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Understanding Salesforce Customer 360 and Its Impact on Business

November 22, 2023 eye-glyph 78

Table of Contents

    Personalized experiences are essential for meeting your customer’s needs and preferences. But how can you create them with so much data to handle? Salesforce Customer 360 can help you with that.

    Customer 360 is a robust tool that allows you to know your customers better and make more intelligent decisions. It helps you connect and unify customer data across different channels and platforms. It also assists you in providing smooth and uniform experiences across the customer journey.

    This blog will talk about what Salesforce 360 is, how it works, and its benefits for businesses.

    So, let’s get started.

    What is Salesforce Customer 360?

    Put simply, Salesforce Customer 360 is an integrated CRM platform that amalgamates the efforts of marketing, sales, service, commerce, IT, and data teams, offering them a consolidated view of their customers. The availability of customer data for all your team members across departments equips your team members to provide timely and appropriate experiences.

    It facilitates effortless teamwork among various departments by guaranteeing uniform customer data for all team members. This eradicates data isolation and promotes uniformity at every interaction point.

    How does the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform work?

    Let’s take the help of the following example to learn how the Salesforce Customer 360 platform works;

    how does customer 360 works

    Imagine a customer John interacting with your brand on social media and filling out a form showing interest in your product or service. The marketing team then springs into action, tracking John’s interactions with the brand, such as his entry point and the content he viewed.

    When this lead is passed onto the sales team, they have access to all the information about John. The sales team can see which product John is interested in, and interact positively with the content. They can tailor their approach when interacting with John to ensure a more personalized sales process.

    This seamless transition of information between the marketing and sales teams is made possible with the help of the Salesforce Customer 360-degree platform.

    This example describes the simplified explanation of how Customer 360 works. The process involves more complex workflows and functions relying on precise business needs.

    Benefits of Salesforce Customer 360

    Here are some features of Salesforce Customer 360;

    Benefits of Salesforce Customer 360

    1. Data unification

    Customer 360 brings together every piece of information about your customers, from the known facts like their names and emails to the unknown details hidden in cookies and first-party IDs. By collecting data from multiple sources it acts as the single source of truth.

    2. Consent management

    Customer 360 allows businesses to manage customer consent across every interaction. It appreciates each customer’s unique terms and requirements, enabling businesses to deliver personalized experiences on a grand scale. It’s all about making connections that respect individual preferences, one customer at a time.

    3. Audience segmentation

    Salesforce Customer 360 is equipped with advanced capabilities to segment audiences;

    • Combining behavioral and transactional data from multiple sources, helps businesses categorize the customers according to similarities in them.
    • Segment builder helps businesses find useful ways to segment customers.
    • Integration with Mobile SDK facilitates the data capture from the phone app to expand the dataset for more precise customer segmentation.
    • The integration of first, second, and third-party data, allows the creation of specialized customer segmentation.

    4. Customer journey mapping

    Customer 360-degree view visualizes the customer journey from the first interaction to the final sale. It helps businesses in the customer journey mapping with the help of the following features;

    • Tracking customer interactions across all channels from a single source of truth lets you identify the areas of improvement.
    • Businesses can optimize the customer journey to ensure the proper alignment with customer information.
    • Optimizing internal and external resources to deliver a personalized experience at each stage.

    5. Improved team efficiency

    The Salesforce Customer 360 platform is hosted on the cloud making it accessible to all the team members using any device. They can access the customer data and delight them with a personalized experience.

    6. Integration

    Customer 360 is your ultimate solution for connecting with your customers across all channels and platforms. Whether you use Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, or any other Salesforce product, you can easily integrate them with Customer 360 and get a unified view of your customers. And that’s not all. With MuleSoft, you can also integrate Customer 360 with any third-party app or data source, giving you the flexibility and power to create amazing customer experiences.

    7. Trust and security

    The matter of consent management affects the privacy of the data on an alerting note. Not only do you have to ensure that none of the data is misused, but also that it is not accessible by unauthorized entities. Salesforce Customer 360 is indeed one of the safest platforms when it comes to keeping the data of its users private and never revealing it to an unauthorized entity.

    8. Optimize your services based on Einstein Insights

    The best ways of understanding the behavior of your customers and delivering them with a user-sociable environment are worth considering in the earliest stages of the establishment of your business. However since it demands to evaluate the interaction between the clients and your system, it could be quite difficult to maintain the changes manually on a larger scale. To help you overcome these challenges, Salesforce Customer 360 offers you the seamless integration of Einstein Insights. It can enhance your business performance and promote it to a comparatively greater height than where you stood before. It defines how and when to engage with your customers to improve the conduct of trading.

    You can efficiently upgrade the aspects of your customer profiles with an artificially intelligent platform to take complete responsibility for collecting and evaluating your customers’ data. The updating of your customer profiles can be based on their behaviors that can be predicted with the assistance of Salesforce Customer 360 and its indomitable range of commerce solutions.

    connect with experts to make use of customer 360

    Impact of Salesforce Customer 360 on Business

    Salesforce Customer 360 positively influences various facets of a business’s operations. Let’s delve into the impact of Salesforce Customer 360 on businesses;

    impact on businesses with customer 360

    1. Improved customer experience

    The best use case of Customer 360 is elevating the customer experience. It eradicates data discrepancies between customer data.

    The centralized truth of data opens the way for personalization that meets the customer’s preferences and needs on the ground level.

    For example, if customers show a preference for shopping during promotional sales. These customers can be grouped based on this shared behavior with Customer 360. Tailored discount offers can then be sent to this group, focusing on products they will most likely purchase based on their previous purchase.

    2. Increased revenue and growth

    Customer 360 empowers businesses to identify new opportunities for engagement and growth with a centralized view of customer data.

    With automation capabilities, it eliminates the manual work and guesswork from customer data. This enables prompt responses to customer problems with personalized content leading.

    Powered by Einstein AI, Customer 360 can identify the disparities in the customer data and best practices to overcome them.

    3. Retaining loyal customers

    With a thorough understanding of customer information and delivering personalized experience at each stage of the customer journey across all channels. Businesses would be able to retain more customers.

    According to a report from Salesforce, 86% of customers are affected by the experience provided by the business in addition to the quality of products or services.

    4. Innovative solutions and insights

    The Salesforce Customer 360 platform offers a suite of innovative solutions to drive revenue and improve customer experience.

    Leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence enables predictive insights and personalizes the customer experience, which leads to more efficient operations.

    Final take

    Salesforce Customer 360 is one of the must-have tools for organizations that desire to place customers at the center of everything they do. Delivering a unified view of comprehensive customer data to all team members empowers businesses to cater to customer needs in a personalized and effective manner.

    When it comes to implementing the Salesforce Customer 360 for your business, you might need a partner who understands your unique news and guides you on successful implementation. Cyntexa, as a Salesforce crest (gold) partner has the expertise and experience to help businesses achieve their goals with Salesforce. Connect with Cyntexa today and embark on your journey to customer-centric success with Salesforce Customer 360.

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