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June 8, 20217 Mins Read
Tips to make your AppExchange Listing
Tips to make your AppExchange Listing

What is Salesforce AppExchange?

Salesforce AppExchange is a marketplace for applications that are created on top of’s cloud computing platform with the help of which, the end-users can easily access and install Salesforce Appexchange apps. Its functionality is quite similar to Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store.

AppExchange provides a mixture of free as well as paid applications that are further organized into collections, categories along with industry solutions that enclose a variety of fields, while also involving small business, manufacturing education, customer service, and real estate. This marketplace was launched by in the year 2005 and the Salesforce AppExchange website eventually became the first public directory of its kind. Moreover, Salesforce Application Development Services enable organizations to build and manage customized applications that are built upon the world’s best CRM Software, that is, Salesforce.

There are over 3,000 Salesforce AppExchange Apps and components which while extending the Salesforce’s reach as well as functionality and also making the marketplace, Salesforce AppExchange, the world’s largest business applications marketplace. 

Along with many other specific applications working towards the fulfillment of customer’s requirements, there are Salesforce AppExchange apps that are made for particular industries, like financial services, communications, government, non-profit organizations, and manufacturing.

Who can Use Salesforce AppExchange?

For using the Salesforce AppExchange apps, anyone would be able to browse and test drive the Applications through their AppExchange listings. The admins as well as users of Salesforce, who have the permission of downloading the AppExchange Packages in their Salesforce org, would be able to install AppExchange applications easily. To create or publish a specific listing over AppExchange, a user must have permission to access the Publishing  Tab on Partner Community.

Salesforce AppExchange Development Company ensures that the users, as well as admins, can access the Salesforce AppExchange Applications easily and could also install the applications that they require to be added in their Salesforce org to fulfill their business needs.

How Does AppExchange Work?

With the help of Salesforce AppExchange Development Services, Salesforce partners get a place at AppExchange marketplace wherein they can create and further publish extensions to Salesforce. Moreover, AppExchange is considered as the rightful place for Salesforce admins to further make a choice and install those solutions that would fit their organization’s needs. 

The following points would best briefly describe the working of AppExchange:

  • Create: A Salesforce partner first begins the process by creating a unique solution that aims to ensure the improvement of a business process. For example, providing integration of Salesforce with any Third-party application to extend the capabilities of Salesforce like ChargeOn which integrates Stripe with Salesforce or the solution can be built entirely on Salesforce to solve the problems of a particular industry such as Easy Incentivizer which provides sales commission calculation solution to manage the compensations. 

Then, after the solution is built, the partners start sharing their personalizations with the other Salesforce users as a ‘managed packaged’ over Salesforce AppExchange which could be installed by other users in their Salesforce org. The solution could be built in the form of an application, a Flow solution, a Bolt solution, Lightning data, or even a component. Also, there are several factors that can affect the pricing of developing and listing on AppExchange. To check these factors you can read our blog on How much would it cost and list and AppExchange App

  • Publish: The Salesforce partner then ensures the registration, packaging, and publishing of their solution on the AppExchange marketplace. They are given an option to also create a demo of the major functionalities that would be further included in their solution. These solutions will be showcased for viewing purposes to others before installation is done and this is also inclusive of a trial version. Moreover, there are 2 publishing options available, that is, a free app or paid app. 

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  • Install: The Salesforce customers browse through the solutions that are published on the AppExchange marketplace and start choosing which solution would be beneficial to install in their organizations. The installation of a published AppExchange solution is very safe and simple. 

6 Tips To Make Your AppExchange Listing Effective:

To ensure that one’s Salesforce AppExchange App stands out in the marketplace’s listing, one needs to follow the following tips:

6 Tips to make AppExchange Listing Effective

1. Putting Yourself in the Customer’s Shoe: 

The Salesforce AppExchange has about 5000 listings on its platform. The customers that come to find out solutions to their issues would come in a hurry to the marketplace. One needs to ensure that especially those specific customers would be engaged enough to read one’s listing, for which they would stop for a moment in their searches and will eventually be excited to buy the same. 


2. Writing a Good Copy: 

A good description or copy needs to be quite simple but at the same time, it has to be concise as well as be clear. Specify the problem/problems that one’s app would be able to solve or write about a specific service listing that will provide the information related to the unique abilities that the solution will be able to provide with the help of the specified apps.

Also, one can make use of the following expert writing tips, which include-

  • Writing in short sentences
  • Usage of bullet points
  • Ensuring that proper grammar is used for the same.

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3. Highlighting the Key Benefits: 

The main motive that App developers hold is to try their best to sell the technology that they have developed. And, the customers would always care about the benefits that they would receive from the same. This is the reason why one is required to highlight the key benefits that the customer would desire while discussing the technology as well in the listing. For example, you can also check the listing of application ChargeOn on the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace, wherein we have highlighted our key benefits in a more precise way.  ChargeOn is a 100% native app on Salesforce which uses the world-class secure API from Stripe for payment processing.

4. Showing, not Only Telling: 

As discussed above, the text description is very important in any listing. But the screenshots, videos, and demos are also equally important. The visuals of the technology would make it more engaging as well as interesting for the customer. Furthermore, this would help the audience in a better understanding of the specific product. Ensure that one is using ‘zoom’ and ‘annotation’ tools to highlight the key features in their videos as well as screenshots of the app.

5. Optimizing the Listing for AppExchange Search: 

In every online marketplace, ‘Search’ has been one of the most common ways customers find their solutions. The same is the case with Salesforce AppExchange. The relevance of Keywords, the number of clicks on a specific listing, as well as engagement with the same, further play a significant role in the place wherein one’s listing would make an appearance when it comes to the search results. For the same, ensure that there is the usage of relevant keywords along with their alternatives in one’s description. For example, one can include the keywords like a poll, survey, and feedback, etc., if one’s app helps in administering surveys, which would help in optimization of the discoverability of the app.

6. Monitor Listing Performance: 

Salesforce AppExchange provides the analytics for both the Marketplace as well as Salesforce AppExchange App. This Marketplace Analytics would ensure to provide one with insights over how the customers can discover and engage with the listing. On the other hand, AppExchange App Analytics would give the data on how the customers can interact with one’s app. One can further use this data to check the performance of the listing done so far and ensure that it is being revised periodically, as per the insights’ trends.


If you have already built a great Salesforce app or a plugin, connector, or aiming at providing Salesforce Consulting Services, then an AppExchange listing is the right place to help you gain more business. Salesforce AppExchange is the marketplace for all the app developers as well as service consultants and aims to provide them with high visibility. 

But the success of the Salesforce AppExchange platform relies heavily upon your listing and one needs to nail it effectively and efficiently.

If you are also keen to learn more about the Salesforce AppExchange Development Services and know more tips like these to stand out from other apps, you can contact us at Cyntexa. We are the best Salesforce AppExchange Partner. 

We can further help you to create and distribute your own independent Salesforce AppExchange apps on this one of its kind AppExchange Marketplace by rapidly utilizing Powerful APIs, extraordinary mobile-ready tools along with Lightning Components and Lightning Web Components. Our expert consultants would ensure to help you out at every stage of your new AppExchange journey. 

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