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Top Salesforce CRM Trends in 2024

May 10, 2024 eye-glyph 78

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    In this constantly changing and highly competitive era, a robust CRM system is the only anchor to retaining current customers. Back in the day, having a comprehensive CRM platform was a luxury, as customer loyalty and engagement were manageable, but now it is the need of the hour.

    When discussing robust customer relationship management platforms, we must recognize the dominance of Salesforce CRM. It is one of the top choices among several Fortune 100 companies, and more than 62% of the companies in the US trust Salesforce as their CRM system. (Statista)

    The blog will explore some of the advanced and futuristic CRM trends in 2024, helping you understand the benefits of CRM trends for your business. It will also shed some light on what will be stored in the future for Salesforce CRM.

    Top Futuristic CRM Trends To Look Out For:

    Top Futuristic CRM Trends to Look out for

    Here’s a glimpse of some pivotal and latest Salesforce and CRM trends in 2024;

    1. Generative AI packaged with Machine Learning

    Generative AI is undoubtedly transforming and revolutionizing the game for Customer Relationship Management platforms in the following ways:

    • Advancements in routine tasks.
    • Zero risks of errors.
    • Enabling businesses to craft personalized experiences.
    • Forecasting becomes easy.
    • Data-driven decision-making becomes more accessible.
    • Quick real-time updates.

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have a sustainable relationship with CRMs, as both are used to enhance customer experience and satisfaction to the core.

    Thus, leaping forward with more advanced technologies like these is a significant trend to stay ahead. Plus, AI-powered assistance, automation, and voice systems are some things that most CRM platforms are already switching to rapidly.

    2. Tailormade Hyper-Personalization

    The next big trend in customer relationship management is the upgrading of hyper-personalization. To understand what Hyper-personalization is, let’s look at this example: when one visits an e-commerce website and gets bombarded with tailor-made discounts and product recommendations that are not generic but extremely personalized and according to their person’s preferences, this is called Hyper-personalization. This happens as the algorithms study and observe a person’s behavior and interest over time.

    This significantly improves a shopper’s experience. Also, as per a report by Epsilon, around 80% of customers have a higher chance of purchasing from a brand that equips them with seamlessly managed and personally curated experiences.

    Here are some reasons why hyper personalization can be a game changer:

    • Boosts customer engagement.
    • Gives a competitive edge over others.
    • Increases the customer retention rates.

    3. Integration Of Blockchain Technology

    Security is a non-negotiable aspect for prominent CRM platforms like Salesforce. Thus, to keep no scope for security breaches and negligence, prominent CRM platforms will likely integrate Blockchain technology with their systems. This will significantly

    • Keep the user’s trust instilled in the platform.
    • Mitigate the chances of data breaches.
    • Fortify the data security to the best.

    4. Self Service CRM

    This relatively new concept is likely to be introduced in CRMs. As the name suggests, it is a self-reliant web-based management system that reduces the business’s dependence on service representatives. This system enables companies to improve their customer bases without spending more time and money.
    Some more benefits of the Self-reliant CRM platform:

    • Around-the-clock availability and collaboration.
    • Assists Users to devote more time doing more time.
    • Case management becomes more manageable.

    5 Seeing Beyond Reality

    When advancements are referred to as the next big thing in CRM trends, the scope of Extended Reality must be addressed. Extended Reality (aka XR) is a blend of intelligent technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). The valuation of the Extended Reality market is estimated to cross USD 111.5 billion by the year 2028. (Market and Market)

    The ways through which Salesforce CRM can leverage this in the future:

    • Providing real-time insights and guidance for training purposes in field services.
    • Conduct comprehensive virtual sessions and inspections for monitoring.

    What difference will these CRM advancements make?

    Difference will these CRM advancements make
    • Strengthen Customer Bond

    CRM trends always hint at improving existing systems by introducing new technologies or revolutionizing the previous ones. All of these advancements will result in optimum and heightened personalized attention and experience for customers, eventually strengthening their loyalty, satisfaction, and bond with businesses.

    • Elevate Revenue Streams

    CRM assists businesses in elevating their revenue streams significantly. The CRM platform optimizes organizational workflows, leading to better collaboration, communication, and efficient work delivery. Thus, CRM advancements can have a much more significant impact on this than ever before.

    • Boost Decision-Making Capacity

    The decision-making process can become more high-tech and upgraded with upcoming Salesforce trends. Businesses can have centralized access to 360-degree customer insight and other valuable information, ultimately helping decision-makers boost their data-based decision-making capabilities.

    The Buzz Around The Future Of Salesforce:

    Popularly, Salesforce is regarded as just a Customer Relationship Management platform. However, it is way beyond just that label. They have efficiently increased their revenue ten times in the decade, and it continues to rule the CRM market with a remarkable 23% share. (Routine Automation) The company has always envisioned fostering and promoting innovation and excellence in the technical domain.

    Today, Salesforce wishes to extend its capabilities to many other arenas. Things that are expected to be new in the Salesforce ecosystem are hyper-automation, a focus on Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud expansion strategies. Moreover, Salesforce’s goal is to significantly enhance the customer service experience, and they look forward to seamlessly managing and integrating with AppExchange with a broader perspective.

    Some focal points that sum up the future goals of Salesforce:

    • Improving personalization and customer experience.
    • Focus on Automation and Artificial Intelligence.
    • Adopting new technologies.
    • Always fostering innovation.
    Stay Updated with Us for Salesforce & CRM Trends

    Final Take:

    The CRM market is flooded with multiple platforms offering solutions for businesses. However, Salesforce is leading the pack and introducing new and advanced features and technologies that will probably be the trendsetters of the fiscal year.

    If you need assistance on what’s more in the Salesforce system and need a Salesforce consulting services, Cyntexa is just a click away from you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning are already gaining traction. We expect continuous growth of this technology in 2024and beyond. With Salesforce AI-powered tools, businesses can streamline their sales, marketing and customer service tasks. This results in two-way data sync, high accuracy, improved conversions and informed decisions for better ROI.

    In 2024, we expect more third-party integrations, collaborations and partnerships with other providers. The adoption of AI-powered tools, chatbots and automation in customer services is expected to grow further.

    Salesforce HubSpot integration is the process of unifying the capabilities of the world’s two highly popular customer relationship management software. The integration enables the seamless synchronization of data between these two platforms empowering the decision-making power of businesses.

    Salesforce technology is booming, and its respective areas, such as cloud-based CRM platforms, industry-specific solutions, and AI capabilities, are driving digital transformation for businesses worldwide.

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