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December 5, 20195 Mins Read

What is Salesforce? 

Salesforce is one of the leading cloud computing platforms that specializes in Software as a Service (Saas). They provide customers with services like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and help them to use cloud services to connect with customers, partners, and potential leads. 

What does Salesforce do?

Before Salesforce came into the market and introduced cloud computing, the companies had to manage CRM themselves, on their servers. This was not only time consuming but also expensive to handle and manage. 

Salesforce made it easier for the companies to access entire customer data from a single source online and it was a cheaper and easier alternative for the long process. Salesforce doesn’t charge extravagant amounts for the licensing or registration either, which makes it the most preferred service platform. 

It allows multiple groups or companies to have a unified view of the customer, to let them understand the customer better and help them accordingly. It helps the companies to interact with the customers and gather information about what they need and how the way they would like their work to be carried out. 

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How Does Salesforce Work?

Salesforce works as a Customer Relations Management System(CRM) which uses cloud computing that allows the customers to use the platform as an online service, which means, they do not have to worry about maintaining their platforms, or even install them, and they can instead, devote more time to their business. 

Concepts of Cloud Computing

Let us first understand the concepts of cloud computing and CRM. 

Cloud computing

Cloud Computing is a way of storing and accessing data, analytics reports, and databases on the Cloud, that is, the internet. The companies can rent the storage space or applications when they need them and pay for those services accordingly. It is efficient and cuts down your costs since you only pay for the cloud you are using.

Salesforce capitalizes on the benefit of data storage and accessibility from anywhere to draw a customer base. Through data tracking, and community discussions the companies remain up to date with the relevant trends and customers.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management 

Customer Relations Management is referred to as the principles and guidelines that an organization practices with its customers. This relationship encompasses direct interaction with the customers, such as sales, and service-related processes, forecasting, and analysis of customer trends and behaviors.”

In simple terms, the companies track what their customers ordered, to understand their preferences, so that, during their anniversaries or birthdays, they can wish for the customers as well as remind them to buy those products again. This makes customers feel important and helps in building a strong customer relationship.  The main aim of CRM is to understand customer needs and data and to facilitate deeper customer development and retention. It improves business relationships by helping customers stay connected to their customers and improves profitability.

Salesforce allows the companies to track analytics, customer success and support, customer complaints and a variety of such functions, all of which are made easier with the help of cloud computing. It is highly time-consuming to perform these functions on their database and platforms for the companies.

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Company Cloud

The companies use the Company Cloud which lets you directly connect with customers, increase partner success, and drive employee productivity. They can make communities for specific interests, so that when they need something, the users do not have to browse through the whole cloud but instead, search the community to find answers quickly. 

This way, the channel partners can directly contact the experts, manage their leads in the community, and close the deals at a faster pace than usual. This also helps the marketing teams with their campaign creation and with gathering feedback from existing and potential customers.

App Cloud

Another service they can use is the App Cloud where you can access or create applications that connect you to the customers with personalized experiences. These apps can run on a secure infrastructure trusted by leading brands scaling across various kinds of devices. 

Commerce Cloud

A Commerce Cloud connects companies with the customers by creating a unified, intelligence-driven commerce experience that would be available online as well as offline. This allows customers to purchase merchandise online or at the store. Making the merchandise available on all sorts of platforms makes the company more accessible to the customers.

IoT Cloud  

The Salesforce IoT Cloud is built in a way that it can store massive volumes of data generated by devices, sensors, websites, applications, customers, and partners. 

Service Cloud

It is important for companies to have a Service Cloud that would address the issues faced by the customers in post-sales. This needs to be done keeping in mind that the company should be aware of the customer’s history of purchases as well as the issues they have faced earlier. This helps the customers to connect to technicians directly who help them save their time and use their time more productively, which customers highly appreciate.

Technologies used in Salesforce

Now let us understand the technology and programs that explain the functioning of Salesforce:

  • Apex– A programming language, like C++ or Java, it is used to manipulate logic or to express business logic. It is not responsible for looking after the user interface. Salesforce takes responsibility for the maintenance issues, compatibility, and scalability of the cloud. 
  • Visualforce– It is a component-based UI framework that incorporates tag-based markup language into the website data. It provides features that promote the Model-view-controller (MVC), AJAX interactions, mobile rendering, PDF generation, etc. Visualforce also helps in increasing the value of existing applications by making the client experience more interactive and productive.
  • Lightning-It gives the clients general adaptability, tailored functionality, and customized processes that fit in according to the needs of the clients. It allows the clients to change or adjust layouts, widgets, dashboards, applications, and tools. 
Apex, Visualforce & Lightning in Salesforce

Sales Cloud & Service Cloud

  • Salesforce hosts different cloud platforms that allow companies to interact with different data and service their customers in various capacities. 
  • The sales clouds give companies to track contacts, opportunities and to manage a team to increase sales.
  • The service cloud helps companies to interact with existing and potential customers and to maintain relations with them through updates and a history check of the previous preferences of the clients. 
  • It implements Artificial Intelligence to receive accurate forecasting and simplify the analytics workflow. 
  • It provides the customers the closest path from the development of an idea to its implementation through the application. 
  • It provides the customers with various layouts that they can choose to build their applications upon.

How Salesforce eases complex business processes in different industries across departments?

  • Salesforce uses Business Process Management (BPM) which is a discipline that revolves around improving business activities with a combination of modeling, automation, execution, control, measurement, and optimization. 
  • By melding these activities, BPM forms a cohesive solution that helps the company to operate more effectively. It improves workflows and processed by unifying optimization of the company workflows. It helps teams work more efficiently and saves time and effort.
  • Modeling involves identification, definition, and representation of the complete process. It supports communication in the process.
  • Automation ensures that there is a smooth execution of the whole process. It includes writing software, building machinery or creating signage to direct participants. 
  • Execution is the process being performed or enacted, following the modeling of the whole process.
  • Control and enforcement are necessary to ensure that the process follows the model, with the help of guidelines, training and manual practices.
  • Measurement is the process of evaluating if the process in terms of serving the customer’s needs.
  • Optimization involves understanding how an on-going activity builds overtime and steadily improves the measures of the process. It is in agreement with the fact that improvement is relative to the goals of the organization and ultimately in terms of meeting the needs of the customers.

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Statistical Data:

According to the report of the Salesforce Customer Success data, the following gives insights into consumer data. 


Companies that switched to Salesforce observed a 25% increase in sales revenue.


Companies that used Salesforce observed a 35% increase in customer satisfaction.


Companies that benefited from Salesforce witnessed a 44% increase in sales productivity.

A large number of companies in India have used Salesforce to increase sales. These include Yamaha, Urban Ladder, Motorola Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., Snapdeal, Wow momos, etc.


It can thus be concluded that Salesforce brought with itself a new era of cloud computing which helps the companies in increasing sales with less effort and is more efficient than any other platform. It has helped various companies develop a strong database and maintain customer relations. It saves people the effort and time they use in maintaining business contacts and helps them utilize the resources at a minimal rate. 

Now that you have understood the need for Salesforce to grow your business, feel free to reach us so that we can help you choose the right Salesforce edition to make your dreams come true.

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