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Salesforce CRM Pricing Plan & Cost Guide

March 8, 2023

Table of Contents

    Whenever someone mentions Customer Relationship Management software, Salesforce always tops the list. Salesforce is popular for being the unexceptionally versatile cloud-based CRM globally. It includes a comprehensive collection of various CRM products for sales, marketing, service, commerce, sustainability, experience, financial services, retail, healthcare, and more.

    Over time, Salesforce has aptly created a huge name by offering real-time benefits to all scales and types of companies. It is geared up with features like lead management, contact management, workflows, automation, Einstein AI, email integration, email tracking, reports & dashboards, easy migration of systems to salesforce, seamlessly integrating with any third-party application, etc. It helps businesses establish long-lasting and meaningful relationships with customers by providing them with a unique and personalized experience.

    While another available CRM excels in limited categories, you need something that caters to the present and future needs of your business. Indisputably, Salesforce has a robust platform powered by industry-grade capabilities that help you meet all business demands.

    Salesforce successfully launched various Clouds that address the business problems of different industries, such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Experience Cloud, Analytics Cloud, and more.

    Now that brings us to the motive of this blog. Here you can check out what prime features Salesforce is offering what the pricing model of Salesforce will be, and its different clouds.

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    Salesforce CRM Features

    Salesforce CRM has a lot of offers; all of it is to make your team’s hard work easy and painless and help them upgrade the quality of their services. All Salesforce plans are backed up with some exclusive features, which are: 

    Features of Salesforce

    1. Contact And Account Management

    With Salesforce CRM, you can have hassle-free contact management by getting all the crucial information about the customers and their interaction history with the organization. It also gives you substantial insights to formulate workable strategies and improve customer engagement. Social data of customers will let you know your customers better and their behavior towards any product or service. Contact management allows you to coordinate with different people in your company, like sharing campaigns, insights, listing important information, etc.

    2. Opportunity Management

    One of the key features provided by Salesforce is Opportunity Management, which shows the client’s behavioral timeline and demonstrates of different stages of a deal so that you can decide when to make your next move.

    Not only customers, but you can also view the timeline of your business competitors and important facts about certain activities. Some ready-made templates also ensure all your clients receive your emails hassle-free.

    3. Lead Management

    Lead Management in Salesforce provides businesses with an activity timeline that shares access to all contacts’ up-to-date activity with best practices and utilizes the sales path to understand related documents.

    Your search for a good lead converter will surely end on Salesforce, as it will inform you about the original lead source and automatically email the prospects to generate more revenue. Also, leads will be automatically assigned to the right executive, thus increasing the executive response rate.

    4. Sales Forecasting

    You get a unified view of your pipeline and the performance of your business in the market. Tracking the journey of leads becomes easy with the Sales forecasting feature. After analyzing the entire data, you can be amazed by its potential for forecasting sales. Later, you can make your call to forecast the plan and amount for your strategies. You can derive one more benefit from a real-time leaderboard that helps you know your top performers and enables you to identify whom you should be entitled to the coming opportunities.

    5. Workflows And Approvals

    The point-and-click interface of the users offers smooth automation via Process Builder. It helps you automate the business and sales processes by automatically sending email alerts and assigning tasks. It also tells you what should be your next step in a deal with built-in intelligence.

    Approval processes for deals, discounts, offers, travel, and expenditure reports are also automated with Salesforce CRM.

    6. Reports And Dashboards

    With the help of simplified drag fields, filters, groupings, and charts, you can view real-time reports and analytics for sales forecasts. On one side, you can optimize charts in your reports and monitor team performance in one view. Dashboards and other sales reporting tools allow you to make amendments to the elements to extract the relevant information.

    With the Customer Analytics tool, users can test business stats from anywhere in the world from any device of their choice.

    Salesforce CRM Pricing CTA 2

    Salesforce CRM Pricing Plan And Cost Guide

    With all these specialties comes a price that you have to pay. But before you make your move, we believe you must have a wholesome picture of which cloud suits your business and which pricing model you should opt for.

    1. Salesforce Sales Cloud

    Sales Cloud allows businesses to manage accounts, leads, contacts, and opportunities unified on one interface. With its extensive functionalities, the Sales cloud automates and boosts your sales activities and the potential of Sales reps as well.


    Sales Cloud is available in four editions:

    • Essentials: $25/month/user. For All-in-one sales and support functions.
    • Professional: $75/month/user. Designed especially for any size team.
    • Enterprise: $150/month/user. Highly customizable Sales CRM for scaling the sales operations of your business.
    • Unlimited: $300/month/user. The ultimate package with all the features of Salesforce Sales Cloud navigating growth and success towards your business.

    2. Salesforce Service Cloud

    It can be integrated with Salesforce to present the complete customer data on the edge of your company’s requirements. With Community 360, customer service reps can be notified when a lead has contacted you or requires support.


    Users get four editions of Service Cloud to pick the one that suits their requirements the best:

    • Essentials: $25/month/user. Basic plan to channel sales and support altogether in one place.
    • Professional: $75/month/user. Consists of a CRM that stimulates a complete service process. Used by teams of any size
    • Enterprise: $150/month/user. Dynamically customizable CRM for offering extensive services.
    • Unlimited: $300/month/user. The All-in-One editions consist of unlimited power and capabilities of CRM.

    3. Salesforce For Small Businesses

    Salesforce has a special pricing plan for small businesses looking forward to getting an all-rounder sales and customer service tool.


    Empower your business with these tailored Salesforce pricing editions:

    • Essentials: $25/month/user. For All-in-one sales and support functions
    • Sales Professional: $75/month/user. Designed especially for any size team.
    • Service Professional: $75/month/user. Recommended for all sizes of teams for offering inveterate customer services.
    • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement: $1,250/month/user. A suite of unique marketing automation tools is used for any team size.

    4. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

    Marketing Cloud offers a wholesome view of customers so businesses can create custom, personalized, Omnichannel-based customer journeys. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud Features, teams can easily amalgamate the customer base coming from different channels of interaction.


    Now personalization and automation of the email, web, and mobile journey of each customer are scalable with these editions of the Marketing Cloud:

    • Basic: $400/month/user. Elementary package for users only looking for personalized and promotion-based email marketing.
    • Pro: $1,250/month/user. Email solutions for personalized marketing automation.
    • Corporate: $3,750/month/user. Best for cross-channel strategic marketing solutions backed up with personalization capabilities.
    • Enterprise: Pricing is not available for this edition. Comprising all the features required by an enterprise and specially designed for creating sophisticated journeys across different channels, brands, and geographies.

    5. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

    Formally known as Pardot, this cloud has got core Salesforce infrastructure that handles everything related to proximity and integration with CRM. This ultimately unifies development, marketing teams, membership, and all the related parties to engage with stakeholders.


    This cloud has four categories in its pricing editions that help your business climb up the growth ladder with paced speed:

    • Growth: $1,250/month/user*. Mostly purchased for accelerating the growth of business with marketing automation.
    • Plus: $2,500/month/user*. Brings in more scope for marketing automation and analytics.
    • Advanced: $4,000/month/user*. Most popular editions in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement are purchased by organizations planning to boost marketing automation and advanced analytics and drive innovation in their business practices.
    • Premium: $15,000/month/user**. Features like predictive analytics and support are combined to serve Enterprise in the best possible way.

    *Can handle upto 10,000 contacts but requires an annual contract.
    **Can handle upto 75,000 contacts but requires an annual contract.

    → Click here to download our free guide to Salesforce Pardot Integration [Download Now].

    7. Salesforce Commerce Cloud

    It is a sturdy B2C and B2B Commerce solution with the potential to create excellent and unified buying experiences through different business channels and devices.

    Also, check in detail The Difference Between B2B Commerce and B2C Commerce.

    Pricing editions of Salesforce Commerce Cloud are further subdivided into two categories:


    Salesforce B2C Commerce

    Enabling businesses to convert more leads by offering AI-powered digital experiences through the store, social platforms, web, and mobile.

    • B2C Commerce – Started: 1% Gross Merchandise Value/billed annually. Starter pack for launching your business in the market and for faster growth of your commerce platforms.
    • B2C Commerce – Growth: 2% Gross Merchandise Value/billed annually. With a Growth plan comes various tools and functionalities that capacitate you in delivering enhanced commerce experience to your customers.
    • B2C Commerce – Plus: 3% Gross Merchandise Value. Connect your customer experience with intelligent AI-powered Commerce.
    Salesforce Order Management

    Spring up the flexibility in your omnichannel order management from your preferred place.

    • Salesforce Order Management- Order Visibility: $0.15/order/billed annually. Novice package integrated from any third-party system provides Order visibility only.
    • Salesforce Order Management – Starter: $0.30/order/billed annually. Facilitates Order Management from anywhere across the globe with full flexibility
    • Salesforce Order Management – Growth: $0.50/order/billed annually. Featured with smart order orchestration for handling B2B orders and complex distribution networks.

    8. Salesforce Experience Cloud

    This integrated platform enables businesses to build online communities and establish secure connections with customers, employees, and partners.

    Self-Service: Customer Community $5/user/month
    Self-Service: Customer Community Plus$15/user/month
    Partner Relationship Management$25/user/month
    External Apps$35/user/month

    How Is Salesforce Better Than Other CRM Available In The Market?

    The demand for an intelligent and powerful platform for managing customer relationships is constantly becoming crucial and urgent. On top of that, the non-stop technological innovation adds to the necessity of an ecosystem that serves thousands of companies belonging to numerous industries.

    What makes business choose Salesforce?

    Let’s discuss why should businesses choose Salesforce CRM over others:

    In recent research, the top 10 CRM service providers are already covering 59.4% of the global CRM applications industry, reportedly growing 15.7% to attain a revenue of approximately $52.8 billion in subscription, license, and maintenance terms.

    Salesforce - Best CRM by Marketshare

    Fortunately, Salesforce is leading the competition with a 40.1% share and revenue of $59.351 billion. Further, it is followed by Adobe, Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft.

    What business needs for revitalization is a Customer Relationship Management platform consisting of salesforce automation, customer services, and support management, like email and marketing automation. They have also launched some features recently such as Customer Experience management, social media management, and activity and participant management through cloud delivery.

    More than 54% of organizations using CRM solutions vouched that Salesforce is well-captured in providing personalized customer experiences. All credit goes to the cloud enablement that lets employees access customer data from anywhere in the world. Companies can also use one single account for managing client data and records across their sales, service, finance, marketing, and legal teams.

    The final verdict has become quite obvious, declaring Salesforce the Game-Changer in the CRM industry and the better option than the other available CRMs.

    Why Is Salesforce Priced The Way It Is?

    Salesforce has proven itself the industry leader for not one or two but multiple reasons. With possession of all great things, there comes a price that the buyer is required to pay and enjoy rendering benefits.

    Why is Salesforce Priced the way it is?

    Salesforce CRM undoubtedly has some extraordinary capabilities that let each one of their clients give a full makeover to their business and operations.

    • A strategy that transforms businesses using industry-grade technologies or channels, incurring low operating costs, enhanced customer engagement, and value creation for both customers and businesses.
    • Customer experience management capabilities are there to cater to personalized, contextual, interesting, and predictive customer experiences and win the hearts and faith of the customers.
    • Omnichannel communication is also there to give the customer ease in maintaining interactions on their preferred channels, simultaneously maintaining the allegiance of their information.
    • Conversion of raw data into something meaningful through Data transformation is made possible with Salesforce.
    • Last but not least, Artificial Intelligence by Salesforce, popularly known as Einstein AI, propels customer data for extracting customer behavior and insights into customers’ buying patterns. This also gives users various options to carve strategies for fulfilling customer satisfaction and organizational objectives.

    Considering all the listed and unlisted benefits, Salesforce pricing is very well aligned with what their customers already are getting. There is no static price range that businesses are bound to follow; they can always select the edition that matches their needs and simplifies the growth process.

    Businesses themselves have stated that Salesforce is providing pricing flexibility and affordability to all scales of businesses, which ultimately concludes why Salesforce is priced the way it is.

    Salesforce CRM Partner Agency

    Wrapping Up!

    Salesforce is one platform that promises efficient customer engagement and success from one single platform integrated with intelligent tools. It has all the functions that cater to the business requirements of all sizes of businesses from the user’s preferred location, consequently increasing productivity.

    But getting Salesforce isn’t enough to clear the path of growth and success; it’s always better to have a Salesforce Implementation Service provider who can assist you throughout your journey.

    Luckily, we are here to be the one. Cyntexa is officially a Salesforce (Gold) Consulting Partner offering services like Salesforce Development, Salesforce Implementation, Salesforce Consulting, Salesforce Integration Services, Salesforce Managed Services, Salesforce AppExchange App development, and more.

    Planning to switch your Customer relationship management software to Salesforce? Contact our Experts today and get the job done without any hassle

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management offered by Salesforce, Inc. It offers various services and tools to effectively organize and streamline sales, service, and marketing operations. This SaaS and PaaS-based solution authorized users to access the software anytime from anywhere, simultaneously allowing them to develop and deploy applications that answer your business needs and problems. It ensures businesses deliver an exclusive and personalized experience to all their customers with its peculiar features.

    The starting pricing range of Salesforce is $25 per user per month for Sales & Service Cloud’s basic plan. Businesses can extend the usability of Salesforce by purchasing a plan worth $300/month/user. Further, each cloud has a price differentiation for different scales of businesses. It might be hard to fit all the prices together, but we can consider the expected average price of $75 per user per month payable by a small business for a standard Salesforce plan.

    Salesforce works on an annual billing cycle for all its plans. Regardless of that, its prices are divided monthly. When making payment, it becomes mandatory for businesses to sign up for at least one year of service with Salesforce.

    Yes, for the caveat. Salesforce is a customizable cloud-based platform. All the solutions available on Salesforce CRM are supported by cloud computing functionality designed to furnish the needs of a business for sales, service, marketing automation, enterprise resource planning, and analytics needs.

    In the nick of time, Salesforce has a pricing tool that goes with the Salesforce CPQ for Salesforce Configure, Price, and Quote. It is majorly a Sales tool that equips the Sales team with a tool to calculate accurate pricing of any product configuration scenario. This tool helps teams in the right quotes for their customers quickly and efficiently.

    There may be additional costs associated with Salesforce CRM, for example, custom development, extra storage, or integration with third-party apps.

    Yes, Salesforce offers a free trial allowing businesses to try and check the platform before buying a paid plan.

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