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Salesforce Inbox (IQ) – Manage your Customer Data

July 2, 2020 eye-glyph 78

Table of Contents

    When Salesforce had firstly introduced Salesforce Inbox, it was a beta version and under construction. It was formerly named as SalesforceIQ for Sales Cloud so it’s a thick probability that you might have come across this name before. 

    When you are running a business, you must be in dire need of the assistance of reliable technical and automated support. But before we delve deeper into the beneficial scenarios of implementing Salesforce Inbox(IQ), we will help you in acquiring an inkling about how the Salesforce Inbox(IQ) works and the reasons why you should choose it. 

    What Is Salesforce Inbox?

    • Salesforce Inbox Is A Highly Dependable Email Client That Is Designed To Be Compatible With Other Platforms. It Provides You With An Environment That Integrates The Leading Email Applications And Provides You With The Information In A Collective Manner. This Uniformed Gathering Of Emails From Other Platforms Is Then Unified And Listed In Your Salesforce Inbox. 

    It saves you a great deal of time since the switching of applications and searching for emails is eliminated. With the help of Salesforce Inbox, the users can effortlessly maintain the logging of sales, replying to emails, and manage the workflow with easiness. The most common activities, even the ones as simple as checking the emails and ticking things off your list, can be looked after with the help of the platform. You can optimize the time of your enterprise and enhance the client management aspects of your business on a great note. 

    Why Should You Consider Using Salesforce Inbox?

    Once you implement the functionalities of Salesforce Inbox, it can indeed work as an efficient source of the customer data you need to improve your business. Having declared as a source, you can consider Salesforce Inbox to be the major component of your business in terms of impeccable communication methods. 

    You should definitely acquire the seamless support of Salesforce Inbox that simplifies the exchange of emails, log into your email accounts from Salesforce Inbox itself and handle the received, sent, and drafted emails. 

    You can also initiate a lead and contact your clients directly from the environment provided to you by Salesforce Inbox. You no longer have to feel worried about missing opportunities since your upcoming, pending, and completed tasks will be displayed to you by the along with the inbox interface.

    Features Of Salesforce Inbox(IQ)

    There are innumerous reasons why you should undoubtedly consider implementing Salesforce Inbox.  Here is a list of the most advantageous features of the platform.

    Features of Salesforce InboxIQ
    1. A Business-Friendly Interface For You To Work With

    When you execute a business task and put your ideas in motion, it is of significant importance that none of your other appointments or plans and hindered consequently. 

    Salesforce Inbox provides you with a business interface that is easy to understand and blend with. You can seamlessly update the status of your ongoing tasks and assign them evenly amongst your teams.  

    2.  A Highly Integrated And Equipped Environment

    When the word integrated is mentioned, it states that the Salesforce Inbox includes the functionalities that are often divided or not available in an integrated manner. It’s a thick probability that you might have previously needed to install the set of applications that are inevitably necessary for the evaluation of the business data.

    You will be delighted to be acknowledged that Salesforce Inbox envelopes each one of this application (i.e. mailboxes, schedulers, task managers, calendars, reminders, and etc.) and outline their functionalities to unite them into a single source of workspace.  

    3. Stay Posted With Your Progressive Timeline

    You might never want to overlook an important document, email or message in haste.  Such inconveniences will always have a bad effect on your timeline. Salesforce Inbox helps you in getting rid of these problems by sending you alerts regularly and notifying you about the enlisted tasks that you are supposed to be looking forward to without failing. 

    Even when the information is divided into groups, the people looking after the assigned tasks will be notified when any sort of modifications are made in the groups of resourceful data that concerns the commercial relationship between you and your clients.

    4. Communication Made Easier With Pre-Defined Templates

    Salesforce Inbox provides you with a great range of pre-written templates that you can use for replying to your clients and saving an amicable amount of time that can be cultivated and given to other important areas of your business.  

    These templates are intelligently designed to fit certain circumstances and building a most agreeable response for whoever it concerns. You no longer need to rewrite the same settings of an email that might not even be relevant if you’re not entirely devoted to looking after its structure. 

    5. Available For Multiple Platforms And Seamlessly Accessible

    Salesforce Inbox is designed to be an essential part of commercial solutions that is fit to run on each device that has access to the web. The platform is highly accessible and lets you take advantage of its beneficial functionalities at any given hour regardless of the device with the help of your credentials. 

    The secured inbox service also notifies you when a person tries to log into your system. If an unauthenticated entity attempts to access your personal information, the access will be denied and you, along with the rightful users, will be notified about the threat. This feature makes Salesforce Inbox one of the safest platforms to work on.  

    Salesforce Inbox Services Offered To You By Cyntexa 

    Salesforce InboxIQ Services offered to you by Cyntexa

    1. Keep Your CRM Data Updated In Time

    The environment of Salesforce Inbox is reliably integrated with that of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform (CRM). It helps you in working with the sets of data that are in sync and promises to complement the growth of your enterprise. 

    2. Consolidate Your Trading With The Salesforce Inbox

    The intelligent structure of Salesforce Inbox allows you to merge your trading functionalities with the inbox and that will assuredly save a huge amount of your efforts. It can also turn out to be a time-efficient manner for approaching your most potential clients. 

    3. Brighter Customer Engagement With Salesforce Inbox

    Leave a great and customer-oriented impression with the assistance of Salesforce Inbox and its indomitable abilities. Your enterprise will be given the option to sell even from the inbox with the implementation of the Salesforce Inbox.

    Notice a significant growth in the rates of customers that are genuinely interested in buying what you have to offer. 

    Pricing For Salesforce Inbox

    You can acquire the Salesforce Inbox services at a reasonable price of $25 per month per user. It covers the reliable integration of your Salesforce Inbox with the leading email service providers including Gmail and Outlook as well. Your business will undoubtedly be astonishingly transformed with the unswerving assistance of Salesforce Inbox. 

    CTA Consultancy


    Salesforce Inbox will help you in creating and maintaining a commercial environment that will assist you in managing your trades. Grab each uplifting and advantageous opportunity to and never miss a chance to improve your enterprise with the seamless services of Salesforce Inbox. 

    Implementing the product and making it an essential part of your company will undoubtedly be a great investment to look forward to. You can reach out to us and acquire the services right away. 


    How Do I Know Whether Salesforce Inbox Supports My Business Environment?

    You can go through either the user manual or the application specifications that have displayed the list of necessities that need to be fulfilled in order to let you install the Salesforce Inbox and its beneficial services. You should definitely look out for the version specification before you acquire the product and attempt to install it.

    What Are The Record Types That I Can Create With The Help Of Salesforce Inbox?

    The record types that you can create with the implementation of Salesforce Inbox are Lead, Contact, Opportunity, and Case. It is also important for you to know that these record types can’t be customized since there are certain parameters that distinguish each one of these from the other. 

    Can I Implement Salesforce Inbox At The Admin Level Of My Office-Suit?

    Yes. You will be delighted to know that the environment of Salesforce Inbox has made provisions for helping you connect it with the leading office suits. You can sync the data from your office suite and further use it in your dependable Salesforce Inbox. 

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