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Salesforce Renamed Tableau CRM to CRM Analytics

April 22, 2022

Table of Contents

    What is Tableau CRM in Salesforce?

    In today’s world, we are all witnessing a digital revolution, and also AI is being used across all mediums. Be it machines, or digital connectivity, AI is playing a prominent role and connecting people. Tableau CRM formerly known as Einstein Analytics is a powerful analytics platform for mobile use through which one can easily get customer analytics to your CRM.

    All the data sets from various departments of a company can be accessed and reports or insights can be generated. This will help businesses in better decision making. Tableau CRM now renamed as CRM Analytics is a powerful program that aids your company to explore data sets in real-time.

    Some revolutionary features of Tableau CRM are listed below

    • The team can access the CRM data and execute comprehensions directly in Chatter.
    • One can automatically analyze the huge data sets and generate predictive analysis with the Einstein Discovery feature.
    • Automation of actions through the exploration of data with the help of prebuilt apps.
    • It works efficiently on both Android and iOS platforms.

    Salesforce Renamed “Tableau CRM” to “CRM Analytics”

    Salesforce has launched “CRM Analytics” formerly known as “Tableau CRM” with more powerful AI features on April 12, 2022. Businesses can use CRM Analytics to aggregate, organize, and fuse the consumer data collected across the organization in order to enable and solve customer-facing business issues.  The problems faced will be displayed easily through reporting tools, dashboards, portals, and many other methods.

    A personalized experience is what every customer looks for, and with the new avatar of CRM Analytics, it is made possible. Customer Relationship is of utmost importance to any business, and without any data about them, you can’t proceed further.

    CTA Consultancy

    CRM Analytic Innovation

    Every customer is different and has varied preferences. No matter how hard we try, it’s impossible for us to handle it manually. Salesforce CRM Analytics helps you capture customer expectations through collecting data and AI-powered technology. Touchpoints, Interactions, Transactions, and Services are all major factors to build a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) ecosystem.

    Once this technology is used, businesses will be able to serve the customer in a better way. The Salesforce CRM Analytics application can be used by companies regardless of their sizes. Here are some insights on how CRM Analytics can help you:

    • Store existing and prospective customer details
    • Enhancing the Sales process
    • Generate leads and act on it
    • Devise Marketing Campaigns
    • Personalize the Customer-Centric approach

    The data can be stored in one location and can be accessed by all the departments. That’s the uniqueness of Salesforce CRM Analytics. You wouldn’t have to scour through paperwork or files. Everything is digitized and most important you can access it right at the click of a button. 

    Now let us check how CRM Analytics can be implied:

    CRM Analytics Innovation

    1. CRM Analytics for Slack

    A) App 

    There are varied ways through which one obtain data from Salesforce CRM Analytics through Slack. Once when CRM Analytics is integrated with Slack. This will make data accessible and actionable.

    B) Predictions

    Salesforce CRM Analytics helps in generating valuable insights like risks, profitability, and actionable insights. The predictions from the Salesforce reports can be delivered directly into the Slack workflow with the CRM Analytics.

    2. CRM Analytics for Energy & Utilities Analytics

    This feature in Salesforce CRM Analytics helps in providing crucial data related to the Energy and Utilities Sales process. It glorifies the prospect which is highly likely for the closure of a deal. Providing a quote is also made easier and faster with proper guidance, flexible, and actionable steps. The workflow is made easy as all the data and insights are generated at the click of a button.

    3. CRM Analytics for Public Sector Analytics

    Public Sector implies that the company and its business are huge. Salesforce CRM Analytics helps in generating statistics and user data. This leads to actionable insights across the various departments in the company.

    Using natural language devoid of any codes, one can easily work through the Salesforce CRM Analytics landing page. The “Search Insights” feature allows users to extract data-sets, search for dashboards, and also the relevant groupings. This feature provides valuable information and insights which can be acted upon.

    5. CRM Analytics Industry Intelligence

    This feature helps all the industry verticals be it with Financial Intelligence, Manufacturing Intelligence, Consumer Goods Intelligence, Communications Intelligence. It is a broad feature that lets you know how to act on the data generated. Again Einstein Discovery plays a major role coupled with Business Intelligence and AI (Artificial Intelligence). This helps in creating data sets that will help you focus on every customer and devise operational, tactical, and strategic insights which need attention.


    Salesforce CRM Analytics is the best tool to understand your customer’s needs and wants. It is a platform that unifies all of the data from different sources together. Just at the click of a button from your mobile sets, and kaboom the data is available. This is the power of Salesforce CRM Analytics as it gives you the accurate and required data in real-time.

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