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May 8, 20207 Mins Read


Having created a massive wave of CRM and Business Process Automation reforms, Salesforce has been a pathbreaker for cloud-based SaaS. 

On an acquisitions role, the company’s CAGR is at a whopping 24% with first-quarter revenue in 2020 at $3.74 Billion. In CEO Mark Benioff’s words “I am thrilled with our results this quarter, and I am especially excited to have delivered record revenue in Q1 and operating cash flow of almost $2 billion, up 34% year-over-year.”

 The company has gone above and beyond in developing analytics and other cloud tools that act as a virtual assistant that every salesperson needs. 

Why start a career in Salesforce?

Whether you are a mid-career professional or a fresher, you may be wondering why you should boil down your niche to one single company alone. 

The need for Salesforce Lightning applications has catapulted over the years. Salesforce dominates the CRM market share at 19.5%. Moreover, 17.3% of fortune 500 companies have chosen Salesforce as their CRM platform. The next closest competitor is Oracle at just 5.5%. 

This shows that the growing trend is towards the Salesforce framework. Currently, Salesforce boasts of more than 150000 customers worldwide.

Salesforce is a growing community of young and dynamic individuals across the globe. It’s an excellent platform for active involvement, showcasing not just your technical skills and hard work, but also pave the way to improve the scope for innovation in the startup community.

From a technical point of view, Salesforce frameworks are PaaS independent. Thus the scope of work and the breadth of knowledge required to become an all-round Salesforce developer is quite intense. You will learn about platform integrations, web and mobile development, latest trends and JS Libraries, among others that can fetch you jobs in top MNCs.

In 2015, 300000 new Salesforce-specific jobs were created, according to Burning Glass Inc. The roles spanned sales, IT, marketing, Business Development and operations.

2 out of 10 best jobs on Indeed’s Best Jobs of 2017 list were Salesforce-specific.

Getting to the numbers, the average Salesforce developer earns around Rs 504,702 per year, according to PayScale. With bonuses and profit-sharing, another one lakh is added. MNCs like Accenture, Capgemini and Cyntexa are actively seeking out Salesforce developers. 

How to get on board the Salesforce Platform?

Salesforce has certification courses on its trailhead platform for various roles. It is highly recommended that you complete these certification courses so that you elevate your opportunities in the Salesforce world. Moreover, trailhead courses are free for all and include hands-on exercises to help you get thorough with the concepts. There are certification fees, however. Every badge you earn through the certification course can be put up on your online business profiles, so that interested employers may contact you.

Before we get into the details of each role and what you should choose, it’s best if you take up the assessment plan that is designed by Salesforce to understand your potential. 

With the assessment tool, you can discover how your career goals can align with Salesforce, what skills you need to build to achieve the set goals and what type of experience you should look forward to. 

If you are a fresher or a mid-level employer who wants a complete career shift, it is recommended that you download the career exploration research pack provided on Trailhead and complete the assignment, so that you can truly discover your calling. If you’re still confused, take up personality tests, skill profilers, and value assessment tools so that you can understand yourself better. We recommend that you do a complete SWOT analysis.

Once you’re on your path, it’s good to analyze the future of the market on a local, hyperlocal and global scale so that you can make informed decisions about your new career choice. To provide further insight as to why this is especially crucial in terms of Salesforce, the demand for specific skills and roles has catapulted over the years, thanks to mobile, big data, IoT, and AI. Knowing where the demand lies is crucial in deciding what you want to work towards.

Salesforce Certifications

There are five main role-specific certification courses that Salesforce offers on Trailhead. You can read our Salesforce Certification Guide where we have mentioned each Salesforce Certification and how to crack it.

Here’s everything you need to know about each role:

  • Salesforce Developer

A coding guru who’s quick on his tips at the keyboard loves coffee and hates seeing errors on the console – If this is you, Salesforce developer is what you are! Coding Apex or building on Visualforce will likely appear in your dreams. You are the one Bill Gates was talking about when he said: “I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” – and that’s why you love to automate.

Skills you need:

  • Organization
  • Problem Solving
  • Teamwork

Average experience: 2-5 years

To pass the exam, you should hone your expertise in coding on the Lightning platform.

Developer credential certifications include Platform App Builder, Platform Developer I, Platform Developer II, etc.

Also, look into how to learn Salesforce developement even if you’re from a non-tech background.

  • Salesforce Administrator

If you are a master in efficiency and have the skills to transfer your meticulousness in the workplace to your team members, the Salesforce Administrator role is curated for you. A Salesforce Administrator is primarily a manager who ensures that all the pegs are in the right holes so that your sales team can build successful relationships. You are the force behind Business Process Automation, and you push for ways to make both your customers and your sales team happy!

Skills you need:

  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Planning
  • Problem-solving
  • Troubleshooting

Average experience: 2 – 5 years

To pass the certification exam, you should have a broad knowledge of configuring, managing and customizing on the Salesforce platform.

Once you complete this, you can go on to take up related certifications like Advanced Administrator, Platform App Builder, Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboard Specialist, etc. 


  • Salesforce Architect

A Salesforce Architect is one who is capable of building a broad T and a long stack. Those who can go in-depth into any concept, and have a general knowledge overall concepts can ace at this position

Skills you need:

  • Customer Service
  • Project Management
  • Creative thinking
  • Planning & organizing

Average experience: 6- 8 years

To pass the exam, you should be able to design an optimal architecture based on specific hypothetical customer requirements provided.

Once you obtain the Technical Architect certification, you can move on to Application Architect, System Architect, and Heroku Architecture Design certifications.

  • Salesforce Marketer

If you understand customer requirements more than anything else and you are competent with communication in terms of customers, a Salesforce Marketer role suits you. You are essentially able to squeeze the juice out of the available platform and application to the maximum extent. If you’ve abided by the term “customer-oriented” all your life, you will fit right into the Salesforce world.

Skills you need:

  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Attention to detail
  • Planning
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing know-how

Average experience of a Salesforce Marketing Manager: 5 to 8 years

Since you are essential to fit yourself into a B2B2C role, you should know all the features available on the Salesforce Platform. You should be able to effectively communicate the value addition aspect of Salesforce to potential customers. The most valuable certification for this is the Marketing Cloud Administrator and Pardot Specialist.

Other related certifications include Marketing Cloud Consultant, Marketing Cloud Developer, Marketing Cloud Email specialist and Pardot Consultant.

  • Salesforce Consultant

If you’re able to talk the big talk and walk the big walk, i.e. you can translate company visions to tangible missions and goals, the Salesforce Consultant role is for you. You should be able to bring the best of the Salesforce platform to your end-users, not just the employees under you. If you don’t need to be the office favourite and you know how to hold your own, this is your calling.

Skills needed:

  • Out-of-the-box thinking
  • Good listening skills
  • Organization
  • Management

Average experience: 6-8 years

Community Cloud Consultant and Education Cloud Consultant exams require you to have experience in implementing Salesforce solutions across the board. You need to be a Salesforce expert.

The latest additions to upgrade your consultancy skills include Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant and Field Service Lightning Consultant.

What next?

So now that you’ve completed your first certification, how do you put yourself out there and get visible? Here are some tips to help you fast track your Salesforce career.

  1. Have a plan in mind. Make yourself a career map and put every effort you need to climb the steps on that ladder.
  2. Follow all-things Salesforce. Visit StackExchange, Salesforce Community, and Developer Forum regularly and see if you’re able to crack the tough codes. If not, know where you need to improve. You can also keep a tab on the #askforce tag on social media. Try and attend meet-ups and events arranged by the community and socialize.
  3. Once you’ve got the certification badges, put them up on all your online career profiles. You can also update your CV to show that you are an active Salesforce member.
  4. If you don’t have any prior experience in Salesforce, take part in Topcoder projects and see where it gets you. There are thousands of success stories on Topcoder.

Watch here, to know if having Salesforce certifications guarantee you a job?


No matter what path you choose, remember that knowledge is power. Get thorough with any OOP and have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Love your journey and enjoy the game. Start learning Salesforce now. All the best!

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