Salesforce Signs Agreement To Acquire Atonit

February 22, 2022 | visibility 595


As part of its endeavor to improve its online marketplace management capability, Salesforce acquired a Brazilian e-commerce technology startup.

Atonit, a developer of business CRM platforms, has reached a formal agreement to be acquired by Salesforce. It is built just on the Salesforce platform, is a marketplace management method that enables companies to create and develop an online marketplace while also providing infrastructure (including such reviews, payments, as well as messaging) to conduct a transaction.

Salesforce hopes to deliver a marketplace solution based on the Salesforce platform that is natively integrated into the Salesforce Commerce Cloud as well as other clouds by leveraging Atonit features.


About Atonit

As described by the company, Atonit is a “simple, quick, and scalable solution for administering Marketplaces.” With complete integration with Salesforce Clouds and compatibility with the most popular e-commerce platforms, businesses can get up and run quickly.

An online marketplace is just an e-commerce website that facilitates the exchange of goods and services between customers and sellers. Atonit Marketplace capabilities comprise functions such as pricing administration, order administration, and shipment administration. On the one hand, online marketplaces are beneficial to customers because they provide a higher degree of transparency in terms of availability, stock levels, and the opportunity to compare prices and read customer evaluations.


About Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud computing service as a software firm that specializes in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and salesforce automation (SFA) (CRM). Salesforce’s services enable organizations to better communicate with their customers, partners, and future customers by utilizing cloud computing technologies. In addition to tracking customer behavior, marketing to customers, and a variety of other services, the program has become the industry standard for customer satisfaction.

In recent years, the software firm has gained a great deal of popularity. Salesforce claims that, even though their applications are numerous, their CRM is primarily focused on assisting companies with customer retention, while keeping their customers happy, seeking out and acquiring new customers, providing companies with insights into their customers, and a variety of other functions.


What does Salesforce Acquiring Atonit Mean?

As a result of Salesforce’s ability to provide a fully functional commerce marketplace, retailers that use the platform will have the chance to raise cart sizes, generate income, and get money through vendor membership subscriptions. Users of Salesforce will also be able to grow into categories more rapidly and without the need for inventory.

Caila Schwartz, senior manager, customer strategy & insights, Salesforce, “detailed the growing digital paradigm to which retailers must adjust in a recent statement on altering trends in holiday sales in the United States, according to the company.”

Individuals’ shopping habits have been shifting for quite some time, with many people opting to buy online rather than in-store for their purchases. This tendency was accelerated even further by the Covid-19 epidemic, and while online growth may moderate slightly as we become used to the “new normal,” customers’ behaviors are likely to remain unchanged eternally, and our expectations as consumers have risen as a result of this development.

As customers, we now expect to be allowed to purchase anything we desire online, and we expect these purchases to be easy and rapid. For companies, it’s now simpler than ever to lose consumer loyalty since online retail provides customers with considerably more options. As a result, your online marketplace is extremely important.

Marketplace features are becoming increasingly important for major commerce systems, as customers’ demand for additional purchase alternatives and greater flexibility continues to increase in recent years. Salesforce would be able to offer a marketplace solution based on the Salesforce platform and connected natively to Commerce Cloud as well as other clouds as a result of the acquisition of Atonit. 

Salesforce users will have the potential to drive revenue growth by boosting cart sizes, collecting commissions, and getting membership subscription fees from vendors through the use of a Commerce Marketplace. Customers may also grow into other categories rapidly and with no risk, as there is no need to stock goods.



A major subject in the retail business right now is marketplaces, with 57 percent of U.S. customers stating that they will exclusively or frequently purchase on marketplaces in both 2020 and 2021, as per data by Mirakl Inc. With Atonit’s extendable SAAS Marketplace Solution, which is completely linked with Salesforce clouds, you can achieve centralized information management.

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