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Salesforce Einstein AI – Grow Your Business Exponentially

January 29, 2024 eye-glyph 78

Table of Contents

    Data. It’s the lifeblood of modern business, flowing through every system, every decision, and every interaction. But amidst the vast ocean of information, navigating to actionable insights can become overwhelming at times.

    What is the smartest way to make it work: AI!

    AI has revolutionized the way we harness data, transforming it from a daunting deluge into a map of opportunity. It allows us to uncover hidden patterns, predict future trends, and personalize customer experiences like never before. This, in turn, fuels smarter sales strategies, enhanced customer satisfaction, and ultimately, explosive business growth.

    Salesforce Einstein Introduction

    But in the bustling world of AI solutions, one name rises above the rest: Salesforce Einstein. This industry-leading AI platform, aptly named for its genius-level capabilities, goes beyond mere data analysis. It delivers 10x the intelligence, empowering you to:

    • Anticipate customer requirements with remarkable precision.
    • Automate repetitive tasks, freeing your team to focus on what matters most.
    • Gain a 360-degree view of your customers.

    Well this is just a piece of cake. To know more how it can help your team to extract full potential of data via AI, stick to the end of the blog.

    What is Salesforce Einstein AI?

    What is Salesforce Einstein AI

    Simply put, Salesforce Einstein is a layer of intelligence added to their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. Leveraging sophisticated machine learning algorithms, it examines data from various sources within the platform, furnishing valuable insights and recommendations.
    Three Main Pillar of Einstein AI

    The pillars of Einstein – Discovery, Prediction, and Automation – make up its core capabilities. Discovery allows businesses to uncover hidden patterns and insights from their data, while prediction enables them to forecast future outcomes accurately. Automation automates routine tasks by applying predictive models to prioritize work effectively.

    Furthermore, what makes Einstein stand out is its ability to seamlessly integrate all Salesforce products like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. This means users can harness its power throughout their entire customer lifecycle journey.

    Salesforce Einstein AI Features

    Hopefully, you must have heard of AI tools like Google, Siri, or Cortana, which are built on machine learning and natural language processing models. Salesforce Einstein also has its power-packed features embedded within the Salesforce platform, each carefully curated to empower businesses across industries.

    Einstein AI Features

    Features of Salesforce Einstein are divided into three major categories:

    • Machine Learning
    • Natural Learning Processing
    • Computer Vision.

    Let’s give it a head start.

    Machine Learning

    • Einstein Analytics:

    More than just pretty graphs and dashboards, Einstein Analytics leverages machine learning to reveal your data’s hidden patterns and trends. Further, it also enables you to predict future outcomes, optimize campaigns, and personalize customer experiences. Imagine instantly identifying customers most likely to churn or products at risk of overstocking – all through the magic of AI.

    • Einstein Prediction Builder:

    With help of Prediction Builder, you can craft your own custom predictive models tailored to your specific business needs. Forecast future outcomes with remarkable accuracy, whether it’s predicting customer churn, sales pipeline growth, or equipment maintenance needs. With this you can proactively deal with any approaching  issues, personalize customer experiences, and allocate resources strategically.

    • Einstein Next-Best-Action:

    Einstein Next Best Action empowers you to curate personalized customer experiences through advanced AI and predictive analytics. This tool analyzes customer behavior, offering optimal actions to broaden engagement and achieve planned outcomes.

    From the customer’s perspective, Einstein Next-best Action shares personalized recommendations for products, services, and outreach strategies tailored to each customer. With the help of this tool, you can replace guesswork with data-driven insights, fortifying customer relationships and enhancing business outcomes. Not only does it optimize your workflows with AI-driven suggestions, but it also can improve your overall customer engagement process.

    It sure doesn’t call for long setup processes. You can dive right in with these pre-built features and best practices to make onboarding a piece of cake. And guess what? You can tweak everything to match your company’s unique style by tailoring recommendations. It’s like having your magic wand for results! Plus, you can seamlessly implement those recommendations with integrated workflows – it’s that easy!

    • Einstein Demand Forecasting:

    Einstein Demand Forecasting utilizes machine learning algorithms to analyze past sales data, market trends, and external factors, predicting future demand for your products or services with remarkable accuracy. This empowers you to enhance inventory management, production planning, and marketing campaigns, ensuring you fulfill customer needs without excess or shortage of stock.

    Natural Language Processing

    • Salesforce Einstein Language

    Salesforce Einstein Language, fueled by natural language processing and deep learning, streamlines workplace efficiency. It accurately interprets conversations, providing speedy responses. Ideal for service reps, it automates email replies and task routing, cutting workloads in half. With simple customization, developers transform it into a 24/7 Einstein Bot, ensuring client care. Beyond customer service, it aids sales by identifying prospects’ interests from email responses and preparing reps for effective selling.

    • Einstein Journey Orchestration

    Einstein Journey Orchestration lets you create these extraordinary customer journeys on different channels like email, social media, and SMS. It’s like having a super-smart assistant that uses NLP to understand how customers tick. You can tailor content and touchpoints to make each interaction super personal. It’s not only about approaching people; it’s about building connections and boosting engagement. Give it a go – you can make it work wonders for your business!

    • Einstein Document Insights

    Remember all those customer reviews and feedback emails? Einstein Document Insights, powered by NLP, extracts critical information from these documents, summarizing opinions, identifying common themes, and even pinpointing areas for improvement. This unlocks invaluable customer insights, helping you refine your products, services, and ultimately experience that customer wants.

    • Einstein Voice Insights:

    Turn every conversation into valuable data. Einstein Voice Insights analyzes recordings of phone calls and meetings using NLP to identify critical keywords, topics, and sentiment. This empowers sales teams and customer service agents to understand customer concerns, improve communication, and identify areas for improvement.

    • Einstein Bots

    These virtual assistants are crafted to help businesses enhance their capacity to promptly and efficiently address customer queries. Using AI capabilities, they can identify specific customer questions and provide appropriate responses. The bots reply to customer inquiries with personalized answers derived from CRM data. This feature reduces response time, enhances the customer experience, and eases the workload on your service and support teams.

    Computer Vision

    • Einstein Vision

    Open your eyes to a world of possibilities. Einstein Vision analyzes images and videos accurately, detecting objects, classifying scenes, and extracting text. This opens up many applications, from automating product quality control to seeing fraudulent image activity.

    • Einstein Visual Search

    Make shopping more intuitive and engaging. It enables customers to search for products through images, ensuring a smooth and personalized shopping journey. Also it boost customer satisfaction, increase sales conversions, and unlock the potential of visual search technology.

    Einstein in Action

    Sales Cloud + Salesforce Einstein

    Sales Cloud Einstein is the hero with unlimited sales perks, simultaneously revolutionizing sales teams’ operations. Its predictive lead scoring model and opportunity insights swiftly identify high-value leads, saving time and effort by prioritizing those with tremendous conversion potential.

    • Personalized Guidance Every Step of the Way

    And guess what? Sales reps get personalized suggestions on engaging customers throughout their journey. Automated tasks let them focus on what matters instead of getting bogged down with manual stuff.

    • Elevating Lead Management with Einstein Lead Scoring

    Accelerate your pipeline development with Einstein Lead Scoring. It takes care of your best leads, automatically prioritizing those most likely to convert based on past deals. It’s like having your assistant for lead management.

    • Insightful Decision-Making with Einstein Opportunity Insights

    Need real-time insights into deals? Einstein Opportunity Insights has got you covered. It helps you understand deal probabilities, what competitors are up to, and even customer sentiments. Making decisions has never been this easy.

    • Optimizing Efficiency with Einstein Activity Capture

    Oh, and if you want to save time, Einstein Activity Capture is your go-to. Link your calendars and emails to Salesforce; all your emails and meetings are in the records. No more wasting time on data entry!

    → Click here to download our free guide to Salesforce Sales Cloud [Download Now].

    Service Cloud + Salesforce Einstein: Delivering Intelligent Customer Service

    In contemporary business success, customer service is pivotal. With Service Cloud Einstein’s advanced capabilities, like conversational AI through Einstein Bots, businesses can offer personalized support at scale. These bots use natural language processing and machine learning to understand the customer’s queries and provide relevant solutions.

    • Einstein Supervisor: Enhanced Management

    Contact center supervisors benefit from real-time insights and AI-powered analytics to boost customer satisfaction and agent productivity. Einstein Supervisor combines operational insights with data discovery, empowering managers with timely information for smarter decision-making. Beyond insights, it predicts customer satisfaction and offers specific recommendations for an improved customer experience.

    • Einstein Case Management: Streamlined Support

    Einstein Case Management automatically escalates and categorizes incoming cases, surfacing relevant information to save agents time and enhance customer experiences. High-priority cases are intelligently routed to the next available agent familiar with the case before answering the call. In a networking device company’s customer service scenario, Einstein Case Management identifies the home networking gateway as the issue, routing the case promptly to the most suitable agent.

    • Intelligent Mobile Service: Field Services Optimization

    Intelligent Mobile Service equips mobile employees with a connected app for exceptional, personalized service on Android and iOS. The app uses advanced algorithms to optimize scheduling and routing, providing real-time access to CRM data with offline capabilities.

    → Click here to download our free guide to Salesforce Service Cloud [Download Now].

    Marketing Cloud Einstein: Personalization at Scale

    When you incorporate Einstein into your email campaigns with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, it crafts customer journeys through every stage, ensuring seamless communication across integrated channels.

    • Predictive Lead Scoring:

    When it comes to engaging leads, Einstein’s got your back. By assessing brand interactions across channels, it targets high-scoring leads for swift transformation and predicts customer needs. You can even build distinct audiences and segments using lead scores in the Journey builder.

    • Einstein Content Selection & Copy Insights:

    Taking email personalization up a notch is Einstein’s specialty. With Content Selection, it recommends relevant images, content, or assets based on subscriber behaviors. Copy Insights, powered by Natural Language Processing, pinpoints words that pack a punch for social media posts or email subject lines.

    • Predictive Audiences:

    Looking to engaging individuals with common interests? Einstein got it. Analyzing individual profiles, it identifies collective user behavior based on interests, demographics, past purchases, or lead quality. This ensures your email communication is audience-oriented, even with a one-size-fits-all approach.

    • Einstein Account-Based Marketing (ABM):

    For B2B markets, Einstein is your go-to for account-based marketing. Train it to recognize key accounts, consolidate data, and speed up issue resolution for enhanced account performance.

    • Social Media Post Tracking:

    Einstein steps up your social listening game. Categorizing and tagging social media posts identifies negative comments for investigation. Thanks to image recognition, it sifts through posts with images or photos for brand mentions. And don’t forget -its training capability for sentiment mapping and custom social media post categorization.

    What’s New In Salesforce’s AI: Next-Generation of Einstein

    Einstein GPT

    Einstein GPT isn’t just hype; it’s fueling real-world results in 2024. Recent Salesforce data reveals a 20% increase in lead conversion rates within the first six months of deployment for companies like travel giant TUI UK who used Einstein GPT to personalize email campaigns.

    1. Sales GPT:
    Sales GPT is your go-to for crafting hyper-personalized emails, sales proposals, and social media pitches. Empower your sales team to resonate with individual prospects, generate high-impact content, optimize lead scoring, and accurately predict customer needs. It’s the key to closing deals faster than ever.

    2. Service GPT:
    Regarding customer support, Service GPT is the powerhouse you need. Assist your team in composing personalized resolutions, drafting knowledge base articles, and providing AI-powered chat support. With Service GPT, resolve issues swiftly and ensure customer satisfaction reaches new heights.

    Einstein Platform 1

    After its introduction in Dreamforce 2023, Einstein Platform 1 merges Data Cloud technologies and AI apps & workflows to spike productivity, minimize operational costs, and deliver an experience that keeps customers connected. Integrate the New Einstein 1 Data Cloud with the Einstein 1 Platform, establishing connections within Salesforce for AI, analytics, and automation.

    Salesforce’s metadata framework acts as a shared language for apps, facilitating data management across the platform. This framework aligns data with Salesforce’s structure, enabling personalized experiences through low-code services like Einstein for AI, Flow for automation, and Lightning for interfaces—eliminating the need for intricate integration code. These customizations are easily accessible across primary applications, eliminating the need for complex integration code.

    Salesforce Copilot & Copilot Studio

    Salesforce introduces Einstein Copilot, an artificial intelligence-based conversational assistant. Positioned to elevate user experiences across Salesforce applications, Copilot facilitates seamless interaction by allowing users to pose natural language questions and receive secure, pertinent answers from the Salesforce Data Cloud.

    Leveraging diverse data sources, Copilot, powered by customer data, enterprise content, telemetry, Slack conversations, and various data types, makes informed decisions. Beyond answering queries, it enables users to draft knowledge articles, suggest action plans post-sales calls, and expedite deal closures.

    Next, we have Salesforce’s Einstein Copilot Studio, which is a user-friendly solution for businesses entering the AI-powered applications realm. Empowering the creation of custom prompts, skills, and AI models, Einstein Copilot Studio streamlines sales closures, optimizes customer service, and converts natural language prompts into code.

    Additionally, it seamlessly integrates into various customer-facing channels, enabling real-time chat on platforms like Slack, WhatsApp, or SMS.

    Read more About World’s First Generative AI for CRM by Salesforce.

    Salesforce Einstein Pricing

    Salesforce Einstein Pricing

    Salesforce Einstein offers a flexible pricing structure to accommodate various needs and budgets. It’s not a one-size-fits-all model; here’s a concise breakdown:

    • Core Features: Basic analytics and automation tools, integral to most Salesforce plans, are accessible to smaller businesses.
    • Advanced Features: For deeper insights and specialized capabilities like Einstein Prediction Builder and Einstein Bots, additional licensing is required. Costs depend on features, usage, and the chosen plan.
    • Customization and Scalability: Larger organizations can opt for custom packages with bespoke pricing, tailored to their unique needs, level of customization, and support requirements.


    Einstein Analytics:Analytics Growth: $140/user/month – Ideal for basic to moderate analytics needs.Analytics Plus: $165/user/month – Advanced analytics with AI-powered insights.
    Einstein Prediction Builder:$75/user/month
    Einstein Next-Best-Action:$50/org/month for 10,000 requests
    Einstein Demand Forecasting:Available in: Professional and Enterprise editions of Salesforce Sales Cloud. Pricing: Starts at $3,000 per month for basic features, with additional costs for advanced capabilities like scenario planning and historical data integration.
    Einstein Bots$35/user/month – Basic chatbot functionality. Additional features incur extra costs.
    Sales Cloud Einstein$50/user/month
    Service Cloud Einstein$50/user/month
    Marketing Cloud Einstein$3,000 per month

    Einstein AI CTA


    Einstein isn’t just a term you find in science books; it’s a super-smart computer system that’s changing the way businesses work. Imagine it like a helpful friend integrated into the Salesforce system, making everything run better.

    So, why stick with old-fashioned ways of handling information when you can make your business smarter with Einstein? Using Einstein means saying goodbye to tedious spreadsheets and moving into a future where things get done faster, decisions are based on smart insights, and customers feel more connected.

    Ready to give Einstein a try? Don’t do it alone – team up with experts like Cyntexa, who know how to make Einstein work just right for your business.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Einstein is Salesforce's AI suite, offering tools for data analysis, prediction, and automation across sales, service, marketing, and commerce. Think of it as your digital co-pilot, analyzing data and suggesting smart actions

    Boost efficiency, optimize workflows, gain deeper insights, and deliver personalized customer experiences. Think faster closing deals, resolving issues quicker, and creating targeted marketing campaigns.

    Einstein Discovery uncovers hidden trends, Prediction Builder forecasts future outcomes, Next-Best-Action recommends optimized actions, and Bots provide 24/7 AI-powered support.

    Salesforce offers comprehensive training resources and user-friendly interfaces to ease adoption. You don't need to be an AI expert to start leveraging Einstein's power.

    Yes, Einstein seamlessly integrates with various Salesforce products like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Commerce Cloud, maximizing its impact on your entire business ecosystem.

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