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Salesforce Engage: A Tool for Uniting Sales and Marketing Efforts

November 28, 2023

Table of Contents

    Have you ever thought how much more efficient your business could be if your sales and marketing teams are properly aligned? According to the Demand Gen Report, strong sales and marketing team alignment can lead to an average revenue growth acceleration of 19% and an increase in profitability by 15%.

    Sales and marketing team alignment can greatly benefit a business. However, it’s surprising to find that only 8% of companies have these teams working closely together.

    What prevents companies from aligning their sales and marketing teams? Common issues include a need for mutual understanding, the use of different systems, and differing objectives.

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    What is Salesforce Engage?

    Salesforce engage: a cloud base pardot addon

    Salesforce Engage (renamed to Sales Emails and Alerts) is a cloud-based add-on of Salesforce Pardot (now referred to as Marketing Cloud Account Engagement). It bridges the gap between the Sales and Marketing teams by making marketing information in Pardot available to the sales team.

    This allows sales and marketing departments to work together to sell smartly. The marketing team can create the marketing-approved content in Engage to share with the sales team. The sales team can use this marketing-approved content and email template to create their campaign rather than creating the content from scratch.

    Imagine yourself as a salesperson. You’re talking to a potential customer who likes one of your products. You want to communicate more details about this product, but this information must match your company’s style and image.

    Salesforce Engage can help with this. It allows you to utilize content (like emails, templates, brochures, and other promotional stuff) that your marketing team has made in Pardot. This content has been approved by marketing, so it’s consistent with your company’s brand. You can use this content to share your lead with the most useful information.

    Components of Salesforce Engage

    Salesforce Engage Pardot consists of four different components;

    usage of components of salesforce engage

    1. Engage Campaigns

    It enables the sales team to launch marketing campaigns directly from the Salesforce CRM using the marketing-approved content.

    It offers the flexibility to send emails to individual receptions (1:1) to 1:many emails to inspire them to convert into sales.

    Engage campaigns help the sales team to guarantee that the right audience receives the right content.

    2. Engage Alerts

    It keeps the salesperson abreast of the activity of the prospects on the content shared with them. Engage Alerts provides a real-time feed of your prospect’s activities such as email openings, website visits, link clicks, and more.

    This real-time feed enables the sales team to take appropriate action in real-time to deliver the right content to the right prospects.

    3. Engage Reports

    This tool helps you understand how well your Engage email campaigns are doing. It tracks how people respond to your campaigns. You can see which campaign did the best by looking at data from last week, month, or any time you choose.

    Engage Reports also help you figure out why a campaign did well or poorly. It uses things like clicks and click-through rates to measure how well a campaign did.

    Engage Reports gives the sales team updates on how their campaigns are doing. The marketing team can see which template is doing the best.

    4. Engage for Gmail and Outlook

    It enables the sales team to send trackable emails to the prospects directly from the Gmail and Outlook inbox. The biggest benefit of this feature is that it keeps track of each email sent, therefore tracking their performance becomes a breeze. The salesperson can use the marketing-approved content directly in the inbox.

    sales emails and alerts

    What are the benefits of Salesforce Engage Pardot?

    1. Improved communication between sales and marketing teams

    Salesforce Engage improves the collaboration between your sales and marketing teams. It allows marketing teams to create marketing-approved content, such as custom email templates, in Pardot. This content can be effortlessly shared with the sales team, guaranteeing that everyone is on the same page with regard to branding and messaging.

    2. Increased efficiency and productivity

    Sales reps can work more productively by leveraging Salesforce Engage. They can effortlessly send marketing-approved, targeted emails to leads and contacts directly from Salesforce. This can send emails to both individual recipients (1:1) and groups (1:many), saving time and effort in outreach.

    3. Better tracking and analysis of email campaigns

    Engage Reports provides real-time insights into the performance of email campaigns. Sales reps can track metrics like open rates and click-through rates, allowing data-driven decision-making and the ability to optimize their email techniques for more beneficial outcomes.

    4. Real-time updates on prospect engagement

    Engage Alerts keeps sales reps informed about prospect interactions in real-time. This means they’ll know when a prospect opens an email or visits the website, allowing for timely and appropriate follow-ups. This feature ensures that salespeople engage with leads at the right moment, improving the probabilities of conversion.

    5. Consistent branding across email campaigns

    Salesforce Engage ensures that all salespersons are using the same marketing-approved email templates. This means that branding remains uniform across all email campaigns, maintaining your company’s vision and message integrity.

    6. Effortless personalization

    Personalization is made effortless with Engage. Salesforce enables sales users to initiate email campaigns directly. By leveraging Pardot’s merge fields with HTML, they can customize their messages effectively. This individual communication can assist in building stronger relationships with leads and customers.

    Salesforce engage consultants

    Salesforce Sales Emails and Alerts pricing

    Salesforce Sales Emails and Alerts previously known as Salesforce Engage cost $50/user/month when billed annually. This edition of Sales Emails and Alerts offers the following features;

    • Marketing-approved emails and sales nurture tracks
    • Engage campaigns reports
    • Emails templates
    • Insights for Gmail and Outlook
    • Real-time alerts
    • Mobile accessibility

    Final take

    Sales and marketing teams are the two pillars of any organization that works towards the common goal of revenue increment. However, misalignment between these two teams can lead to inefficiencies, lost opportunities, and decreased revenue. Salesforce Engage as discussed so far is one of the most powerful tools to ensure that your sales and marketing team are working together.

    Cyntexa, as a Salesforce crest (gold) consulting partner is geared towards helping businesses of all sizes across industries to overcome challenges such as inefficiencies, decreased revenue, meeting evolving customer needs, and more. Cyntexa provides expert advice and support to assist businesses to get the most out of their Salesforce investment. Whether you need help with Salesforce Engage or any other Salesforce product, Cyntexa has the expertise and experience to help you succeed.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Salesforce Engage is offered as an add-on to Salesforce Pardot (Marketing Cloud Account Engagement). It is not a standalone product, therefore it cannot be used without a Pardot license. It is available with Pardot Growth, Plus, Advanced, and Premium editions.

    Salesforce Engage was renamed to Sales Emails and Alerts to highlight its functionality and make it easy for users to understand what it does. This change doesn’t affect the existing functionality of Engage, all features of the product are still available.

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