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How Does Salesforce Integration With Twilio Boosts Customer Satisfaction?

April 4, 2023 eye-glyph 78

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    In this technology-oriented world, the mobile phone has become the prime tool of communication for each one of us. As per recent research, the current number of mobile users is 7.33 billion, including feature and smartphone users. Accessibility, portability, and handleability make it popular among all segments of customers. Calling, Chatting, SMS, and Video Calling are some features mobile phones provide to users.

    Now businesses need one tool to integrate with their Salesforce CRM to make communication channels unanimous and compelling. Contacting prospects can take you up to lead conversion and revenue generation. Salesforce Integration with Twilio is the key to streamlining customer communication, providing hands-on support, and making agents more productive.

    As a reliable Salesforce integration company, we have the right solution for this problem below in the blog. You will get to explore the potentialities of Twilio and how Twilio Salesforce Integration enables you to boost customer satisfaction. So without further ado, let’s dive right into the discussion.

    A Quick Insight On Twilio

    What is Twilio?

    Twilio is a Customer Engagement platform designed for corporate organizations to curate a high-quality digital experience for their customers. This cloud-based software offers features like SMS, Voice & Video Calls, WhatsApp, Email, and more. In addition, developers worldwide use Twilio APIs for generating customer reports or integrating Twilio with other platforms.

    In recent reports, Twilio has released an updated customer base of 280,000+ customers and facilitates approximately 932,000 human interactions. These numbers make it the most popular platform to integrate with your current customer management system to make communication rapid and feasible.

    Keeping communication as the critical point, Twilio focuses on expanding the scalability of the business and letting you connect with your customers in their preferred mode of communication. It leads your businesses towards the telecom business approach and makes your business more approachable to prospects and customers.

    Twilio & Salesforce

    Let’s Have A Quick Brief About Salesforce

    Salesforce is a San Francisco, California-based company that offers its product, Salesforce CRM. If we start counting, there are endless reasons why businesses should choose Salesforce CRM over others. Let’s start counting a few of them.

    Salesforce CRM is ranked as the world’s number one customer relationship management (CRM) platform that excels in automating businesses’ sales, service, and marketing processes. Not limited to sales and marketing, Salesforce has set its foot in various other domains like Service, B2B & B2C commerce, Salesforce Industries, Mulesoft, and more.

    With its cloud-based software, businesses can find relevant prospects, close more deals, and amaze customers with industry-grade service experience. It is stacked with a good number of in-built applications which can be further customized as per the requirement of the businesses. In addition, Salesforce has a massive variety of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for inputting, storing, accessing, managing, and migrating data of customers within your organization.

    Regardless of industry, all customers love to get well-addressed by their service provider on their preferred mode of communication. And you can deliver the same with Salesforce Twilio Integration. This blend of Salesforce & Twilio has this much power that provides developers and the sales & support team with a knack for developing a standard tool and delivering a world-class experience to your customers.

    How Do Salesforce And Twilio Work Together?

    When you operate your business with the help of customer relationship management software, it becomes necessary to track the entire real-time communication. Although working on it manually is not a good idea, your efforts can fail.

    Twilio & Salesforce

    But with Twilio, all your worries will end as it will redefine the communication approach you have followed for years. With Twilio, you can connect with your customers in a more organized and personalized way. Also, the capabilities of Twilio empower your sales reps to identify the convertible leads you should communicate with to close the deal as fast as possible.

    Once you discover your customer base, you can easily decide whom you should send SMS with high persuasion or not, or what should be the call-to-action to get in touch with your reps. Thus, this integration gives you many opportunities to make your customers feel special by landing personalized messages.

    You can also check out the Top 10 Most Popular Salesforce Integrations.

    Twilio Features: What All Twilio Has Got To Offer?

    Twilio has divided its features into several sub-categories that provides sales managers and reps with an added advantage to win customers’ heart and loyalty.

    Features of Twilio

    1. MessagingX

    Twilio MessagingX is a widely used, reliable, and easy-to-access communication tool. This tool makes communication over messages personalized and exciting. MessagingX sends and receives SMS, MMS, and OTT messages through purpose-built APIs such as Programmable Messaging & Conversations. Businesses can scale their customer base by dialing in 180+ countries using provided phone numbers.

    2. Voice Call

    Twilio Voice supports your team in establishing direct connections with your customers. With Twilio’s Programmable voice, you can make, take, and modify calls on any device and enable PSTN, SIP, or VoIP calling to your desired application, website, or service. Voice calling is further subjugated in the following categories:

    Inbound and Outbound Calls

    Inbound Calls refer to the calls customers make to reach out to your reps for help or assistance. Outbound calls, therefore, are the calls that your reps are initiating toward customers, primarily for sales purposes. Twilio lets you make these Inbound and Outbound calls with Salesforce to any platform you want.

    Call Forwarding

    This feature enables you to forward a customer’s call to any other sales agent or supervisor. The motive of forwarding calls is to connect the customer with the right person who can quickly deal with their query, regardless of branch location.

    Call Conferencing

    With this function, agents can quickly get another fellow agent on an ongoing call with a customer to address their query in a better way.

    Call Whispering

    Here with the help of call whispering, your Sales Manager or Supervisor can be a part of your conversation with a callee. They will be a silent member in that conversation. Usually, this feature is used for training and performance review purposes.

    Call Recording

    Keeping track of all the communication between the caller and the callee is essential to monitor the quality of service. Twilio lets you securely record all inbound and outbound calls in its cloud. You can pick any call records along with all the related information displayed on the screen in the future.

    Call Monitoring

    This functionality of Twilio connects the Sales Manager/Supervisor/any other concerned person to an ongoing call between the customer and the sales agent and monitors the activity status of your agent. In addition, this option helps the sales manager and supervisor determine whether assigning a task to a particular agent will be the right decision.

    Call Mute/Hold

    Now agents can put inbound and outbound calls on hold and, in the meantime, can go through the crucial information required to address the query raised by the customer and resume the call once they are ready to continue the conversation.
    The mute feature in Twilio allows you to mute calls on the phone. This will not interrupt the caller from talking between calls and also not restrict you from listening to them. Agents can utilize this feature for a short pause during a conversation.

    Call Blocking

    While managing call-based support, you might encounter lots of unwanted spam calls that might affect your productivity and create hindrances in your smoother workflow. With the help of Twilio, you can screen and block spam calls in Salesforce, and you will only have to deal with the relevant calls throughout the day.

    Call Queueing

    This feature of Twilio helps your sales team create a call queueing system for your customers. This system stores all the incoming calls in a sequence. Twilio lets you accept the call, put it in the queue, and later connect it with the following present agent to the first call in the queue.


    Call transcription is the written script of the conversion held on voice or video calls. It is stored in the Salesforce database as a plain text file, readable in conversation language. You can transcribe calls during and after the call as per your requirement.

    Interactive Voice Response

    This refers to a part when a customer has dialed a call to connect with your reps and an automated message is playing for the callee and on the other side, the caller gets the ring on their system. The system collects some important information during the meantime such as the source or purpose of the call. This information helps reps in deciding whether they should accept or decline the call.

    3. Video Call

    With the constant evolution of technology, users are getting used to meeting each other virtually and having face-to-face communication. With Twilio, you can also connect with your customers through video conferencing/ video calling options. In a couple of minutes, you can create real-time secure video & HD audio applications on WebRTC and cloud infrastructure. In addition, you can perform a variety of customization with SDKs, open source sample code, quickstarts, and launching without harnessing more of your time.

    4. WhatsApp

    Twilio also offers messaging over WhatsApp via Twilio APIs. WhatsApp has claimed to have more than 2 billion users worldwide, and this integration with Twilio allows you to get a hysterical number of customers for your business. Integrate your WhatsApp with other communications channels such as SMS and MMS through programmable messaging API, or mount several party multi-channel interactions with Conversations API.

    With some interesting pre-built tools and functions, Twilio ensures that you don’t have to deal with any crisis with interactive buttons, visual workflows, template message management, and visual workflows. Recently, Salesforce announced WhatsApp Integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud in order to smoothen the communication flow between multiple channels.

    You can also check the details about WhatsApp Integration With Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

    5. Emails

    This is also one of the highly used features of Twilio, commonly known as Twilio SendGrid. Twilio SendGrid Email API provides organizations with email infrastructure that efficiently and flexibly manages your business’s email requirements. With Twilio SendGrid, users can create accounts and set them up. This function helps you land personalized emails in each customer’s inboxes and generate more leads and revenue.

    How Does Salesforce Integration With Twilio Boosts Customer Satisfaction?

    Salesforce Twilio integration knocks out the probability of serving customers inefficiently. It backup your sales reps in meeting the customer support criteria. It has been proven an excellent tool for constant, real-time, and multi-channel communication.

    Check out the benefits offered by Twilio for boosting the satisfaction level of customers: 

    How Does Twilio Boosts Customer Satisfaction?

    1. Quick And Smooth Flow Of Communication

    The importance of result-driven customer-agent communication has always been in business. You can make it easier for your sales and support team by integrating Salesforce & Twilio.
    You can quickly establish communication with your customer through voice calls, video conferencing, or SMS.

    It gets easier to manage the call records of all inbound and outbound calls going on and off the call support. These messages can be used for further training of new sales reps training and development. Customers don’t have to juggle managing all the conversational data with Salesforce as your CRM; you can easily store it there for future reference.

    2. Establish Lasting Relationships With Customers

    Customers feel valued when they are correctly attended to by the organization they are getting served from. Even if it’s for more minor purposes, when their queries are solved quickly, and without any trouble, they not only stick to your brand but also recommend others because of the experience you deliver to them.

    Personalization can be added to all sorts of textual interactions with customers. You just have to use Lightning components & drag-and-drop functions of Salesforce to view and input all the relevant information from Salesforce’s data.

    Furthermore, when merged with Salesforce, Twilio authorized businesses to perform seamless actions such as sending notifications via SMS, keeping them posted about recent updates, offers, and discounts, reminding them about their appointment, etc.

    3. Accelerated Productivity Of The Team

    With diversity in features, Twilio has got different modes of communication. Now there will be no limit in deploying people with different skill sets. Be it over a call or text, agents can view all important details about the customer or user which lets them resolve their queries speedily.
    Agents who can communicate brightly with the customer by text can also be deployed for the SMS category, and those who are comfortable with the Call option can serve your customers over call. This way, you can elevate the productivity margins of your team.

    4. Globally Scale Business Operations

    With global exposure to technology and the availability of mobile phones, you should not restrict yourself from scaling your business operations around the globe. For example, Twilio has phone numbers that can communicate with customers natively in 180 countries. Mobile, being a highly accessible tool, will help you serve your existing clients and reach out to new leads. This consistency in attention will make them feel connected with brands, and eventually, they might also become a part of your customer base.

    5. Devise And Automate Your Business Model

    Salesforce has many tools that help you automate your processes, like process builders, flows, workflows, etc. With these tools, managers or admins can perform automation and take charge of all the ongoing actions in their hands and evaluate records considering all required criteria. For example, with automation in Twilio, you can easily send automated SMS, reminders, and notifications to your customers time-to-time. This automation stores the time and efforts of your agents in pulling off other essential tasks and drives more customer satisfaction.

    To learn more about Salesforce integrations and how they enhance customer satisfaction, refer to our in-depth guide on Salesforce integrations.

    Twilio Pricing

    The price range of Twilio has got no specific pricing model. Twilio has played well with its product positioning and pricing strategy by setting different pricing for different sets of features & services.

    Twilio for Salesforce pricing

    Before you explore the right plan for your business, it is important to determine what products and specifications your business needs. Twilio’s pricing is quite variable from country to country.

    Twilio offers a huge variety of services, and there are different pricing models and prices for each service.

    Especially talking about Twilio for Salesforce pricing, it starts from $15 per seat per month. This application on AppExchange only offers SMS capabilities. And if you need other functionalities then you have to make it happen through custom implementation.

    Offer Best Customer Support With Salesforce Twilio


    Salesforce Twilio Integration is one of the ways to boost customer satisfaction as well as the productivity of your sales and support team. For communicating through different modes, developing loyalty among customers, and fetching new clients, you can trust Twilio.

    If you are also planning to make your communication flow flexible, you sit back and let this integration of Salesforce Twilio sprinkle its charm.

    Hold up; now you don’t have to go look for Salesforce Implementation services out there in the market because Cyntexa has an entire team of experts who are capable of taking care of the entire integration process.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Twilio is a cloud-communication platform having a programmable application program interface (API). Developers can create the best customer experiences through these building blocks APIs and make the communication between customer & agent easier. Trusted by more than 200,000 corporate organizations, Twilio has successfully offered features like SMS, Voice & Video calls, Email, WhatsApp, etc., to Spotify, Twitter, Netflix, and various other companies.

    Salesforce is a cloud-based software company offering CRM services and tools for enhancing the productivity of sales, support, service, and marketing teams. With Salesforce, businesses can use cloud technology to connect with partners and existing and prospective customers. Not restricted to these features, Salesforce also enables companies to keep track of customer behavior, requirements, ongoing activity, lifecycle with the company, and more. It also allows businesses to implement personalized automation as per the business model.

    Twilio supports Enterprise and Unlimited editions of Salesforce. In contrast, Salesforce Essential and Professional editions don’t go well with Twilio.

    As a customer engagement platform, Twilio uses Amazon Web Services to host the communication infrastructure via APIs.

    Twilio is a cloud-based communication platform that is sometimes referred to as a Communication platform as a service or CPaaS. It offers an affordable and developer-friendly API (Application Programming Interface) for integrating communications capabilities such as messaging, voice call, video call, email, and WhatsApp straight off in the software application.

    No, Twilio is not part of Salesforce. Twilio is a separate company that provides a cloud communications platform, which allows developers to add voice, video, and messaging capabilities to their applications. Salesforce, on the other hand, is a customer relationship management (CRM) software company. By integrating Twilio with Salesforce, businesses can utilize the capabilities of omnichannel communications to boost their Salesforce environment's power and derive enhanced customer satisfaction.

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