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August 19, 2021
Salesforce Chrome Extension in 2021
Salesforce Chrome Extension in 2021


There are endless ways through which businesses can customize their Salesforce capabilities and further ensure that it meets the company’s needs in the best way possible. One way for this customization to the Salesforce experience could be via Chrome Extensions. There are several Salesforce Chrome Extensions that are amazing, time-saving, and very helpful. Their main aim is to ensure proper assistance to organizations that are associated with the Salesforce platform while adding efficiency and productivity at an increasing level.

Google Chrome extensions aim to provide quite powerful enhancements that would be embedded directly into the Google Chrome browser. These extensions can be installed in the Chrome browser for free and that too just with a click of a button. For particularly Salesforce users, the Chrome extensions, that will be mentioned in this blog, would be the most essential part of their work. These would help in the quick navigation along with enhancements in the functionalities across platforms so that the users would be spending lesser time in navigating the Salesforce features in the setup menu and would invest more time in enhancements of the Salesforce experience for the business’ end-users.

While some of these extensions are designed specifically for Salesforce admins or developers, the others would prove to be beneficial to anybody who is a user of this platform. Moreover, irrespective of the roles, there are Salesforce extensions designed to help the organization in getting the most out of the investments in Salesforce.

Next, let’s discuss the most important points to understand why these Salesforce Extensions must be used.

Why Use Salesforce Extensions?

Chrome extensions are put to use for the addition of some new features or improving the program’s pre-existing functionality which further makes it more reliable for users. Many Salesforce extensions have been made available for developers and administrators that have proved to be beneficial and time saver for them. Quick Login, Multi-Function, Debugging, Production, Communication, and many other options have been made available in the extension that assures to perform several activities, in an easy yet effective manner.

In the next section, the 10 most important Salesforce Chrome Extensions have been discussed.

Top 10 Salesforce Chrome Extensions

For the year 2021, the following are the top ten main Chrome Extensions that aims to help the Salesforce admins and Developers:

Top 10 Salesforce Chrome Extensions

1. Salesforce Inspector:

This one is considered to be a must-have tool that is used for Salesforce administrators and developers. Salesforce Inspector would help in inspecting the data and metadata straight from the Salesforce UI

It will be quite time-saving as this tool would help whenever the users require it to further manipulate data either for investigation or troubleshooting issues. For instance, even though a field has been kept invisible on the page layout, as long as the user holds the corresponding permissions, the field can be easily seen and/or edited using Inspector.

2. Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher:

The Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher is also one of the free Google Chrome extensions that allow the users to be capable enough to search for Visual force pages, and Visualforce components, along with Apex classes and triggers, on their own way too quickly than normal. It’s quite hard to go through all of the Apex triggers/classes to search for the corresponding errors that the end-users of the application are receiving.

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This free tool would help the Salesforce users to find and further diagnose the issue that the user has been facing.

3. ORGanizer for Salesforce:

ORGanizer for Salesforce Extension basically lets the admin or developer forget both the username and passwords and further assists them in acknowledging that the tabs are still open on the browser. With this tool, ORGanizer, the users would also be able to check the color and title of every ORG tab that has been opened by the user.

Salesforce Navigator is considered to be one of the most useful Chrome extensions. The main job of this extension is to help in the navigation to any specific Salesforce page, by further asking to type in the page or component name in a provided popup dialog window. Moreover, this popup could be accessed from just anywhere by clicking Ctrl & Space simultaneously. But a drawback of this tool is that it does not work for Lightning Experience.

5. Salesforce DevTools:

In case anyone is searching for a quite powerful suite of Salesforce developer tools, this particular extension is considered to be among the best for doing the below-mentioned things and more: 

  • ERD (Data Modal) generator 
  • Apex debug log viewer
  • Easy exporting the definition of various objects to a particular Excel file
  • Displaying fields API name on Salesforce object detail page
  • Quick generation of Apex code

Additionally, with just one click, the user would be directed towards a specific object setup page or Salesforce standard object documentation. 

6. Salesforce API Fieldnames:

This extension of Salesforce API Fieldnames would enable the user to view the Field’s API name and that too in a quite detailed page layout. It can also toggle between different page layout views while showing the Field Labels or the API Names.

7. Salesforce Mass Editor:

Salesforce Mass Editor is known to be quite a fundamental yet powerful extension that has been developed for both the Admins as well as Developer. While using this extension, multiple actions could also be performed with a list view. These actions include Mass Create, Mass Delete, Mass Update, Mass Clone, along with Classic and Lightning.

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8. CodeCopy:

This particular extension would enable the admins and developers to copy the code that is embedded in any of the websites. This extension is useful because many of the websites do not allow copying the same to the clipboard facility.

9. Whitelist All IPs for Salesforce:

This important extension lets the admins and developers whitelist all the Salesforce IPs. This has been further made to ensure that the User Access to salesforce has been done without the requirement of any verification code or any security token. Thus, it is quite helpful when there is a prevalence of a lot of IPs to whitelist.

10. SOQL Extractor and Analyzer for Salesforce:

This extension does the extraction of all the required SOQL queries as per the count of their related execution from the Salesforce Debug Logs. One major drawback of this extension is that it only works in the Classic mode.


Be it a Salesforce administrator, salesperson, or developer, each of them could be benefitted from an extension. However, the search for productivity solutions should not be limited to the AppExchange. Furthermore, the Chrome Web Store has quite a variety of Salesforce-related apps. Each of these Salesforce-Google Chrome Extensions focuses mainly on reducing the increased time and effort over everything and that too from the point of view of changing settings to traveling between Salesforce org

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