Everything about New Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud

Everything About The New Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud

December 14, 2021 | visibility 173 views
Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud


As per new research, 95% of the total sales are still coming up from the traditional retail channels. This implies that the companies related to consumer goods are still aiming to find more ways that would help in optimizing retail execution as well as creating more meaningful relationships with the consumers that are spread across the value chain. 

While being an industry leader in providing the best customer relationship management solutions (through CRM services), Salesforce further took the step into more innovative releases and introduced the Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud. It is a complete cloud solution that can be used for managing consumer goods so that businesses can quite smoothly ensure the execution of their retail planning while optimizing store visits, boosting in-store productivity, and further driving up high sales. 

In this blog, there will be a discussion related to the Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud and its analysis of the many benefits that are derived from this innovation.

What is Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud?

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud helps in ensuring well-optimization of the visits to the store, while also building up collaborative relationships that exist across the entire value chain, and further accelerating in-store productivity. Moreover, it will help in pushing the companies a step ahead of their competitors by powering up AI (artificial intelligence) to improve the accuracy in audits and increase the growth of the companies.

While being a part of the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform, Consumer Goods Cloud is capable of helping all types of swiftly growing consumer goods companies that include food, beverage, personal care, health, beauty, and many more in unlocking the value chain and that too with an integrated platform.

Companies related to Consumer goods, across the globe, can transform their entire business digitally while taking the help of Salesforce, also involving driving up quite stronger customer engagement in both the B2B as well as B2C commerce.

Now. Let’s move further and discuss the benefits derived from the Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud.

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Benefits of Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud has come up as the newest addition to the large suite of business products of the Salesforce platform, that has been designed to further provide a modification in the relationship among retailers and field representatives, while also streamlining the retail execution which will be helpful in ensuring improvements of the overall customer experience. Following are the key benefits of the Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud, which have been discussed briefly:

Benefits of Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud

1. Improvements in Store Planning

Salesforce is capable of providing consumer goods companies with the best available option and also helps in optimal planning. The Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud has been ensuring to provide the sales managers with an overall 360-degree view of all their set sales targets, orders, discounts, as well as promotions. This is also done by ensuring the execution of all the retail business activities in a smooth manner.

2. Better Store Layout

The organization of inventory is done quite differently in each of the stores. With the help of Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud, the businesses would be able to personalize as well as assign templates that will further depend on the segment categories of a store. Templates could also be used which is dependent on individual stores to increase their productivity from check-in till check-out.

3. Accurately Auditing the Shelves

The maintenance of store shelves along with properly managing the inventory will be smooth with Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud. It would enable the organization to have a proper improvement in the management of inventory, creation of planograms in a quicker manner, and assuring the conformity of the merchandising.

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud can also be used to bring up the shop shelves to the fingertips of the organization and have its usage as the best planogram software that is specifically used for visual merchandising. Furthermore, the businesses would be able to scan the shelves in the store while using Einstein Vision in Consumer Goods Cloud which would help in tracking the inventory and further identifying out-of-stock products. It also assists businesses in embracing information about a particular product category, pricing, quantity, promotions, and discounts, all from the mobile device.

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4. Shopping Trips

The field sales representatives could be made more effective by Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud while also streamlining and streamlining the activities, along with shop visits. To understand how this is exactly accomplished, follow the given example. The Sales Representatives might need the maintenance of tracking up of each of the store visits through the collection of crucial parameters such as store name, location, the number of hours spent, visit time as expected, and any previous visits with quick access to the available data. All of these incredible features that the Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud provides would help the retailers in their work while this being among the top retail management software.

5. Capturing Orders on Mobile for Increased In-Store Sales

In-store sales have been quite a game-changer for businesses while also ensuring the delivery of high profitability. Retailers can use the best shop management software in the creation of the best strategy, providing discounts, properly executing promotional activities, and further improving the customer experience.

The users would be capable of further increasing the in-store sales with the help of Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud while taking up the orders with the help of their mobile phones. This would also help in the assistance of the sales professionals while also guiding them up with assorted product recommendations which would help in having a complete picture of order management, price, promotions, and discounts.

6. Comprehensive Surveys and Data Collection

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud enables organizations to have quite efficient retail management by ensuring promotions in real-time with the help of collaborations among multiple teams through a single and unified platform. This will bring in all the data in one single place and would help in devising quite better strategies. In addition to this, the businesses can also leverage the Salesforce Consumer Cloud with the help of conducting the surveys, gathering feedback over the same, and further collecting data from various stakeholders.

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A daily schedule of all the assigned as well as prioritized store visits, with more suggested and needed activities, have been all routed as well as mapped with the help of Salesforce Maps, all due to Consumer Goods Cloud. Representatives would be able to use smartphone-optimized segments along with storing multiple templates for planogram inspections, proper inventory planning, processing the return orders as well as surveys. This has further allowed them to properly capture the orders during all the store visits and collect product data such as pricing and quantity. 

Therefore, Consumer Goods Cloud has been jam-packed with several tool sets that are designed for the smooth running of retail operations by ensuring the availability of products along with its promotions, and the price has been kept in line with the corporate standards. 

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Asked Questions

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud is a salesforce product that entitles operating income growth by retail implementation potentiality. It offers field representatives a dominant and brilliant solution to upgrade in-store circumstances and smooth operations.

Consumer Goods Cloud is a well-known industry product from Salesforce that entitles Consumer Goods Companies (CGC) to operate income expansion by retail accomplishment capabilities. Advantages of Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud-
  • This cloud accurately audits ledges.
  • It optimizes store planning.
  • It makes the most of store visits.
  • It keeps better store arrangements.
  • It makes comprehensive surveys and collection of data.
  • It captures orders with mobile for high In-store turnover.

  • Accelerate business growth with smart selling
  • Improve efficiency by prioritizing visits
  • Analyze customer activity in a 360-degree manner
  • Make every route more productive

Consumer products are those finished goods bought for utilization by the customers. Some best examples of salesforce consumer goods are automobiles, furniture, household appliances, and mobile homes.

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud is a cloud that helps businesses to accelerate in-store productivity, increase sales through optimized store visits, and grow collaboration across the entire value chain. Cyntexa is one of the Salesforce Implementation Partner in the USA and India that provides Consumer Goods Cloud Solutions across the world that fits specific business requirements.

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