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Top 10 Salesforce Chrome Extensions in 2023: Unleashing Productivity

November 21, 2023

Table of Contents

    Salesforce, a dynamic powerhouse of customer relationship management, opens up a world of endless customization and expandable features for businesses. As the platform is continually growing, so does its ecosystem of apps and extensions. Salesforce Chrome extensions are becoming an essential tool to enhance the Salesforce experience.

    These Chrome extensions for Salesforce improve the productivity of Salesforce users and allow them to improve the functionality of the platform when viewed via browsers.

    This blog will talk about the 10 best Chrome extensions for Salesforce that are improving the productivity of Salesforce users.

    So, let’s get started and unleash productivity with the Salesforce Chrome extension.

    Top 10 Salesforce Chrome extensions

    Here is the compiled list of best Chrome extensions for Salesforce users;

    1. Salesforce Inspector

    It is one of the must-have Chrome extensions for Salesforce developers and administrators. Salesforce inspectors help inspect the data and metadata from the Salesforce UI in a more detailed and convenient way.

    The extension is time-saving to manipulate data either for investigation or troubleshooting an issue.

    For example, a Salesforce developer working on a custom object can inspect all the fields of the object, API names, data types, and more. Furthermore, this data can also be exported for external usage.

    Salesforce Inspector is the best Chrome extension to enhance users’ interaction with Salesforce.

    Learn why should

    2. Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher

    It is a free Salesforce Chrome extension for Salesforce developers. It helps developers to search for Visualforce pages, and Visualforce components, along with Apex classes and triggers,

    Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher also has a quick-find feature that enables the developers to jump to classes, pages, or triggers.

    This Chrome extension is a must-have for developers to speed up the development process.

    3. ORGanizer for Salesforce

    It helps Salesforce users to simplify task management and improve record organization. ORGanizer for Salesforce streamlines your login process by securely storing essential details such as the username, password, login URL, and landing page. This feature, backed by basic encryption, ensures a hassle-free and efficient login experience

    This extension also lets you customize the ORG tab to make it easy to recognize which tab belongs to which ORG. Furthermore, Salesforce users can also create a library of the most used Salesforce links to ensure their quick access.

    4. Salesforce Navigator for Lightning

    It is one of the best Chrome extensions for Salesforce Lightning. This extension empowers users with the capability to quickly navigate to any Salesforce page. Simply input the URL, and you’re instantly navigated to your desired page, skipping the need to start from the home page. It’s a time-saving convenience at your fingertips.

    Salesforce Navigator for Lightning also lets you add custom shortcuts for more frequently used pages. For example, if you use a specific report multiple times, you can create a shortcut for that URL to access it directly rather than navigating through all the reports.

    Learn about the Salesforce Lightning and Classic here.

    5. Salesforce DevTools

    It is a powerful Salesforce developer Chrome extension designed to improve the productivity of developers. It offers a range of features to Salesforce developers including;

    • Support editing of SOQL query and exportation of the query outcome in Excel file.
    • Show or hide the name of API name of the object
    • Export Salesforce Data Model-like entity relationship diagram (ERD) in an SVG file.
    • Generating Apex code based on record data
    • Easily search and access objects
    • Search all the fields and inspect data usage
    • Search text in debug files

    Additionally, with just one click, the user would be directed toward a specific object setup page or Salesforce standard object documentation.

    6. Salesforce Mass Editor

    Salesforce Mass Editor is known to be quite a fundamental yet powerful extension that has been developed for both the Admins as well as Developers. This extension enables the execution of multiple actions such as mass create, mass delete, mass update, and mass clone.

    For example, if you have a list-view opportunity in Salesforce and want to update the status of all these opportunities to ‘Closed Won’. With the Salesforce Mass Editor, you can effortlessly change the status of all your opportunities in one attempt.

    7. Whitelist All IPs for Salesforce

    It is one of the best Chrome extensions for Salesforce admins and developers to whitelist all the IP addresses for Salesforce. For example, if you want to enable users to access Salesforce without the hassle of entering a verification code each time. This extension does exactly that.

    Whitelist All IPs for Salesforce are quite helpful when there is a prevalence of a lot of IPs to whitelist.

    8. SOQL Extractor and Analyzer for Salesforce

    As the name implies, it is used to extract and analyze the SOQL queries from debug logs. It can extract the queries along with their execution count, so you can optimize the performance of your application by reducing the number of SOQL queries.

    This extension is also helpful in displaying all the standard and custom objects in which SOQL queries are executed.

    9. Salesforce Tool Suite

    Salesforce Tool Suite is an all-in-one Chrome extension for all Salesforce professionals such as developers, admins, consultants, architects, and more. It offers a range of features like building complex SOQL queries, monitoring debug logs, and more.

    It enables the comparison of profiles and permissions across different orgs. You can navigate the different schemes in Salesforce without remembering the field and relations.

    Check out when should you hire a Salesforce Developer and Consultant.

    10. Enhance Salesforce Dashboard

    It is the best Chrome extension for Salesforce users to customize the dashboard layout to satisfy their needs. Enhance Salesforce Dashboard lets the users set the default Salesforce auto-refresh frequency of daily, weekly, or monthly, to up-to-the-second information.

    Furthermore, it allows you to extend the number of columns from three columns in one row to 7 columns in one row to make more data displayed on the dashboard.

    Final Take

    Every Salesforce professional, be it a Salesforce administrator, salesperson, or developer, could benefit from a Salesforce Chrome extension. Chrome Web Store has quite a variety of Salesforce-related extensions. Each extension is a master key, designed to unlock productivity and efficiency. They streamline your Salesforce experience, cutting down time and effort on everything from tweaking settings to navigating between Salesforce orgs.

    In the same way that these extensions enhance your Salesforce experience, Cyntexa is a Salesforce crest (crest) gold consulting partner committed to helping you unlock the full potential of your Salesforce investment. We don’t just aim to improve your experience; we strive to transform it. Ready to propel your organization’s growth with Salesforce? Connect with us now and let’s ignite the spark of change together!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The process of adding a Salesforce extension in Chrome is pretty simple. Navigate to the Chrome web store, search for the extension, and click on ‘Add to Chrome’. A confirmation would be required on the next screen to add the extension successfully.

    Salesforce Inbox Chrome extension enables you to connect your Gmail inbox to Salesforce. This means you can easily work with Salesforce directly in Gmail, eliminating the need to switch between multiple tabs.

    Yes, Salesforce is compatible to work in Chrome. However, if you encounter any hiccups, it could be due to issues like a cluttered cache or an outdated version of Chrome. Clearing your cache or updating your browser can often resolve these issues.

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