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October 19, 2021
Top Benefits of Commerce Cloud for eCommerce Businesses
Top Benefits of Commerce Cloud for eCommerce Businesses


The Internet has become a highly important platform to search and shop the products worldwide. It has encouraged many conventional brick-and-mortar businesses to go online which has increased the competition as well. To gain a distinguished reputation, increase sales opportunities, one needs the businesses to deliver a dynamic experience to the worldwide digital shoppers. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is specially created to help businesses achieve this objective with minimum friction and enjoy maximum success in the digital world.

Salesforce commerce cloud lowers down the barriers by compressing the need of utilizing disparate tools for analytical, tracking, scaling, and management tasks. It has unified all the required functionalities and capabilities into a single platform without compromising on the performance capabilities. It allows businesses to streamline the workflow while adding more efficiency to monitoring and management. Besides the worldwide array of highly qualified Salesforce Commerce Cloud Partners also help businesses utilize this excellent product to its fullest potential. 

What Does Salesforce Commerce Cloud Do?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables businesses to make their customer experience smarter and more interactive across a wide range of platforms like stores, mobile, and web to enhance the customer journey and build a loyal community.

Commerce Cloud is equipped with sophisticated features to efficiently and quickly connect with current and potential clients throughout their sales journey to constantly refine and personalize their experience. For a more customized experience, one can always hire Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consultants to understand the right usage of this platform for achieving optimum results.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is shipped with Salesforce Einstein AI, a high-end predictive intelligence system that enables business ideas to recognize customer behavior and shopping journeys to fetch the most accurate insights to the businesses. These actionable insights allow them to fully personalize the shopping experience for individual customers to enjoy a competitive edge in the market. Moreover, predictive intelligence helps them gather information about the unrecognized market potential that they can strategically turn into an opportunity to gain the first-mover advantage.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2B & B2C

 Recognizing the different needs for a business to business and business to consumer enterprises, Salesforce offers two distinct solutions for each of them. These solutions are called Salesforce B2B Commerce and Salesforce B2C Commerce respectively.

B2B Commerce Cloud for eCommerce Industry

The B2C Commerce Cloud has the capability to provide quite an ease of use which would help in facilitating and promoting special occasion sales so as to increase the revenue potential. Also, it provides the features that will help in managing different sites from just a single location. Many retailers have multiple websites that are present with different targeted locations like the UK, France, and Estonia. With the wide-ranging locale support, the commerce cloud lets the user efficiently manage different sites and that too from a single interface without facing any difficulties with the configuration technicalities. 

B2C commerce platform comes with extensive capabilities for different digital platforms for customer interaction like emails, social media sites, and apps to facilitate an effortless 24X7 omnichannel customer.

By enabling you to connect entire CRM/commerce data on a centralized location the Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps B2C users to get 360-degree customer insights. 

 Advanced search, logical categorizations, automated campaigns, market/customer predictions, and immediate inventory refilling features are some other features of the B2C Commerce Cloud.

B2B Commerce Cloud for eCommerce Industry


In order to strengthen the security, Salesforce B2B cloud aims to offer a fully secured site authentication. It facilitates massive shopping carts that have the capacity of collecting hundreds of thousands of merchandise, without bearing any technical issues, including bulk ordering. This is exactly how Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud works.

Quick refilling is another feature of the B2B commerce cloud that helps in ensuring the immediate refilling of inventory- especially the fast-moving items. Besides, there are some efficient integrations available with 3rd party tools. This heavy-lifting work need not be done by the clients as they can easily hire the services of an expert Salesforce Commerce Cloud Partners

Other features involve personalized storefront themes, specific item catalogs based on product subsets, provision for negotiating price management, comprehensive shipping functionality, order history recording for each visit, and inbuilt support for different payment types- including B2B specific provisions as well as automated clearinghouses.


Advantages Of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is specially built to help businesses deliver better shopping experiences to retail and bulk hoppers while also increasing the marketing potential to reach a wider sphere of the digital world. Here are some unique advantages of Commerce Cloud for enterprise clients:

Benefits of Commerce Cloud

1. Enhanced Market/Customer Prediction to Enjoy a Competitive Edge

Einstein AI combined with Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides super capabilities that enable the retailers and organizations to fully transform the conventional strategies, platforms, and tools to achieve next-level eCommerce competency and unmatched efficiency. By empowering businesses to reduce the time to market, enhance the performance and apply concentrated effects helps them to achieve an upper hand over the competitors and stay ahead in the market.

With the help of Einstein AI capabilities and Salesforce Development Services, businesses can recommend the most relevant products to the consumers at different touchpoints which takes personalized services to the next level and helps businesses to turn random shoppers into loyal customers. At the same time, Einstein AI automates a wide range of eCommerce tasks that saves a huge amount of time, effort, and associated costs. The saved resources can be changed to other areas for increasing productivity. Data-based insights, real-time predictions, and streamlined workflow are other major qualities of Einstein AI that help businesses to prosper and register sustainable success.

2. Sophisticated Tools For Different Purposes

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is packed with highly sophisticated marketing tools for building and promoting brand awareness and creating loyalty in the market. Through this tool, businesses can multiply their marketing impact by concentrating the efforts in the right direction that increases RoI. By strategically using the tools businesses can identify and connect with the right prospects and market them the most relevant product at the right time. This precise orchestration between customer, product, and timing can help in significantly increasing the conversion rates. 

Following are a few of the marketing tool capabilities of Salesforce Commerce Cloud:

  • Recommending the best products for individuals while also generating predictions for shoppers 
  • Sharing optimized content across various sites and that too in multiple languages
  • Running reports successfully along with A/B testing
  • Running successful promotions
  • Launching email, social media as well as paid advertising campaigns
  • Managing social media profiles
  • Automating merchandising tasks
  • Analyzing data-based commerce insights to increase conversions
  • Creating a customized shopping experience for every customer.

3. Mobile-friendly Approach

The ever-increasing global population of mobile shoppers has made it almost mandatory for growth-seeking e-commerce entities to optimize the digital stores for delivering an excellent mobile experience. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is specially designed to emphasize and facilitate the mobile-first experience that allows businesses to connect better with the worldwide mobile audiences and multiply the sales opportunities. 

4. Best in Providing Customer Support 

As it is now a well-known fact that Salesforce has become the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, it is also known to provide round-the-clock and best customer support for all of its merchants that will help them to operate in a very smooth manner, and that too 24*7*365. Additionally, the customer support that is offered by the Salesforce Commerce Cloud tools ensures that they will be best while supporting the staff members of an organization. This will cover the comprehensive issues that range from fixing codes to the up-gradation in security patches, and the list goes on.

5. Storefront Globalization 

One area where the Salesforce Commerce Cloud outshines its peers is the capability of multiple storefront management from a single interface which allows businesses to take complete control of their global branches. This high-end storefront internationalization fully uncomplicates the process of managing multiple currencies, languages, and processes without any technical barriers. In most cases, it can be done simply but in case of any technical issues, you can also get ready support from Salesforce consultants.


Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a highly sophisticated platform by Salesforce that is specially developed to deliver a dynamic and robust marketing solution to businesses. It helps B2B and B2C enterprises to connect better with their customers- both individual shoppers and institutional clientele, through omnichannel interaction methods. 

Moreover, the easy availability of proficient Salesforce Commerce Cloud Partners also allows businesses to harness the maximum power of the commerce cloud and also multiply its functionality by seamlessly integrating the existing technology or third-party applications. Its distinct products for B2B and B2C ensure that each type of client should enjoy the best potential of digital solutions to launch, manage and grow their marketing efforts while promoting better sales management.

Furthermore, it can be concluded that Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a very strong, scalable e-commerce platform that involves lots of native capabilities around merchandising, multiple store management, internationalization, along customer segmentation. The decision to choose Salesforce Commerce Cloud fully depends upon the nature of the business, set priorities, the amount of freedom and customization required, and the amount of agility that the user wants in the platform.

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