The Significance of Salesforce Commerce Cloud and its Features

June 22, 2020 | visibility 532

Understanding the Importance of Commerce Cloud

Talking on the terms of interaction that concerns Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B), Commerce Cloud is pronounced to be amongst the leading commerce solutions of today’s time. There are many certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud Implementation Partners that provides various features and noteworthy applications of Commerce Cloud that have been benefitting the commercial sectors ever since they were put in action.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is amongst the most preferred platforms for e-commerce solutions. It creates a shared environment that can be used by multiple independent entities (i.e. numerous enterprises and aspiring businesses) after integration to take advantage of the features that we will further discuss in the information below. The property of ‘Multitenancy’ makes Commerce Cloud a multi-tenant platform for companies to blossom.

What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

  Commerce Cloud Is A Highly Dependable And Renowned B2C And B2B Commerce Solution That Is Used By The Leading Enterprises Of The World. It Empowers The Growth Of The Business By Giving The Companies Both The Authority And Power To Take Complete Control Of Its Commercial Factors.

Commerce Cloud ensures that the companies are provided by an atmosphere that satisfies their commercial necessities.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud strengthens the buying experience for customers with the assistance of powerful communication tools including mobile devices, social media platforms, websites, and various online stores. It builds a gripping and reliable buying experience for the users that is widely appreciated for its precision reliability.

Features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

After having implemented the features of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can reap its benefits and take advantage of the consequences that are favorable to the growth of your company. We provide you with the most ultimate Salesforce Commerce Cloud solutions that ensure the expansion of your business and take it to a greater height.

Here Are The Most Advantageous Features Of Commerce Cloud That We Put Forward For The Advancement Of Your Business:

1. Coherent B2B Setup

Be benefitted by our ultimate Business-to-Business commerce setup that will assist you in the making of e-commerce storefronts that are relevantly designed to meet your business necessities. The e-commerce storefronts will be of great importance to your enterprise while making massive purchases from various businesses that are enlisted online.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud will help you in simplifying numerous operations such as extremely complex calculations that concern the evaluation of tax, conversion of taxes, and so on. Commerce Cloud helps you automate these features and making the business a friendlier environment for you.

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2. Steadfast B2C Setup

You can seamlessly manage and improve the customer experience for your clients by providing them with a safer, swifter, and interactive set of means for trading. The financial transactions that take place through the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) channels can be effectively verified, handled, looked after, and accounted for by both of the ends.

B2C commerce has proven to be of great assistance when it comes to uplifting Merchandising and Marketing, Multi-Site Management, and Localization and Commerce Storefront as well. Once the clients reach out to you, it’s a thick possibility that they would require to communicate with you on a frequent note.

To satisfy their basic necessity to interact with the brands and their sellers, our Salesforce Commerce Cloud solutions will ensure that the needed provisions are made and your clients have a seamless interaction with you whenever the need arises.

3. Productive Einstein Setup

There are numberless benefits of acquiring Salesforce Einstein Setup for your enterprise. The Einstein Setup will assist you in understanding the necessities of your clients more deliberately. You can quite simply predict the behavior of your clients and their requirements after setting the Einstein functionalities up.

The products that your customers are recommended with can be made highly relevant and relatable to their interests. The products sorted in the search results of your clients can be enlisted in an irresistibly profitable manner with the help of Einstein Predictive Sort by SFCC.

It can also enhance the customer experience by helping them explore your products. Their search procedures will be regulated by Einstein Search Dictionaries and Commerce Insights. These features will build a more user-friendly environment for your clients.

4. Superior Order Management

A successful business is rich with the principle of efficient order management tactics. The Order Management mechanism provided to you by Salesforce Commerce Cloud encircles the necessity of the enterprises to look after its consumers, accounts of returns and exchanges, offered products, orders, and promotions across the platforms that are used for the commercial outreach.   

This platform helps you manage your trading by the requirements of your customers accurately. Some of the highly appreciable features of Order Management are Enterprise Inventory, Distributed Order Management, Store Fulfillment, Customer Service, and Complete Order Data. Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows you to perform even the most complex cross-channel transactions with easiness and reliability.

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5. ChatBot Integration For Instant Interaction

The enterprises are often approached by users that need to interact with them on an urgent note. The lack of communication options can hinder your reputation as a company. To overcome this challenge, Einstein ChatBot can assist you in receiving the queries of your customers and help you prioritize them while attending to each one of the questions and answering them with a satisfying solution.

Strengthen your support services with the assistance of Einstein ChatBot and make trading a successful experience for your consumers. It will also make your commercial application enriched with responsive conduct of interaction. 

6. Customized Ecommerce Solutions For You

We understand the necessity of owning an e-commerce solution that is solely designed to fit the purpose of your business. Each enterprise has its own set of necessities and inevitable challenges.

Our Customizable Salesforce Commerce Cloud services will come up with the most relevant solutions that complement the growth of your company and boost your sales.

7. Essential Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration

We can help you in integrating the Salesforce Commerce Cloud solution of your business with other leading Salesforce Clouds including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud as well.

It will strengthen and sophisticate your business by helping you understand the perspectives of its trading effectively. These Clouds will help your enterprise prosper and accomplish your business goals.

Along with these indomitable features, given below are the generalized benefits of acquiring the Commerce Cloud services that are enriched with beneficial features.


Benefits of Implementing Salesforce Commerce Cloud

1. Rapid Execution

With the advancing tools and technologies of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the launching of websites and execution of profitable promotions is made way easier and swifter to implement. We will look after the necessity of the commercial factors of your enterprise with an assortment of tactics and strategically contrivances. We will help you figure out the strategy that benefits your business the most and put that agreement into effect at the earliest convenience.

2. Seamless User Interface

The mechanisms of SFCC may seem quite complicated since it involves many confusing aspects, but you would be relieved to know that it provides a great user interface that is quite simple to understand. It encapsulates the information that is unnecessary for a common user with no prior technical knowledge that concerns the working mechanism of the Commerce Cloud.

3. Abbreviate The IT Support

The infrastructure of Salesforce Commerce Cloud is often misunderstood by the overstated involvement of IT support. The readability and simplicity of the platform help you to reduce the IT involvement and bring it down to a necessary notch that’s genuinely necessary. It can also turn out to be a quite cost-efficient measure if you’re looking forward to being involved in the business for a longer run. 

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4. Consistently Innovative Approach

Commerce Cloud assists you in getting rid of the most commonly faced problems that show up in the earliest phases of a newly found business.  You can overcome those challenges with easiness with our professional Commerce Cloud solutions that are solely designed following your business and its necessities.

5. Widely Spread Communal Support

Each enterprise that has implemented the applications of SFCC is aware of its reliability and has therefore continued to use it. Ever since the platform was first introduced, the number of members joining the community has turned out to be phenomenal. We are eager to have you know that being a part of our Commerce Cloud community will expose you to a wider base of clients and support enterprises. The advantages of belonging to the community are unending and seamlessly fruitful.

6. Trustworthy Shared Revenue Model

The behavior of your partners can be pronounced to be supportive since they look forward to seeing your enterprise grow and prosper along with their own. Our Optimization & Growth teams will help you in building a dependable strategy that will stand the test of time and competition alike.



Get benefitted by the ultimate B2C and B2B commerce solutions with the help of Commerce Cloud and take your business to a comparatively greater height with its consistent support. Cyntexa is a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Implementation Partner in USA that can help you in creating, exploring new ways of business growth.

Reach out to us and acquire our benefits by contacting us for more information.

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