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Integrating Calendly with Salesforce: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

April 24, 2024 eye-glyph 78

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    Do you also find yourself and your business drowning in unmanageable schedules and appointments? And you eventually end up losing potential and important leads? It gets overbearing, right? But not anymore! Have you heard about the most amazing online scheduling tool, Calendly?

    To end your curiosity about what Calendly is, It is a tool specially designed to simplify and ease the scheduling process for meetings and appointments. It is a high-tech and fully automated personal assistant that anyone would wish to use; it negotiates and fixes all the juggling meetings at an agreeable or preferable time and date for its users. Are you intrigued by the tool? Let’s see how Calendly works by understanding more about it.

    Learning more about Calendly:

    Calendly Tool

    Just imagine that your organization has over ten departments, and they extend services to over 100 clients. The entire building gets ringing with continuous and mismanaged client calls and never-ending cycles of piling emails. What a complete mayhem that would be!

    This is where Calendly is your one-stop solution as a scheduling assistant. It creates specialized meeting links and schedules appointments for your business without fussing. Let’s learn more about the features Calendly has to offer;

    Scheduling Meetings With Automation:

    Calendly eliminates the hassle of having poorly managed meetings without proper scheduling by automating the processes. The meetings get scheduled, the invitees get the links, and time slots can be set as per your availability, all through automation. Calendly eliminates the time-consuming hassle of emailing potential times and waiting for responses to keep the communication between the user and their clients intact. It also allows the invitees to choose their meeting time slots, making things as convenient as ever before.

    Integrating Calendars Timely:

    As the name suggests, Calendly works best at digitally integrating popular calendars to schedule meetings and appointments conveniently. Moreover, users can check their availability for multiple events by integrating calendar management for prominent calendars like Google Calendar, Microsoft Office 365, and iCloud. This boosts the flexibility of arranging different types of events without having difficulty.

    Feature for Analysis:

    When the meetings are scheduled, there is a slight chance of them getting rescheduled or canceled. If this aspect is not monitored correctly, things can misfire and become chaotic. Calendly helps avoid such situations with its robust analysis feature that allows the user to keep track of all the scheduled events and their progress. This can help users save ample time and resources rescheduling meetings.

    Synchronization of Buffer Time:

    When meetings are scheduled back-to-back for the users, they get stuck in the loop of repeated monotony and feel restless. Calendly sincerely synchronizes the appointments and allows the users to have a buffer time before their next appointment.

    Seamlessly Integrating With CRMs:

    Calendly has a remarkable feature of seamlessly integrating with some of the popular Customer Relationship Management platforms like Salesforce. This allows the tool to enhance its automation and scheduling efficiency with several other business-oriented programs.

    Talking about integration with Customer Relationship Management platforms, let’s see what are the benefits of Calendly Salesforce integration largely;

    Wonders Of Calendly Integration With Salesforce:

    Calendly Integration with Salesforce

    More Leads And Streamlined Data:

    The sales representatives or reps wouldn’t be required to leave the Salesforce platform to schedule meetings, emails, or separate appointments to keep track of communication. Rather, Calendly could do all this, and sales reps would save a lot of time scheduling meetings and focus more on effective lead management. The data integration between the two portals would also be streamlined and accessible for creating, communicating, and contacting potential customers.

    Less Human Intervention, Less Errors:

    Integrating the two systems would focus more on automation and leveraging technical advancements to reduce the burden on humans. This significantly decreases human intervention rates and eventually reduces the risk of errors while dealing with the latest information and updates.

    Increased Workflows Productivity:

    Since all the basic entry-level and repeated tasks are automated by integrating the two platforms, workflow productivity and efficiency are exponentially enhanced.

    Here is a step-by-step tutorial to guide you through the integration process.

    Steps For Integrating Calendly With Salesforce

    The integration process is easy to follow and beginner-friendly. So, let’s revolutionize your scheduling experience with Calendly Salesforce integration.

    To integrate Calendly with Salesforce, the user needs to subscribe to Calendly Teams or higher and Salesforce Enterprise level edition or higher. (also check for the Salesforce Admin Privileges)

    The Steps of the Calendly-Salesforce Integration Process:

    • Start by visiting Calendly’s website.
    • Search for the integrations page, go through it, and click on the Sales and CRM section.
    • Look for Salesforce from the available CRM options
    • From that integration page, choose Salesforce and be redirected to connect with Salesforce on its website.
    • When you land on Salesforce’s website, enter your login credentials.
    • Install the Calendly package (by object fields and custom flows, respectively).
    • Look for the country where you want to install the package onto Salesforce.
      From there, you’ll be directed to a page where you can choose for whom you want to install the package. This is for the admin, all users, and specific profiles. Choose for all uses and move ahead.
    • Once you tap the install button, a dialogue box will appear asking for 3rd party permissions. Review it once before proceeding with the Allow button.
    • Now, you’ll be able to see if the package is getting installed.
    • Once it’s installed, go back to Calendly’s website and hit the refresh button.
    • There, you’ll see a connection between Calendly and Salesforce being installed.

    That’s how you’ll be able to integrate Calendly with Salesforce.

    Note: There are also a few post-installation steps that one needs to be aware of. These steps incorporate customization and create/ cancel event templates.

    Final Take

    Just like this, you’ll be able to integrate Calendly with Salesforce successfully by following this step-by-step tutorial. This integration will not only make scheduling more efficient but also increase convenience for users. Also, with automated data synchronization and scheduled meetings, users can have a closer look at generating more leads and building stronger customer relationships.

    Integrating calendly can be overwhelming but with the right team by your side can make the process ease. Our team can guide you through the integration process from start to end, leveraging our renowned Salesforce integration services for a seamless experience.

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