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What is Work.com | How to safely reopen business post COVID-19?

May 5, 2020 | visibility 22 views

What is Work.com?

Work.com is a guide to reopen businesses & communities with a suite of apps & expertise, ensuring the safety of customers/partners & employees.

It is a social performance management platform wherein keeping the business & employees connected while being away from the office.

Work.com was initially unveiled by Salesforce in 2012 to bring a revolution in managing employee performance and motivation. 

With Work.com, businesses can deliver performance in 3 significant areas:

  • Alignment of work
  • Recognition of employees
  • Reviewing performance
1. Alignment of Work

Understanding the alignment of work is usually where teams & businesses get inefficient. Using work.com aligning the work, be it social Engagement or sales tools, and helping your business become more efficient working with your people spread throughout the globe.

2. Recognition of Employees

A study shows that more than 70% of the employees are unsatisfied with their recognition and while 77% feel they’d perform better if their efforts were recognized. With Salesforce get employee badges based on their performances by allowing people to identify experts and also get noticed for their work.

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3. Reviewing Performance

With work.com, reviewing the performance of the employees becomes easier for them to improve upon, which will reflect their real work.

Features of Work.com


1. Work.com command center

Command center, is built to help businesses & communities return to the workplace safely. Be it from analyzing the wellness concerns of your employees to handling the training completion. It’s a single-pane-of-glass for managing the complexities associated with reopening their businesses and helping employees return to work in the COVID-19 environment. Also, it can be customized to fit your business requirements.

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2. Employee Wellness Check

With health being the priority, reopening business means reimagining the workplace. From what our workspaces used to hold, it would only hold on to 40-50% of the number of people. 

From ordering face covering to scheduling different arrival times for different teams, Employee wellness is all about being able to Monitor your employee health & safety.

3. Workforce Reskilling

At trailhead, businesses can engage their employees in Digital learning. A platform to skill up their employees. At my Trailhead, pre-built content kits are offered to ensure, fast learning process.

It comes with a plugin to the command center for the operational head & leaders to get some crucial insights on their employee learning process.

4. Shift Management

Once we’re reopening, we need to ensure they remain open; to do so, we need to keep an eye on safety, security & efficiency. Using work.com, organizations can manage social distancing without inhibition of the work with power schedule optimization for their employees.

Once the shifts are created, the employees can confirm their availability from their phones. And arrival windows would be designed to ensure spatial distancing to make sure all the employees feel safer at the workplace.

5. Emergency Response Management

Emergency response management will help in 3 main areas:

  1. Helping Public Health Institutions by providing them tools to help them contact tracing, triaging & monitoring Engagement among their communities.
  2. Helping the Public sector to streamline its operations to deliver its services effectively.
  3. Lastly, helping Private Sector Companies to manage employee engagement and safety.

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6. Volunteer and Grants Management

Volunteering Grants management works in 3 simple ways:

  1. It removes the complexity associated during volunteer coordination by enabling the right volunteer for the right activity at the right time by implementing digital sign-ups, volunteer scheduling & reminders.
  2. By taking in the application to final award selection, everything can be granted here.
  3. Its gratitude for making choices by giving back is the best part to notice through during times of crisis or an emergency.
7. Contact Tracing

Tracking the health relationships manually to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

8. Rapid Crisis Response

To help companies Salesforce care is offering:

  • Onboarding & live sessions
  • Webinars & Guides
  • Technical support.

How can Work.com help you reopen your business back up safely or structure your approach?



Stabilizing your business is all about holding on to your tribe (employees) & your customers.

Amidst crisis, ensuring the right decisions as a leader to take calculative risks.

Your decisions should always turn around these four customer-centric capabilities.

Decisions you make Structuring work Engaging your customers Giveback/serve society
  • Ensuring a command center for decision making & planning
  • Review & strategize your content as per your team’s availability.
  • Leveling up brings new requirements for your customers.
  • Create a local impact by doing partnerships locally & fulfilling their demands.
  • Decision making by analyzing data is critical. Create reusable Dashboards to enable faster processing.
  • Communication is the key; if you’re not able to coordinate with your employees remotely, then an overall efficiency decreases. So, with work.com, implement training for the new tools process.
  • Offering innovative products/services, which serve their needs by, instantly letting them know about your services.
  • Educating & updating your employee with letting them know about protocols & also with trusted organizations.
  • Ask the decisions, need to based on the new urgencies that have been posing for the need of the hour.
  • Enabling employee support programs & by keeping them updated on Do’s & Don’ts would rather be more insightful and supercharge them.
  • Things turned upside down during COVID-19 means; the business model needs to adjust accordingly by being more actively engaging your customers through various social platforms.
  • Letting people know your initiative towards change creates an impact, also provide a dashboard to your employees to Monitor & support ERGs(employees resource groups)

Once you feel your business has been stabilized, pace up, and move ahead by reopening your business place.

Decisions you make Structuring work Engage your customers, partners & suppliers Giveback/serve society
  • Optimal decision making should be the key by enabling data sources, which should include employee health, physical density & sanitation status.
  • Disclosure of reopening to employees, by giving them an end to end schedule along with logistics & planning templates.
  • Let your customers have a new buying & service experience. 
  • Identifying the local needs & easing the process to serve the local needs.
  • Discussion of unified work plans (which includes space management, risk management at panic situations, employee density) with your employees build in a trust to help them return.
  • Timely counseling services & keeping your employee portal with the latest policies.
  • Your services need to reach masses (your customers) but with a purely revamped strategy.
  • Bring in new ideas from your employees on volunteering, on serving the community.
  • Combine employee/ customer insights into improvement opportunity & share insights
  • Taking care of your employee at home needs and aligning it with, in-office schedule.
  • Building & reinventing greater collaboration by strategizing it to a vast data sharing.
  • Choosing Geographical centers by moving to the next tier cities to bridge the wealth gap & health concerns.

After things are working in your favor, you’re supposed to Focus on the acceleration of your business growth.Build trust on your partners/ customers/employees that will, in turn, make your organization into a platform for change.

Decisions you make Structuring work Engaging your customers Giveback/serve society
Don’t let your employees lose vision on what your company’s end mission is all about. Stumble & experiment with different powerful social apps.  Implementation of best practices from high tech, high growth companies improves employee effectiveness for customer serving. Measure your societal impact & focus on critical considerations on operations & finances.
Bring in life to your digital operating model by unlocking the value of data. Enable digital transformation with tailored online learning journeys & career opportunities. Project a real-time view of the demand for your suppliers & partners to optimize their business with you. Roll-up alongside NGOs & NPOs that can support & vibrate with your goals & missions.
Build a business performance Matrix across regions, products, & customers. Along with religious work practices, Develop a focus towards the community, and address employees’ needs.  Keeping up with the trend, ensure that you are on the same page to which the market is evolving, else your business will go out of business. Appointment of Chief Impact officer to keep up with the enthusiasm & Engagement happening.

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Due to COVID-19, a lot has changed over the months, but at times like this, there is a significant shift in businesses happening. And as a business leader/entrepreneur, you should always find a way to engage your customers.

The strategies, Stabilize, reopen & grow along with the customer-centric approach will always keep you ahead of your competition & get you going through the new COVID-19 normal.


Q1 How does work.com ensure employee safety?

From scheduling the shifts, to implementation of employee wellness programs, Work.com indulges at every step to prioritize safety and efficiency.

Q2 How can work.com help during a global depression?

Work.com enables you to strategize your business growth when everyone is going out of business during a pandemic. It ensures a complete guide to balance & sustains despite the significant depression.

Q3 How can work.com help in growth after businesses are reopened?

If you’re planning to keep your business open after they’ve reopened, with work.com, you can rethink and structure your approach towards your customers/employees/ partners.

Q4 What is V2MOM?

V2MOM stands for Vision, Value, methods, Obstacles, and Measures.

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