12 Highlights of Salesforce Summer’22 Release That You Can’t Miss

May 22, 2022 | visibility 1230

Salesforce is the best option for a CRM cloud in the market, but consistently being the best isn’t that easy. It requires a consistent effort of innovation, development, and steps to align with the correct market trends. Be it acquiring organizations with niche tools that can be integrated with Salesforce; or devising new automation tools for businesses, Salesforce CRM cloud has always taken a step to be apart from others and deliver the best.

Since Salesforce is all about enhancements and new technologies being added, it is obvious that it constantly updates its services so that the customers can leverage the benefits and align with them. Salesforce has come up with Summer Release’22 so let’s learn about it.

Salesforce Summer’22 Release Highlights

From the 6th and 7th of May, the existing and new sandboxes have witnessed new additions, updated according to the latest release. So by now, your organization’s sandboxes must have viewed the changes, but there are a lot of changes to be registered by an individual at once. So let’s go through the features, upgrades and enhancements we have received in this release for better functioning and ease

12 Salesforce Summer Release Highlights

1. Address fields customized for you!

Yes, Salesforce decided to create custom address fields like standard address fields. This enhancement is in the beta phase and is planned with expectations of improved address data accuracy and users’ experience.

2. No more scheduling and appointment confusion

We often get stuck with why some service appointments are not happening or what can be done by users and candidates to get more time for appointments. Now all of that confusion is at rest since Scheduling recommendations and appointment insights are to the rescue, providing you with reasons and solutions for your confusion. This feature is in preview mode.

3.  Ease data extraction with OCR

We all know how much of a painful task it is to extract data from the physical form of data like insurance and mortgage papers, official documents etc.; but not any more as Einstein’s OCCR model allows us to do extraction superfast by analyzing the layout of the document and content by scanning over the image of the document and accordingly obtain structured data. This feature is in beta mode.

4.  No more excess information or changes

It is tiresome to receive a huge pile of changed events even if the user isn’t dealing with them but not anymore. Users can now use a filter over channel members to segregate specified fields and change events they want to receive.

5.  Amazon integrations are now easier

Using the new Salesforce Connect adapter for Amazon Athena, we can now natively integrate the AWS information that we require with Salesforce; this will allow us to analyze structured data in diverse ways and leverage the faster querying results even on large datasets.

6. Recipes are now in Salesforce as well

The recipe word isn’t restricted just to the kitchen now, as Salesforce has devised recipes to deal with data and data flow. Dataflows can now be turned into recipes with one click. The “Convert to Recipe” button allows data flow conversion without affecting the existing dataflows and allows us to work on recipes with data features like joins, sentiment detection and many more.

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7. Staged data features make work easier

Dealing with lots of data over CRM Analytics is a tedious task. Still, with staged data now, we can reduce the processing time by a good extent as the staged data resulting from precursor recipes can be used further by subsequent recipes as input nodes. So now it merges once, gets the staged data and uses it in all the other recipes users wish to work on. This feature is a beta feature, and customers can try it at its sole discretion, which is applied only to CRM Analytics in Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

8. Solving cases is now simpler

Well, no more hitting head on cases as with this Summer Release, we have Einstein Search Answers which will deliver answers right to users about cases and that too now with enhanced accuracy. Just drop in the word over the global search bar.

9. Remove the inactive

We often crowd up our list of picklist values to work with by having both active and inactive values in the same place, as deleting them one by one is a boring task. We can bulk delete inactive picklist values from the Picklist Settings using the “Delete Unused Values” option. This option is available only for custom picklists with predefined values, and currently, this feature is in the beta phase.

10. Permission sets are now expired

We often assign permission sets and forget to change them for the user. Maybe the requirement is temporary access, so we do manual sharing, but manual sharing for many profiles is tedious. But now, permission sets come with an option of the expiry date so that permission sets can be assigned even for temporary scenarios.

11. Updating existing schemas is possible

Earlier, developers couldn’t edit or update a schema over a flow. Still, with the recent release features, developers can update registered schemas as any incompatible schema version will throw a notification through the workflow. Thus, that can be removed before activating the updated work.

12. Enhancement with Slack

With this Summer Release, developers can now send screen slows to Slack using an invocable action. The flow can be achieved by sending a message to Slack with a button for the user to click and launch.

Final Thoughts

Considering the highlights mentioned earlier and the Salesforce Summer Release 2022 notes, we can say that there have been a lot of enhancements and new additions to the Salesforce Ecosystem in every sphere, be it Admin, Business and Automation or Development. Certainly, many enhancements are life-saving for the user-targeted. Overall, we can say that the Summer Release has given everyone a lot of features to use, playground with and explore their utilization.

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