Salesforce Completes The Acquisition Of Phennecs: The Salesforce Data Security Partner

April 6, 2022 | visibility 1045


It certainly seems that Salesforce is planning to do something big in its upcoming Spring 22 release. Are you wondering how we can say that for sure? Well, firstly, Salesforce acquired Atonit to offer a marketplace solution based on its platform while simultaneously connecting natively to the Commerce Cloud as well as other clouds. And next, came the news of Salesforce acquiring a company that would provide additional security to their data and privacy compliance within its sandbox environments. An interesting piece of news, isn’t it?

Now, let’s go deep and learn about this new acquisition and what new and improved things would it bring along for the Salesforce users.


About Phennecs

It has been a well-known fact now that Phennecs and Salesforce had a long-term relationship. While working together for quite a few years, it has partnered as well as co-developed products that were sold through the Salesforce platform exclusively. The user-friendly interface of the Phennecs is designed to be easily used by anyone, be it admins or developers. This is done while ensuring that the Salesforce sandboxes had been anonymized or pseudonymized with mere clicks and not codes. Wherein the configuration needs to be done just once in the production instance. This would make it easier to duplicate and shorten the time, and efforts that are spent on handling the data privacy in the sandboxes. 

In recent times, numerous data privacy regulations have been introduced, primarily at bringing data privacy with compliance among the users. These regulations include PCI, GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA. With the help of Phennecs, one can find suitable tools with the help of which sandbox environments can be scrubbed of Personal Identifying Information (PI and PII).

Now, let’s move forward while knowing some quick facts about Salesforce before we discuss the main topic of this blog, the acquisition of Phennecs.

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About Salesforce

In this generation where there is more inclination toward data storage and its generation, businesses certainly need to leverage a particular platform that would further help them in making appropriate use of customer data as well. One such CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform is Salesforce. It has been widely used by every type of company, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

With the help of Salesforce Services, businesses can make use of cloud technology to have a better connection with their partners, customers, and even potential customers. Moreover, with Salesforce CRM, companies would find it easy to track all the activities related to customers, markets to customers, and many similar services.

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While starting from being just a Software as a Service (SaaS) based CRM company, Salesforce has now become the fifth largest software company in the world. It provides several software solutions for all its users and developers to develop and distribute custom-made software easily. While being based on a multi-tenant architecture, it ensures that its customers would always find ease in their working with its latest releases and new upgrades.

Now, let’s talk about this new acquisition and its benefits for the Salesforce community.


All About the Acquisition

As of April 4, 2022, Salesforce has closed its acquisition of Phennecs, which is a well-known provider of privacy, compliance as well as data management solutions that have been built on the Salesforce platform. Salesforce ensures to keep finding ways with the help that customers would find it easier to build up compliance into the lifecycle of their data.

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Both the companies, Phennecs and Salesforce, have enjoyed a multi-year OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partnership. As mentioned above, Phennecs co-developed products and sold them exclusively through the Salesforce platform. While keeping in mind the trust factor for its customers. Salesforce would be able to help the developers more in managing their data with more security and provide built-in privacy compliance functions, with the help of this acquisition with Phennecs.



It’s a clear sign for the Salesforce community that Salesforce is ensuring to bring more innovative features. For the same reason, there have been frequent updates and more data protection features in every upcoming release over the platform.

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