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How can Salesforce Health Cloud ease situations during Coronavirus?

April 4, 2020 eye-glyph 78

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    When it comes to listing the health cloud platforms Salesforce Health Cloud tops it because of the impact it has made in the years after it was officially announced. The motto behind creating a health cloud was to maintain health records and efficient working of the organization. It promotes Customer Relationship Management.

    Technology developed many fields so it was important to excel in hospitality too and this is what Salesforce health cloud does. It uses technology to store a patient’s health data and give a real-time view of the same. Now, all the records related to a patient can be accessed just by a few clicks.

    What is Health Cloud?

    To put it simply, Health Cloud is a platform that helps in the growth of patient relationships and provides stronger 1-to-1 relationships anywhere and anytime.

    Health cloud allows you to create customized customer profiles and merge data from Electronic Health Registries and various other sources. Its data storage includes patients’ sleep patterns, daily activity track, current medical issues, medications, interaction history, and preferences.

    The cloud makes work faster and smarter. Tasks are organized by priority but then again you can also arrange them the way you want to like their issues or more. It also helps you to interact with many other caregivers and lets you collaborate with them. All the details and messages are confidentially made on Health Cloud.

    How can Salesforce Health Cloud help you?

    The Salesforce Health Cloud consists of data not just from one source but from many so whatever details you need you will find it at one stop. This happens because of the integration feature Salesforce provides you.

    Its main aim is to focus on patients, nurture them and give them a seamless experience for a better living. It reduces the complexities and lets physicians segregate their patients and give them the care they deserve. The burden of organizations has been reduced because of Health Cloud as now they are able to understand their patients better, monitor the results, and give the appropriate treatment. Real-time analysis is the foremost feature that helps in prioritizing the problems and coming up with solutions accordingly.

    It gives the opportunity to the doctors to collaborate with better services and work towards speedy recovery of the patient.  Communication has become easier, task management is giving better results, and relationships with patients have gotten better over period of time. Customer engagement has grown and patients are getting more aware of their health and actively taking part in the interaction. Salesforce Health Cloud also made the patients alert about their health and are following the appointments, educational content, and much more. Additionally, they also have access to support groups with whom they can text, this way their knowledge expands and they build more networks.  This is possible because Salesforce remembers to provide a mobile-friendly platform to the users where they can connect with each other.

    This is the specialty of Salesforce. It is always bent on taking care of the customers and providing them with an effortless experience. It has given them many opportunities to take care of themselves and grow as a person. It gives privacy to the customers and at the same time allows them to engage with many more people.

    Using the Health Cloud platform will enable you to maintain a relationship with your patient, understand them better, effectively division of tasks, and satisfaction of your customers which is the most important. The data will be completely organized and this will make things easier for you and you will be able to work better.

    CTA Consultancy

    Collaborating with others

    When you want to provide a better service it is important to know the complete background of a person and this happens by collaborating with many resources. Salesforce Health Cloud allows you to integrate with other organizations and collect data to better the customer experience. This results in having a complete analysis of the patient which helps the physicians to understand the medical history of their patient and give them the right dose.

    There are five points you need to keep in mind before integrating –

    1. Identify the process that you want to build in Salesforce. The process needs to be created with the help of a diverse team of business teams, clinical owners, and IT specialists.
    2. Collect data as per your needs.
    3. Identify your resources from where data needs to be collected like the pharmacies and laboratories.
    4. Determine whether the data flow will be one way from the source system or two ways between both systems.
    5. Focus on the data that is useful on a real-time basis.
    6. Assign a person who takes care of the integration effectively.

    Integrating with Salesforce Health Cloud

    When you use Health Cloud to collaborate with other firms it develops your customer service and you are able to take care of your patients in a better way.

    There are certain things you need to take care of –

    1. Security – Patients’ privacy must be respected and you need to give them the assurance that their data is safe with you so you need to make arrangements accordingly.
    2. User Interface Integration – This feature allows the user to carry out an operation that involves two applications, this will make their work easier.
    3. Business Logic Integration – This includes ways to create, store and change data. Inbound and outbound logic integration are a part of it.
    4. Data Integration – Apps are written using different software so you need to make sure those codes are supported. Salesforce supports a range of APIs like SOAP, and REST.
    Salesforce Health Cloud

    How can Salesforce Health Cloud help you in Corona Time?

    Salesforce has come up with some great initiatives to help the ones affected by the deadly disease, Corona Virus.

    It has introduced a Response Package that aims to provide free access to technology for emergency response teams, call centers, and care management teams for health systems affected by a coronavirus. 

    Further, it has come up with a solution to provide immediate healthcare services that are constantly working towards the betterment of the current situation for six months at no cost and has given a choice to customers to extend the service if they want to.

    Salesforce Health Cloud also has provided communication solutions by helping organizations to manage large groups of people via text and phone. 

    The next step it has taken is to provide security by delivering encryption, audit trails, and helping organizations in monitoring data to meet internal and external compliance requirements. These services are provided by Salesforce Shield.

    Information can be passed from one person to another through Health Cloud and security is guaranteed for that. This way patients, members, and doctors can communicate and help each other during these duress times. Powered by Salesforce Community Cloud and the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform.

    Safety and testing protocols to be distributed to let people gain knowledge and help them learn at their own pace. Salesforce myTrailhead takes care of this.

    It also came up with Free Data Resource Hub to understand more about Coronavirus and is associated with the World Health Organisation and Johns Hopkins University.

    Quip Starter is now available for free to any salesforce customer or non-profit organization for a limited period of time to provide the teams with a platform and support them to work from home.


    After absorbing so much about the working of Salesforce Health Cloud, here are some of the things you could conclude –

    • The main aim of the Salesforce Health Cloud is to give users a better experience and enhance the physician-patient relationship.
    • It helps in recording health details from all resources by collaborating and integrating with many firms.
    • It gives you real-time analysis to prioritize as per the patient’s needs.
    • It lets users interact with others for their benefit and allow them to keep track of their health.
    • All messages made are confidential so the users have complete privacy.
    • Salesforce Health Cloud has evolved in the healthcare industry and is constantly working towards the provision of a seamless experience to the users.

    Cyntexa is one of the leading Salesforce Consulting Partner to help you with Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation.

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