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Salesforce Einstein ChatBot Implementation: Ultimate Guide

March 20, 2023 eye-glyph 78

Table of Contents

    Technology facilitates various business processes in the current times, and human interaction is one element that puts life into those processes. Still, there are times when the availability plus required knowledge in people is hard to equate; that’s where ChatBot Technology put its show. And talking about the best one, it’s definitely Salesforce Einstein ChatBot.

    Have you ever desired a customized aide that can effortlessly manage all of your customer interactions and inquiries? 

    Well, get ready, because we have some thrilling updates for you! The Salesforce Einstein ChatBot has been causing a stir in the customer service industry as the preferred solution for companies seeking to optimize their communication channels and improve their customer experience.

    This chatbot is changing the way businesses engage with their clients with its advanced artificial intelligence capabilities and natural language processing. However, don’t solely rely on our assurance – let’s delve into what sets Einstein chatbot apart and why it’s regarded as the best in the industry!

    Salesforce Einstein ChatBot: An Introduction

    Salesforce Einstein ChatBot is a conversational tool powered by the AI of Salesforce. This tool enables businesses to develop and deploy chatbots in various business processes that involve real-time customer engagement.

    Meet Salesforce Einstein Chatbot

    With the extended propensity of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning, Einstein Chatbot can understand and interpret customers’ requests or inquiries and respond with relevant information or assistance. Einstein ChatBot is a configuration you must enable from the settings as it’s native in Salesforce. This configuration reduces all the hard work of integration.

    It can be integrated with Salesforce’s other CRM tools to provide a seamless customer experience.

    Einstein bots focus on assisting people, answering various questions, and giving customer support representatives a better understanding of customer behavior. They also evaluate insights, calculate possible outcomes, direct the next best action step, and incubate automation in several tasks.

    Knowing what a customer expects from a conversation or interaction is necessary to meet customer expectations. Salesforce chatbots dig deep into back-end systems to find the appropriate action that an agent should take.

    Also, it detects the complexities of data and immediately transfers the case to a Live Agent available in the queue to deal with the issues seamlessly. Later, if required, the agent can check the conversation between the customer and the bot to effectively provide support.

    You can also read about the World’s First Generative AI, Salesforce Einstein GPT here.

    Why Should You Use Einstein Bot?

    Refer to these points to validate this question, why businesses should consider using Salesforce Einstein Bot:

    1. Faster Responses

    Increases the customer response rate and answer to most frequently asked questions compared to other communication channels such as email, text message, phone calls, or social media.

    2. Time-Saving

    It saves the time and efforts of customers and support representatives by providing solutions to problems raised with its intelligence and allowing agents to focus on the more strategic side of their roles.

    3. Lesser Cases

    Chatbots can answer almost all the questions that prevent cases from moving further to get addressed by a live agent. This reduces the number of cases that are being raised.

    4. Intelligent Working

    By utilizing the abilities of NLU (Natural Language Understanding) technology, Einstein bots work on self-learning and evolving to expand their intelligence and functionality.

    5. Quick Query Resolution through Knowledge Articles

    Einstein ChatBot helps in delivering relevant and accurate responses to customer inquiries by using Knowledge articles available in the Salesforce database. Knowledge articles are stored articles in Salesforce’s knowledge base, comprising information on products, services, and some common issues. The chatbot uses NLP to match customer queries to relevant knowledge articles, providing quick and accurate answers and improving the customer experience.

    Check here in detail how Salesforce Einstein can help your business grow.

    Check how Salesforce Einstein Chatbot can help your business

    Pre-requisites For Using Salesforce Einstein Bot

    To get started with the Salesforce Einstein Bot, make sure to fulfill the following prerequisites:

    1. Get a Service Cloud License in addition to Chat or Messaging License. It is essential to review the Chat or Messaging license individually; they support different channels and have individual requirements.
    2. Service Analytics to take advantage of the Einstein Bot Performance Page.
    3. Enabled Lightning Experience
    4. Run the Chat guided setup flow.
    5. If you want your bots to offer Knowledge Articles to customers, then enable Salesforce Knowledge.
    6. Provide an Embedded Chat button for your customers on your community or site.

    As far as availability is concerned, the Einstein bot is there for both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience. On top of that, you get Einstein Bot with Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Edition. Organizations get 25 conversations for each active subscription monthly.

    Salesforce Einstein Bot Features

    Let’s get ahead with the features that come attached with Einstein bots:

    Features of Einstein Chatbot

    1. Transferring of Bot Conversations

    Though, Einstein bots are quite competent in dealing with customer complaints or cases. Still, if it identifies that manual intervention is required to close the conversation, it would pass the conversation to the live agent expert in dealing with such issues.

    2. Trainable Bots for a Better Understanding of Customer Intent

    Built with Natural Language Understanding, bots by Salesforce are smart and coachable. Even when they are handling a wide range of scenarios, if you have any specific approach, train your bots accordingly. This training can be imparted by uploading datasets for your bots and letting them consume the rest of the process.

    3. Well-Managed Response Time

    Teams can customize the time between responses. This gap allows customers to access the bot’s information quickly. In the meantime, a typing indicator will be displayed to your customers and let them know that the bot is waiting for them to understand the information and receive the next command.

    4. Evaluate your Bots

    Through Einstein chatbots’ intelligence, managers can obtain the metrics on the bot’s intent model and the intention of the individual raising the query. This aid in refining the bots’ conversational approach and getting the knack of the issues quickly. 

    5. Conversation Repair

    The bot’s ability to understand customer input can be improved with conversation repair by addressing recognition errors. This feature allows the bot to politely ask customers to re-enter their input with proper formatting, such as correcting a phone number entered incorrectly. The human brain is capable of self-correction to identify and solve problems.

    6. Fewer Cases for Employees

    Chatbots themselves solve most of the problems. But in the situation of any obstacle, it can direct the case to the real employees, who only spend their time on complex issues, not simple ones.

    7. 24/7 Availability

    Where people need some time to rest, chatbots can work 24/7 without any interruptions. Once you set up the program that gives automated answers, customers at any time can get assistance at their own space.

    8. Lead Generation

    Through conversation, chatbots collect personal information and prepare insights on the interests and challenges of the individual they are engaging with. Later this information can be processed when interacting with the same person in the future for lead generation.

    Salesforce Einstein ChatBot Implementation Guide

    Get going with Salesforce Einstein Chatbot Implementation with this step-by-step recipe: 

    salesforce einstein implementation process

    Step 1: Enable Chat

    Einstein Chatbot Implementation Guide - Step 1

    It is important to enable chat in your org. Look for a chat in the Quick Find Box, then go to chat settings to enable the chat option.

    Step 2: Implement Chat and Messaging

    Einstein Chatbot Implementation Guide - Step 2

    To use the bot, it should be connected to a Chat Implementation, a Messaging Channel, or both.

    Step 3: Search Einstein Bot

    Einstein Chatbot Implementation Guide - Step 3

    Now, go to Setup and search Einstein Bots in the Quick Find Box.

    Step 4: Enable Einstein Bot

    Einstein Chatbot Implementation Guide - Step 4

    Enable the Einstein Bots from there. Turn on the Einstein Bot. Accept the terms if you are doing it for the first time.

    Step 5: Create Einstein Bot Setup Page

    Einstein Chatbot Implementation Guide - Step 5

    Click on New on the Einstein Bots Setup page to create a new bot. It will take you to the page where you have to provide general information on the bot, such as its name, a positive welcome message for customers, and the main menu where all the categories of queries are listed.

    Einstein Chatbot Implementation Guide - Step 5b

    Step 6: List Top Inquiries

    Einstein Chatbot Implementation Guide - Step 6

    Enlisting the top inquiries in the main menu is considered a best practice as it helps the customers easily get to the root cause of the problem. Make sure to add an option for “Connect with Live Agent”. This will take the customers in contact with the available live agent and get the required support.

    Step 7: Add Menu Option

    Einstein Chatbot Implementation Guide - Step 7a

    Next, add two main menu options: Order Related Menu and Appointment Related Menu. Click on Create and Finish.

    As soon as your bot gets ready, you will be automatically redirected to Bot Builder Overview Page. Here you will get the following options serving various purposes:

    Einstein Chatbot Implementation Guide - Step 7b

    • Overview: For the creation of a new bot
    • Dialogs: Conversation snippets control the activities of the bot. One can train the system to understand diversified customer inputs using dialog intents.
    • Entities: Consists of different categories of data that a business would want from the customer, such as a boolean, email address, date, date-time, object (standard or custom), number, phone number, and text.
    • Variables: A place to store certain information collected from customers or output from Salesforce. A variable contains information that can be used both as an input, output or as part of a message.
    • Performance: Evaluate your bot’s performance, and analyze the results and data gathered from conversations with customers. With this option, you can also refine all kinds of activities that your bot is involved in.

    Step 8: Activate

    Einstein Chatbot Implementation Guide - Step 8

    Activate your bot by clicking on Activate.

    Step 9: Add a Channel for Your Bot

    Go to Bot Builder on the Overview page. Find the Channels section and click on Add. Connect your bot to your Messaging Implementation by selecting the messaging channel type (for example, text) and then choose the deployment name of the Channel.

    Einstein Chatbot Implementation Guide - Step 9

    This will first connect the visitor or customer with the bot, and if required, the agent will be invited to deal with the raised case.

    You only need to select the Required Agent Online if you always want agents readily available when a bot can’t answer a question or a customer might need assistance. Avoid selecting this option if your working hours are limited and your bot works 24/7.

    Step 10: Add Embedded Chatbot

    Einstein Chatbot Implementation Guide - Step 10

    Add an Embedded Chat Deployment for previewing the bot inside the Bot Builder.

    Step 11: Preview and Test

    Einstein Chatbot Implementation Guide - Step 11a

    To preview your bot, either access the Dialog page on Bot Builder and click on Preview if you’ve created a chat deployment in the previous step or use any of the assigned channels to test it.

    Your Einstein Bot will greet you with a message and provide you with two menu options. If you’ve set up the bot with Embedded Chat, you may encounter a pre-chat form before it sends its initial message.

    Salesforce Einstein ChatBot Benefits

    Following are the benefits that businesses can expect from Salesforce Einstein ChatBots:

    benefits of Salesforce Einstein Chatbot

    1. Improved Customer Experience

    Customers might need your support at any hour of the day. It is crucial to put someone at work, attend to the customer’s queries, and resolve them to any extent. This would sound better when we say Salesforce Einstein ChatBots are available for 24/7 support, resulting in the timely addressing of customers.

    2. Increased Efficiency and Productivity

    Salesforce Einstein’s intelligence decreases the need for human agents by handling routine tasks for addressing customers’ queries. Due to this, agents can prompt their efforts in another complex task.

    3. Personalization

    One of the benefits of using Einstein Chatbots is the function that lets agents track customer interactions and how frequently their preferences change. Chatbots can decide what information customers might be interested in and provide personalized recommendations and support when this information is already available.

    4. Cost Efficient

    These bots eradicate the need for human customer service representatives who have to stay over the call or in the chatroom to deal with every customer query. ChatBots run over Natural Language Understanding technology, perform this task and save labor costs for the companies.

    5. Scalability

    Chatbots can run infinite times, solve customer issues in real-time and deliver relevant content to them; it allows customer support agents to explore more development scope. Businesses can shift those employees to another segment they want to work on.

    6. Data Collection

    Salesforce Einstein Chatbots can help collect data by gathering information from customer interactions, such as questions asked and reported problems. The chatbot can analyze this data using natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to identify patterns and trends. This data can be used to improve the chatbot’s performance and enhance customer service.

    These are some benefits businesses can avail of by deploying Salesforce Einstein ChatBots in customer support and other segments where its presence can change. 

    Now, look into the pricing plans businesses have to select for the Einstein ChatBot.

    einstein chatbot CTA

    Salesforce Einstein ChatBot Pricing

    Reaching customers across various interaction channels, be it mobile messaging, web chat or telephonic conversation is now a piece of cake.

    With Salesforce Digital Engagement Plan, businesses can avail of the features and functionalities of Inbound and Outbound messaging, chats, and ChatBots. All that costs $75 per user per month.

    Amplify your business operations and how your customer support agents interact with all the incoming customers by deploying Salesforce Einstein ChatBot.

    Final Words

    To conclude, it won’t be hard to say that implementing a Salesforce Einstein chatbot can significantly improve the customer experience and streamline business operations. The steps mentioned above are straight from the Salesforce experts guiding organizations.

    This guide provides direction for developing and deploying an effective chatBot solution tailored to business-specific needs. From planning and design to training and testing, each stage of the implementation process requires careful consideration and attention to detail. Taking such a high-responsibility task must ask for the presence of a Salesforce Implementation Partner.

    Cyntexa, being the Salesforce Consulting company, has met different needs of clients from around the world and leveraged their representatives with the power of Salesforce Einstein Bots.

    Incorporate the best ChatBot practices and drive more customer satisfaction with Cyntexa. Our experts would love to discuss your requirements in detail.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Salesforce Einstein Chatbot is a conversational AI technology built on the Salesforce platform that can assist with customer service, sales, and marketing tasks.

    A business can implement Salesforce Einstein Chatbot by working with a Salesforce implementation partner or by following the instructions provided in Salesforce documentation.

    Salesforce Einstein Chatbot can handle many tasks, including answering customer queries, scheduling appointments, guiding customers through purchase processes, and providing personalized recommendations.

    Some benefits of using Salesforce Einstein Chatbot include improved customer experience, increased efficiency and productivity, personalization, cost savings, scalability, and the ability to collect valuable customer data.

    A business can customize its Salesforce Einstein Chatbot to fit its specific needs and branding.

    Yes, Salesforce Einstein Chatbot can integrate with other applications, including customer relationship management (CRM) systems, marketing automation platforms, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

    Training a Salesforce Einstein Chatbot requires some technical expertise, but Salesforce provides tools and resources to help businesses build and train their chatbot.

    For measuring the success of Salesforce Einstein Chatbot implementation, businesses can track it through some metrics like customer satisfaction, the number of queries Chatbot is managing, and response time.

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