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November 25, 20198 Mins Read

Table of Contents:

  1. What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud
    Benefits & Uses
  2. How it helps to transform your business?
    Understanding the need
    Analytics & stats
  3. Features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud:
    Key features
    Understanding the features In-depth
  4. Conclusion

Table of Contents:

  1. What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud
    Benefits & Uses
  2. How it helps to transform your business?
    Understanding the need
    Analytics & stats
  3. Features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud:
    Key features
    Understanding the features In-depth
  4. Conclusion

What is Marketing Cloud?

Formerly known as “Exact Target”, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a software used for automation of Marketing and also for analytics of Customer behavior journey. It is a customer relationship management platform that helps marketers manage all customer-related marketing and campaigns.

This software helps a customer choose the right channel for marketing and help them build the right content based on their target audience.

Let us have a look at the benefits of using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud for a better marketing strategy.

Benefits & Uses of Marketing Cloud:

  • It helps a business target the right audience with personalized email content while scaling and automating your email campaigns.
  • Aligning & creating the platform for the right targeted audience becomes easier.
  • Receiving filtered and targeted prospects data along with the history of your prospects to deliver relative content.
  • Managing marketing relationships & campaigns with ease. Tracking campaigns help you fine-tune your content.
  • With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can segment and create a specified target audience based on your marketing campaigns and that too easily.

In detail, understanding of SFMC can be explained clearly here.

Experiencing customer relationship through various channels like:

  • Mobile Studio

    This helps you reach out to the customers on the go. For successful mobile campaigns, all you can do is design a message as simple as creating an SMS and learning how to do from here.

    Your subscribers will stay updated on the developments of the business transaction and keeps track of the history of your target audience.

  • Email studio

    It helps you build and send personalized email content from newsletters to campaigns. Email studio helps you send product promotional messages, business transaction messages, and sales updates. Understanding it more in detail with the application through Salesforce Video.

  • Social studio

    Helps you organize your social media channels. Handling all your social media business accounts under a roof is now easier. It is a one-stop solution to manage and monitor all your posts in social media accounts. An overview of social studio.

  • Advertising studio

    Salesforce advertising studio helps marketers make digital advertisements in their social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin.

  • Web studio 

    Interactive and personalized web content is critical for attracting customers and with Web Studio this is easier. Web Studio provides you with tools to create dynamic web pages. You can also track your customers with the help of the insights and analytics provided by the Web Studio.

How does Marketing Cloud help you transform your business?

Understanding the need to transform:

  1. Transforming business is a key aspect as you stay ahead in the growing digital era. It helps your prospects identify you among other competitors.
  2. It helps you understand your customer behavior online with the help of AI through the Marketing Cloud. Understanding your customers will help you curate your content for marketing that can reach them with ease.
  3. It develops a digital marketing strategy with the automation of ads that win. Studying your profile data, Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you realize the target audience and gives you a winning content for marketing. 
  4. Helps to focus on nurturing your prospects and conversion to leads with automated marketing campaigns, marketing voice & messaging.
  5. Managing all your customer interactions in one place.
  6. Re-engaging your customer throughout the journey.
  7. You can look into demographic cards & also know your brand advocates.

Stats of Salesforce Marketing Cloud in recent years

A study on the Salesforce’s State of Marketing says that 73% of successful marketers praises Journey Builder, as the journeys of the customer provides better engagement.

Source: Saleswingapp

A Personalized emails give 6 times higher the transaction rate and about 58% of the increase in revenue is contributed by the targeted and segmented email content.

Source: Saleswingapp

Another proof of Amplify generating 50% more leads with the help of Advertising Studio of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 

Source: Saleswingapp


According to the statistics of 2019 by Salesforce, the companies that implemented the marketing cloud witnessed a 43% increase in marketing campaign ROI, a 44% increase in lead volume and 46% faster campaign deployment.

Source: Salesforce

Features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud:

Let us understand some of the key features incorporated in the Marketing Cloud.

Key features:

  • Journey Builder

    Every single step of your customer, right from the first engagement with your brand to the step of purchase is managed by this feature. This feature helps you build a personalized journey with the customer at every point.To cite an example, SMS on offers and deals from your favorite brand is one.

  • Drag-and-drop segmentation

    This feature of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps you segment the target audience based on your marketing campaigns.

  • 1:1 content personalization

    To curate relevant content, it is important to personalize with the customers and this feature of the Marketing Cloud helps that job done. 

  • CRM & Cross Channel integration

    To reach out to more audiences, cross channel marketing is essential and this task is easier in Salesforce marketing. Of the few cross channels, it is reported that Email, Web, and SEO contributes 30%, 22%, and 12% respectively.(Source:

  • Split testing

    This A/B testing helps you find which content of the two test content sent receives a higher click rate and then send them out to the subscribers. This way you will know what your subscribers will want from you.

  • MMS & SMS

    This will help marketing your content and maintain a healthy relationship with your customers by sending prompt updates to them through SMS. Staying connected with your customers is essential. 

  • Filtering of profiles

    This feature helps you get the right target audience for marketing your brand. Filtering helps in creating relevant content based on the needs and expectations of the customers.

  • Capturing insights & leads

    In the field of marketing, studying your marketing techniques is as important as implementing the ideas. Studying the insights and leads will not just help to tune the techniques but also know more about the leads.

  • Customer engagement

    Building a relationship with your customers has never looked easier. This feature helps you do that job.

  • Scaling e-mail campaigns

    Scaling campaigns to understand the reach is another great feature of the Marketing Cloud. Also, helps you fine-tune your content based on the performance.

  • Pre-build themes and templates

    This feature provides a rich digital experience with the out of box designs to match your brand design. Using Content Builder, you can customize the templates based on your needs.

In-depth understanding of Marketing Cloud:

Some more features of Salesforce marketing are listed below for further understanding.

  • Web Tracking actions:

    Web tracking actions lets you understand your customer interaction across all the channels they use like email, social media, mobile or the web.Targeting customers with personalized content with advanced web marketing tools let you collect implicit & explicit data which can be used for products and offers.The creation of branded content for websites and applications can be standardized with ease.

  • Predictive customer behavior:

    Its predictive analytics tool helps you track their preferences and optimize ads across various channels automatically.

  • E-mail marketing campaigns:

    Setting up an e-mail marketing campaign starting from drag & drop with content predictive recommendations, Mobile-friendly and optimized e-mail templates is just a few clicks away. Also, the expertise in creating basic promotional emails to advance campaigns is in reach for every marketer.

  • Aligning your digital platforms:

    Engaging your customers with the right platform at the right time is taken care of by Marketing Cloud and it also ensures a real-time touch with them through SMS/MMS, OTT or pushes notifications after integrating the Mobile messaging to email & social campaigns.

Marketing Cloud Services at Cyntexa

Cyntexa is the one-stop destination for all the Salesforce marketing services and much more. Some of the top services include:

  • Marketing Cloud Implementation

    From the very first step of creating Salesforce Marketing Cloud for your business to building your marketing around Salesforce, Cyntexa helps you with excellent services to grow your business.

  • Marketing Cloud Development

    Our certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud developer will help you with the customized Marketing Cloud based on your business needs. With limited resources of certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud developers in the whole world, our expertise is magnanimous.

  • Marketing Cloud Consulting

    We, at Cyntexa our Marketing Cloud Consultant can help you with their expertise in providing the right measures to realize your business goals. Our experts can help you choose the right tools to convert your business goals to success.


Marketing Cloud is a highly useful software that can help you grow your business efficiently. The features and the amazing results provided by the software are worth experiencing.

We here at Cyntexa are always willing to help you with any of your questions. You can reach out to us or drop us an email. We look forward to helping you.

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