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February 18, 20207 Mins Read


Salesforce lightning is a component-based framework from Salesforce designed to streamline processes for business users with ease, who doesn’t possess programming knowledge.

Lightning comprises the following features, which give an excellent experience to the users.

  • Experience:  gives a graphical user interface (GUI) that is optimized for better momentum to keep up with your pace.
  • Lightning App Builder:  gives drag and drop abilities to simplify app creation and customization.
  • Lightning Component Framework:  comprises tools and extensions that help the development of reusable components and standalone apps and customization of the Salesforce1 Mobile App.
  • AppExchange for Components:  makes over 50 partner components accessible in the App Builder.
  • Design System:  extends style guides and user experience (UX) best practices for app development.
  • Lightning Connect: an integration tool that helps apps to absorb data from an external source that corresponds to the OData specification.

Salesforce Lightning vs Classic

Features incorporated in lightning over Classic

According to the lightning adoption survey of 2017, Salesforce lightning took over Classic by an increasing 41% in productivity. With advanced features in lightning, Salesforce comes as a complete package for an efficient run. 

Let us have a deep look into how lightning took over classic features.

  • Dashboard & Other Visual tools

The dashboards of lightning are visually appealing than the classic ones. Lightning Experience delivers significance for the essentials like dashboards and other visual tools. The advanced features enable building visual components with more flexibility and helps to organize the data in a precise manner. Also, the lightning experience supports layouts that can accommodate more data to meet your business needs.

  • Einstein powered search function

The second significant feature that Lightning contains is that it allows a user to employ the Einstein-powered search function. Gland search components connect to the enterprise index to enable a user to find whatever they wanted as and when needed. This also comes with the ability to search a database to fetch anything the user needs anytime. Thus saves time for the user to go through every single data instore. Typing in a few keywords of the information you want, it brings you entire data on that keyword.

  • Quicker and easier switching between apps

Lightning also provides the users with the ability to switch between apps quicker and easier than they would be able to in Salesforce Classic. The App Launcher sitting at the upper left-hand corner of the screen is by which the users go between the Analytics App, Chatter, the service app and beyond. It even provides a search bar for the users to type in a keyword to find wherever they are looking for. Like the search function on Chatter, this tool also helps cut down the time a user consumes searching for specific information within Salesforce.

How lightning is said to be an upgraded version of Classic?

Lightning Experience is an upgrade of Salesforce Classic in two ways:

  • It is an upgraded look of Classic and,
  • It has evidently upgraded the productivity for the user with the advanced features.

Lightning provides the user with the tools to make their lives comparatively easier. It saves the time it takes to search for data and objects and organizes those objects in easily available spots for the user to utilize whenever needed. Lightning Experience will improve user productivity, and help the users enjoy the features of Salesforce like never before.

Lightning Experience – In detail

Read on to know more about Lightning Experience in detail.

What is Lightning Experience? 

As mentioned in the introduction, Lightning is an open-source framework with a host of new features introduced by Salesforce. While Classic emphasizes on the responsiveness of the desktop or mobile application, Lightning comes up as a new road of potential opportunities for developers. In addition to this, there are three important advantages as, 

  • The GUI interface with the drag and drop features, and reusable components that can effortlessly boost the development process
  • With the ease of use as a plus, developers can better assist automate process and workflows with no need for coding
  • We are provided with the preference to visually design your objects relationship in the data model

Key findings from lightning benefits

According to the Total economic impact study in June 2018, on the lightning users who switched from Classic, the following stands out as the key findings.

  • The new users of lightning witnessed 3% to 25% increase in productivity
  • 50% faster application development with the advanced features of lightning
  • 25% of the time saved for developers building on Lightning as compared to Classic usage
  • Faster time-to-market with application deployment 
  • Improved process efficiency with advanced tools and features

The economic impact created by Salesforce lightning

Now that we have seen how productive lightning is, let us understand the Total economic impact of Salesforce lightning according to Forrester and how it saved millions and millions.

  • It is found that a composite service organization using Lightning Experience achieved a return on investment (ROI) of 475 per cent over three years. 
  • Apart from the productivity boost, the lightning also offers a modern and intuitive user experience, access to artificial intelligence, and a modern framework for building and customizing apps faster than before.
  • With the lightning in deployment, an organization could save more than $2.5 million by reducing aid handling time 
  • By avoiding any tasks related to documentation, an organization could save $1.1 million and
  •  It is reported that increased customer satisfaction by 8.5 per cent is a great plus. 

Lightning Vs Classic

A quick comparison of lightning and classic will get you some deep insights into lightning features. 

  • To start with, the improved experience for end-users is the main attribute of lightning. For instance, the enhanced drag-and-drop functionality that doesn’t require code for development. This requires no developer collaboration to create an interactive UI.
  • With lightning, the end-users are allowed to tweak the application to meet their business needs
  • While Classic reporting depends on standard reporting types to create lists and static charts and graphs, the dashboards of lightning are great for seizing a snapshot of valuable metrics whenever the data is refreshed.
  • Another great tip is the enhanced security the Lightning provides. LockerService is a security feature that isolates Lightning components so they can’t overlap with each other. This enables protection against vicious input.
  • In terms of security and authentication, Users are not allowed to lift up their levels, like from standard to high, while in-session. Rather, they need to log out of Lightning and sign in with authentication that possesses a higher assurance level.


With that said Salesforce has come up with an excellent tool that will help you with improving sales processes and land great levels. Lightning is an exceptional platform every business should consider for remarkable growth in business.

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