Salesforce Einstein - Grow your Business Exponentially

Salesforce Einstein: Grow your Business Exponentially

May 22, 2020 | visibility 77 views


Celebrating its one-year anniversary, Salesforce announced its gift to the marketing world in the form of Einstein. Integrating Artificial Intelligence to improve Customer Relationship Management radically changed the way marketing works for Salesforce aficionados – turning intangible surface data into a tangible metric is all needed to embed Continuous Learning into the CRM model is exactly what Einstein has achieved. 

Having come a long way in 3 years, today Einstein is the gold standard for CRM and can prove stellar results in a short period of time I implemented successfully. Traditionally, the analytical aspects for CRM have been entirely handled by third-party apps, that may or may not show compatibility form the very basics of simple data extraction. However, the introduction of Salesforce Einstein has taken this glorious pain and turned it into a gleaming success story for Salesforce. By making data discovery simple and organic, Einstein can make the most of the beautifully complex AI formula that can bring truth to the forefront. Essentially, taking care of customer-centricity and lead-perspective, Einstein aims to bring a revolution in the hard to achieve CE stats.

What can Salesforce Einstein do?

Einstein brings an invaluable predictive power to sales, marketing and service in the form of AI.

For Sales:

Einstein analyses your top leads and segments the data to failures and closures. Based on the model set, Einstein can suggest, which set of leads the sales team should concentrate on. Slowly the training model expands and the predictions get more and more fine-tuned, till your sales team can confidently approach the right TG at the right time.

  • Lead scoring

Stop serving your leads on an FCFS basis and use your valuable time and resources wisely with Einstein Lead Scoring. Pick top projects to make your sales team drive more quarterly sales.

  • Einstein Opportunity Insights

Explore customer sentiment, competitor involvement, and overall prospect engagement, and make data-backed decisions, with things that have formerly relied on instincts and to a lesser extent, trust within your sales team. 

  • Einstein Activity Capture

Let the sales team concentrate on what they do best, and allow data entry to a back seat. Connect email and calendar to Salesforce, and have all this rote work done automatically.

  • Einstein Account Insights

Track Mergers & Acquisitions activity, company expansion updates and other key business developments including and not limited to finances, all under one console in the Lightning Sales Platform.

For Marketing:

Salesforce has learned from the best of the best high-performing market leaders to take insights on how AI can generate better content for the marketing team:

  • Einstein Social Insights

Purpose-built as a Social Studio for marketing cloud, Einstein helps businesses understand that marketing is not a one-size-fits-all type of deal. From automatic spam detection models, influencer scoring and sentiment analysis embedded into the AI, Social studio can help marketers publish relevant promotional content that allows indulgence in 1-1 conversations, analyzing social data and more. You can use social insights beautifully presented dashboard to do anything from choosing influencers for marketing to learning from negative brand sentiment.

  • Einstein Vision for Social

With all marketing involving some form of pictographs and imagery, it’s no surprise that Salesforce has added ML and image recognition into its Einstein kitty. By unlocking insights based on image context, marketers can easily differentiate between what kind of visuals trend with their followers and what visuals can generate new leads.

  • Einstein CDIM

Einstein Cross-Device Identity Management is the dream insights dashboard for those who want to indulge in cross-promotions and omnichannel marketing. In keeping with the personalization theme for the new decade, Einstein can safely identify individual data across devices and platforms, by studying IP address, location over time, and purchasing habits. Doing the impossible in a safe and legal way, Einstein CDIM is all about getting accurate with individual predictions.

  • Einstein Content Tagging

Einstein can automatically add and update content tags every 24 hours, eliminating the need for manual tagging. 

  • Datorama Einstein Marketing Insights

A powerful combination of automated regression modeling and statistical analysis methods, Einstein Marketing Insights creates optimization to better drive ROI, growth and CX.

  • Einstein Lookalikes

A blessing for setting up drip campaigns with email marketing, Einstein can use first, second and third-party data to better segment your audiences, to drive more personalized campaigns.

  • Einstein Journey Insights

Get an in-depth analysis of customer behavior over time and track all interactions on multiple channels. Journey Insights can be customized to derive data for particular goals and instances such as post-purchase surveys and other automated events.

Say hello to your very own customer service data scientist.


For services:

For all those familiar with eCommerce, the sales funnel ends at the service ladder. Without good service, you can be sure to see negative reviews on public platforms.

  • Einstein Bots

Whether you are a small mom & pop or a large IBFS corp, you need to look into using automated chatbots to drive CE. From checking claim status and collecting information to modifying orders and performing seamless handoffs on SMS, Chat, and Messengers, Einstein Bots ease the burden of immediate responses.

  • Einstein Next Best Action

Combine the power of Einstein Opportunity Insights and Einstein Next Best Action, to understand exactly what you need to do the close deals faster with your top leads.


How does Einstein do it?

Einstein AI is built on a combination of analytical engines that are spread throughout the CRM platform.

  • Machine Learning

Using past data to predict future outcomes, machine learning uses proven statistical techniques to drive more prediction and less guesswork. Einstein Discovery, Einstein Prediction Builder and Einstein Next Best Action are the best examples of ML applied to real-world problems.

  • Natural Language Processing

Another powerful DA subset, NLP is all about identifying linguistic patterns to answer CRM’s deeper questions. NLP is widely studied for improving the DNA and organics of conversation with Einstein Bots. Einstein Language uses sentiment analysis and intent using language to provide insights about surprisingly recurring patterns in customer behavior.

  • Computer Vision

The deeper form of image recognition tools, computer vision tracks patterns in your products and brand. Used in Einstein Vision, this tool is highly important in generating more user-friendly image-rich content.

  • Automatic Speech Recognition

Although still in the open beta testing phase, Einstein Voice was the latest addition to the Einstein toolset. Speech Recognition aims to take the donkey work out of modern salesmanship and give your team the time to do what they love to do best – charming the leads. Speech recognition translates generic speech to text that can be stored and analyzed. 

CTA Consultancy


Given that this is the latest feature, there’s no doubt we should deep dive into Einstein Voice capabilities. The best assistant for every sales guy, Einstein Voice allows users to simply talk to Salesforce and say things like “…update the XX lead opportunity to $500,000” to add/modify/delete data. Apart from capturing notes, Einstein Voice can take commands that show briefings and forecast reviews on the dashboard.

Learn on ‘what Einstein is and how it is a Smart Assistant’


Why is Salesforce Einstein a game-changer for CRM?

To better understand why AI is the undercurrent for Salesforce success, we can draw insights from the double-blind study conducted by Salesforce on 4100 market leaders in sales and marketing.

The study segmented the data they collected and reported 16% of teams as high performing, 15% as underperformers and 69% as moderate performers.

  • High-performance marketers are 9.7 times more likely to be satisfied with omnichannel personalization experiences than underperformers.
  • 59% of high-performers use IoT compared to an average of 44%.
  • High performers are 2.7 times more likely to use AI at 49%. The universal average stands at 31%.
  • 31% of marketing teams across the globe already use voice-assisted personal assistants like Alexa and Siri to drive marketing.
  • 57% of marketers are planning to use AI within 2 years, projecting a 257% 2-year growth.

Coming to Einstein specific insights,

  • Einstein users have reported a 2.35X increase in conversions among top-ranked leads
  • Commerce Cloud Einstein has seen a 9.6% increase in conversion rate and a 15.5% increase in revenue.


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Given that personalization, omnichannel marketing, and headless marketing are the future of eCommerce and more, the usage of AI among the B2B segment is more important than ever. An easy to use platform that makes work more fun, Einstein can help you discover, predict, recommend and automate on the go. 

It should also be noted that AI is already widely in use in Salesforce platforms within several apps. However, Einstein attempts to congregate the causes and provide data-backed decisions for every step in the consumer journey. By unifying the underlying power of data and AI, Salesforce Einstein succeeds in keeping routine work out of the way, so that you and your company are driven to outshine and outperform previous results – just the way Salesforce has been for the past few years now. If there’s one reason to trust Einstein, it’s the Salesforce journey itself.

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