Salesforce Partners With Meta To Build New Messaging Experiences On WhatsApp

September 23, 2022 | visibility 669

The news of the partnership between Salesforce and WhatsApp had been announced by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Meta, and this could be counted as one of the most revolutionary partnerships for other businesses. The collaboration between WhatsApp and Customer 360 of Salesforce would permit businesses to easily communicate with their customers via WhatsApp. This communication would not be limited to simply messaging, but it leads to a process that would permit businesses to send marketing communication if the customers could be added to their next order with a single click. Moreover, promotional messages do not have to be sent in only text form, videos could be sent as well. Recently, Salesforce launched its new platform Genie which would also be an advantage for the brands. Overall, the partnership between WhatsApp and Salesforce would not only deliver a positive and enhanced customer experience but would make the entire process convenient with higher security.

About Salesforce

Salesforce is an organization that designs its own cloud-based software to assist businesses in finding a higher number of prospects, getting more deals, and leaving an exceptional impression on customers. The entire suite of products of Salesforce is known as Customer 360 which unites the team of IT, commerce, marketing, service, and sales with a shared single view of customer information, which helps businesses in growing their relationships with both employees and customers alike.

Essentially, Salesforce helps in making teams work together in a better way within a business. This would lead to a better drive towards success by improving the productivity and communications of their teams. The Salesforce Development Services include making a connection between sales and marketing, sharing a higher amount of information to close better deals, turning service into a significant reason behind the success of the business, etc.

About WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a free application for smartphone users which utilizes the internet to connect people all over the world through messages, audio, images, or video calls. WhatsApp has two variations of its application – one is for everyday use, and another is a business application. WhatsApp business is also a free application that has been built by keeping the focus on small business owners. With WhatsApp Business, a small catalog can be made to showcase the services and products of a business, and it makes connecting with customers simply through tools to quickly sort and automatically respond to the messages sent.

The use of WhatsApp is not limited to sharing audio, video, messaging, and having calls. Through WhatsApp users are also able to share their live location with other WhatsApp users. Over the years, the use of WhatsApp has not only risen, but presently, it has become the primary application for communication in the lives of most individuals across the world.

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All about the Salesforce partnership with WhatsApp

Recently, an excitingly new partnership has been announced by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Meta. This partnership is with Salesforce, where WhatsApp would be integrating with Salesforce Customer 360. This move would permit organizations to both forms a connection with their customers along with streamlining communication through the platform WhatsApp Business API. This collaboration would bring the best among both platforms with the best of the capabilities of the companies with modern, integrated, convenient, and personalized experiences between businesses and individuals across the world. Companies would be able to directly activate their customers through the newly launched product of Salesforce, which is Salesforce Genie. Salesforce Genie is a new platform that is bringing to life the first ever real-time CRM which would deliver a highly personalized, seamless experience across commerce, marketing, sales, and service.

The partnership between WhatsApp and Salesforce would ascertain that companies are able to quickly customize the experience of their customers by connecting in a simple, fast, and personal way to provide support, promote products, and answer queries. This increases satisfaction, interaction, convenience, loyalty, and engagement for both the customers and the brand. With Customer 360, WhatsApp would be able to help businesses in increasing customer engagement and revenue both globally and locally.

How does WhatsApp with Customer 360 support promotional and messaging services?

salesforce 360 platform

a. Create an end-to-end customer journey

Using both Journey Builder and WhatsApp, businesses would be able to manage, create and send connections with their customers while creating a smooth experience. WhatsApp and Salesforce together are not limited to only creating connections, but this will also help brands in promoting their discounts and product offering. Through WhatsApp, the customers would have the advantage of instantaneously adding that product to their next order if they prefer it with a single click. The customers would have the added advantage of receiving a reminder of their upcoming orders through a message on WhatsApp.

b. Personalize marketing-driven interaction

Due to this partnership, businesses would be able to personalize interactions driven by marketing in real-time using customer data brought on from a trustworthy source. The business messaging of WhatsApp leverages its insights in AI from across Salesforce to personalize intelligent promotions, customer engagement, and recommendations at every moment. This would also make it possible for businesses to activate their audiences straight through the platform of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Customer Data which has been powered by the real-time data of Genie, which would target both new audiences and segments with high value with an advertisement on social media platforms to bring customers a unique experience.

c. Make better selling and service conversations with AI and automation

Through both automation and AI, businesses would be able to improve their conversations about selling and services, with the collaboration of both Customer 360 and WhatsApp. Through messaging on WhatsApp, efficiency can be increased by decreasing the wait time for support and this happens because of a combination of personal interactions and simple automation. So far, customers using Salesforce products such as chatbots and automation find an increase in their customer satisfaction of 30% with an over 27% increase in the productivity of the sales representative.

d. Customizable messages make customer conversations more interactive

With any kind of promotion or interaction with customers, if the messages are customized by using customer data, then they not only feel prioritized but also form a positive experience of the brand. In WhatsApp, templates for customizable messages can be used by businesses to showcase their services and products through interactive messages which permit the customers to both purchase and review products with higher convenience. The customizable templates include information about the brand, along with images and videos of the product.

e. Robust privacy and security

WhatsApp is known for placing privacy at the top of its priorities. Between businesses and customers, every message sent using WhatsApp has been protected by a protocol of Signal encryption which secures each message before it even leaves the device. The privacy and security provided by WhatsApp do more than cover the basic end-to-end encryption; it also provides the users with specific solutions concerning the mode of action for every circumstance. In this case, the customers of the businesses would have high control over their privacy and may choose not to receive promotional communications.

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With the collaboration of Salesforce, WhatsApp is enhanced to a whole new level which allows personalized communication and creates a smooth process of engaging the customer while maintaining the necessary privacy and security. This seamless process would improve customer service, and increase sales, and profitability, alongside engaging the customers from anywhere they may be and we will help you to integrate salesforce with WhatsApp. Around the world, organizations have been transforming their way of communication and moving towards WhatsApp for all the extraordinary features made possible by this partnership. Making trust a priority, there has been a need for businesses to have a messaging service that provides the highest amount of privacy and security possible, and this need is met by the collaboration of WhatsApp and Salesforce.

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