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The All New Salesforce Partner Navigator Program

July 7, 2021 eye-glyph 78

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    Salesforce regularly upgrades its product features to deliver a better experience to its customers and partners. Following this healthy business practice, the company launched the Salesforce Partner Navigator Program in 2020 to further enhance its Consulting Partner Program. The model is specially architected and designed to act as a trustable source for evaluating the overall knowledge and expertise level of a Salesforce Partner which will allow end clients to make an informed decision and hire the most relevant partner matching their specific needs, industry, and business.

    What is this Navigator?

    The advanced Salesforce Partner Navigator Program helps the clients to choose the most ideal Salesforce Implementation Partners with relevant capabilities and experience. It comprises multiple levels of expertise represented by a simple Scorecard. Along with emphasizing the key details like industries, products, services, and specialization of the partners the Navigator Model also highlights the expertise level of each partner. Such comprehensive details allow the users to take informed decisions and hire the salesforce partner who best matches their criteria.

    Why Choose the Navigator Model?

    There are many reasons to choose the Navigator model. Here are a few of them:

    reasons to choose the navigator model

    1. Building Trust

    With the Salesforce Partner Navigator Program, the consulting partners can use solid metrics like expertise, customer success, product knowledge, and customer success to establish and exhibit their authority. One thing worth mentioning is that the industry expertise of partners is validated by real customers to maintain integrity. The expertise levels are determined by multiple criteria points like products, services, industry, etc.

    reasons to choose the navigator model

    2. Helping Clients to Take the Informed Decision

    The Navigator distinction levels act as a trustable market rating for the partners to exhibit their skills, experience, and expertise. At the same time, it also allows the end clients to take the right decision by carefully checking the scoring of key criteria.

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    3. Key Details Supported by Specific Points

    Navigator is a Trailblazer Score component for reliable measurement of expertise based on different metrics like Quality, Knowledge, and Experience. Depending upon their customer success expertise the staff can get up to 250 points. It is equivalent to 25% of the entire scorecard.

    4. Titles Representing the Achievement Details

    The partners can achieve distinctions in 3 different expertise levels namely Expert Level. It brings more clarity and distinguishes the expert partners from others. It not only multiplies the opportunities for the partners but also helps the clients to make the accurate comparison between different partners to make the right choice. There are 3 distinctions available:

    Titles Representing the Achievement Details
    1. Expert Level:  Expert level distinction is the highest recognition level among all. It is granted to partners with distinguished knowledge, rich experience, and thought leadership capabilities. These partners can successfully tackle extremely complex and huge problems and deliver an excellent customer experience regardless of the complexity of the issue.   
    2.  Level II Specialist:  It is granted to the partners with the commendable capacity to successfully deliver the project without compromising superior customer success standards at any phase.
    3. Level I Specialist: The partner with a demonstrated history of maintaining customer success consistency using their extensive knowledge and distinct capabilities is granted the Level 1 specialist.

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    Weekly Performance Reports to Measure and Manage the Progress

    The metal tiers were retired in August 2020 and it eliminated several cloud expertise specializations like Lightning Deployment of Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud. More recently Salesforce has started sending weekly reports for understanding how far you have progressed to the new navigator system and identifying the key gaps and strengths.

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    Salesforce Partner Navigator Model is a sophisticated model to measure the capabilities of any Salesforce Partner before hiring them. It has clearly defined levels and a scorecard representing the overall capabilities of a Salesforce Partner. It allows the Salesforce Partners to understand their progress level and exhibit their competency through a genuine report. At the same time, it also makes it easier for the clients to understand how best a Salesforce Partner matches their specific demands so that they can hire the most relevant partner without any guesswork. 

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