Integration with Twilio Boosts Customer Satisfaction?

September 2, 20207 Mins Read


Customer satisfaction is the only motivation of businesses belonging to various sizes. The higher the level of satisfaction, the higher will be the chances of enhancing the reach of the brand to the further level. The integration of Twilio in Salesforce will be of great assistance in enhancing customer satisfaction. Let us see how!

Nowadays, the usage of smartphones has increased manifold. Companies take the help of SMS services to make customers aware of their latest updates about sales and services. There are numerous apps, but the integration of Twilio with Salesforce has proved to be among the easiest ways of sending and receiving messages. 

Twilio With Salesforce Is Built For Admin Heroes

With the integration of Salesforce and Twilio, it has become easy to manage outbound and inbound communications in a single platform. As texting on the phone remains no more difficult, campaigning and generating leads will take place smoothly. Also, managing preferences along with permissions will become a small cup of tea.

Having an open rate of over 90%; text messaging helps in getting the attention of people. With personalized texting, it will help in increasing customer satisfaction and retention rate. Boosting the team productivity through enhanced rate of connection with fewer clicks is another highlighting feature of integration of Twilio with Salesforce. 

What Are Some Extraordinary Features Of Twilio?

Some extraordinary features of Twilio that make integration of the same with Salesforce highly valuable include the following:

  • An easy two-way conversation with leads and contacts
  • Bulk rate broadcasting of SMS to members
  • Group inboxing feature for managing text messages at a single chance
  • Integration of process builder with Salesforce for triggering SMS with workflows
  • Notification and reporting or delivery status
  • Easy scheduling of outgoing texts
  • Handling of opting in and opting out through custom keywords
  • API library for extending the Twilio channel
  • Standard reports for analyzing high engagement along with results


You may also send multimedia and text files in a bulk through messaging within a few tapping of buttons. Twilio has helped in cutting costs with the help of Appointment Reminders & Text-to-case features. Unlocking the power of no-code SMS automation is now possible due to the following characters:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Text-to-case
  • Text-to-lead
  • Nurturing lead flow

Integration of Twilio with Salesforce will help in enabling marketing and best practices of automatic response handling.

Working Of The Integration Of Salesforce With Twilio

With a plethora of benefits in association with the Salesforce Twilio integration, it has become one of the highly popular ways of boosting customer satisfaction. The working of the integration has been mentioned as under:

  • Authenticating the integration of Salesforce with Twilio
  • Picking up one of the apps as a trigger for kicking off the automation
  • Choosing the resulting action from the other app
  • Selecting the data you desire to send
  • Finally done!

Most Common Process Builder Actions In Twilio

  • Twilio Send SMS Message – This particular Apex class permits the sending of text message directly from Process Builder. It is very much useful in special cases that include alerts and notifications.
  • Twilio Send to Studio – It will allow you to initiate SMS and voice chatbots with Twilio Studio. This class is very much useful to initiate longer conversations that may require branching. 

Benefits Of Twilio That Can Boost Customer Satisfaction

  • Message Texting Made Easy

Easy to install and configure, it will enable you to send messages to your audience by using:

  • Salesforce leads
  • Contacts
  • Process builder
  • Personal accounts

You can now easily send and receive SMS by using the platform known and loved universally. It has become easy to make proper utilization of Salesforce data along with components for customizing SMS messaging and reporting on results. 

Twilio has been powering over lakhs of organizations ranging from startups to enterprises. With the help of a single click, the message will run over a redundant Super Network to power billions of interactions on a worldwide basis. It is a highly flexible option that will let communicate with customers confidently. Adding text messages to Salesforce remains no more a challenge with Twilio.

  • Building Personal Relationships Now Made Easy

The integration of the Twilio app with Salesforce has opened the gateway for business organizations to build personal relationships through sending and receiving of SMS. The text messaging feature will spark conversations at a scale for establishing deeper connections. As it supports messaging in a group, connecting a large poll of audiences seems to be a small piece of cake. 

Twilio works out-of-the-box along with Salesforce data and tools that are reliable. It will be easy to supplement the workflow through messaging with the help of:

  • Lightning components
  • Drag and drop tools

The Twilio app will get molded to the Salesforce environment to let you carry on with experiments and scales. 

  • Delivering Conversational and Personalized Service Made Easy

The integration of Twilio with Salesforce has proved to be of immense help in terms of enhancing the customer satisfaction rate. This exclusive feature will help in providing customers the best assistance from anywhere anytime. 

You will be able to connect to your customers anytime through the chatting feature. You may also include chatbots for sending SMS that will automate routine tasks. Mobile messaging will help in empowering agents from a single point. Agents will be able to send messages along with having instant access to the information they require for addressing customers. 

As the agent productivity will get a boost through the integration of Salesforce and Twilio, managing multiple text conversations in a single chance. Through intelligence and context, agents will be able to resolve cases and deliver awesome customer experience universally. 

  • Sending Messages From Process Builder, Made Possible With Twilio!

With the integration of Twilio in Salesforce, it has become easy to send messages from Process Builder. As a highly popular tool, Process Builder helps build an automated flow of work in Salesforce. Common usages include:

  • Providing notifications regarding SMS
  • Reminders about appointment
  • Surveying the rate of customer satisfaction


An Insight To The End Points Of Twilio

Endpoints of Twilio are inclusive of the following:

  • Retrieving data about tasks – Retrieving of data related to Twilio tasks seems to be a vital part of the workflow of the team. Also, it enables easy filtering of tasks that take into usage an array of fields that are inclusive of priority, the status of assignment along with the name. The data can be gathered either from Twilio or can be integrated from other external sources. 
  • Creating a new task – Tracking events that occur in every workspace is another endpoint. It may be the creation of a new task, assigning a new task to a worker or implementing changes in the activity status of the worker. This data may be utilized for generating current analytics and storing historical record data for future usage. 
  • Getting information about workers involved – Twilio will help you to retrieve information about your workers. They may include activities that are carried out by them along with availability and skills. A proper analysis of the same will help you to provide assignments to workers based on the information gathered. 
  • Monitoring activities – With Twilio, you will be able to monitor the activity status of your worker. Also, it will be useful in determining if assigning the task to a specific work will be a good decision or not. 

How Easy is it to Configure Twilio for Forwarding Phone Calls to Ensure Customer Satisfaction? 

Currently, Twilio for Salesforce permits the sending of messages only. Still, you will be able to configure Twilio for forwarding phone calls to your smartphone and desktop. In case you are texting SMS to a contact in Salesforce, there are chances that they may request a phone call. 

This is not as hard, but still, if you find any query regarding the Twilio Cyntexa has experts that can help you to configure it easily. Also, With the help of call forwarding options, it will become easy to fit the contact to give a callback and connect with you. The setup may take a maximum period of ten minutes only, afterward, it will become easy to carry on with the desired action.

Factors That Help You To Boost Customer Satisfaction

Personal numbers will permit you to assign a particular phone number to a particular user of Salesforce. Twilio by default will choose a number in your messaging service for the Salesforce user.

The person can use the number for personal communication purposes. It will help in establishing a 1:1 relationship between the user as well as the phone number. If the user of the Salesforce message distributes business cards with other people in contact, then it may help in popularizing your brand to a high extent. 

Enabling the exclusive feature of the personal phone number will make it easy for Salesforce to import messages from other numbers included in the Twilio project. Phone numbers having a high amount of traffic but never used for long will also get imported. 


Integration of Salesforce with Twilio along with boosting customer satisfaction; helps a business in a multitude of ways. You should use for your business success uplifting, Cyntexa will guide you for the same. 

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