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Why Should You Hire a Salesforce Consulting Company?

June 13, 2024

Table of Contents

    Do you know? 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Salesforce for managing their business relationships and maximizing their ROI (source: ThriveMyWay). It offers a varied range of unique features, such as a customizable platform, reports, and dashboards, as well as the integration of a cutting edge technology, Einstein AI.

    When it comes to maximizing the potential of your platform, it’s important to have the right technical expertise and knowledge. That’s where Salesforce consulting companies come in. They can help guide you within the ecosystem and assist you in reaching your goals more efficiently.

    Let’s further explore more about these companies and why you should opt for their services.

    Who Are Salesforce Consulting Companies?

    These are Salesforce-certified organizations that partner with businesses and provide services such as implementation, development, and integration of solutions that improve the capabilities of the platform.

    Their team of Salesforce consultant, who have extensive experience and skills, listens to your unique requirements and customizes the platform accordingly. They offer ongoing support and guide you through the platform.

    What Do Salesforce Consulting Partners Do?

    What Salesforce Consulting Partners Do?

    Assess Your Business Requirements

    If you struggle with integrating a third party application into your org, or need assistance in granting relevant user access, these partners are there to help.

    They follow a customer-centric approach and listen to your specific needs and requirements carefully. Their teams work closely with you and pay attention to every detailed aspect in order to provide a tailored solution that best suits your business.

    Help Businesses Embrace New Advancements

    Consulting companies are well informed of all the updates and advancements that are happening in the environment. With this knowledge, they help you keep up with the latest and additional features, enabling you to upscale your digital transformation journey.

    Offers Technical Support

    Consulting partners and their teams take care of all the technical aspects, such as installation, migration of data, setting up administration protocols, configuring the platform as per your requirements, and much more.

    Further, they provide support and resolve every technical bug or issue that occurs on the platform and causes downtime. These companies ensure that the implementation is properly optimized and that your operations are not disrupted due to any technical glitch.

    Offers Salesforce Managed Services

    Apart from implementation, integration, and consulting services, these companies also offer maintenance services known as Salesforce managed services. These are crucial for keeping your platform updated with the latest standards.

    The team of consultants acts as your extended team that monitors the performance of your platform and recommends ongoing optimizations. They work with you to develop a long-term CRM strategy and ensure that it aligns with your business needs.

    6 Benefits Of Hiring A Salesforce Consulting Company For Your Business

    1. Stay Updated With All Features And Functionalities

    Consulting companies help you leverage the latest advancements at the initial stage only, so you do not miss out or get delayed in adopting the latest versions.

    With this, you can achieve an edge over your competitors and gain the maximum benefit from it. It ensures that you are future-ready to adapt and evolve with the platform.

    2. Resolves Problems Effectively

    Imagine a situation where you encounter a problem that is hampering your business operations and are struggling to find the solution through multiple resources and articles. It seems time-consuming and inefficient, right?

    Now think of when you have partnered with one of the top Salesforce consulting companies. In this case, the problem is proactively taken care of by the consultants and resolved before it hampers your business operations. They offer quick, accurate, and appropriate solutions, making them a reliable partner to overcome any of the challenges that you face.

    3. Offers Powerful Analytical Capabilities

    Salesforce partners perform a deep analysis of your business. They first gain insight into your business goals, then assess the current situation and identify areas that require improvement to reach those goals.

    After a consulting session with you, they become aware of all the pitfalls and ways to address them. This helps in determining and developing the right solution and the required features that the solution should comprise to address the concerns. With this, businesses can work on those improvement areas quickly and guarantee seamless work operations.

    4. Help You Save Money

    Partnering with a consulting company can help you save costs in multiple ways. Firstly, you can hire them on a contractual or project basis, so you only pay for the work you get done from them. Secondly, it eliminates the need for hiring a full-time Salesforce admin team and other expenses associated with them, such as salary and training expenses, saving you money.

    With a consulting firm, you get technical expertise in your budget, and it proves to be a cost-effective approach.

    5. Offers Optimal Staff Training

    Consulting companies train your employees to make the most of your platform. They provide your teams with resources such as guidance materials, knowledge bases, and other necessary documentation that your teams can use for future references.

    Not just this, after implementing a solution in your business, they train your teams so they can operate the platform, get used to its functionalities and features, and gain the most out of it.

    6. Helps Boost Your Business ROI

    Partnering with the right Salesforce consulting company helps boost your return on investment. They are experts in designing solutions that can be readily adopted by users and enhance your business’s efficiency and productivity.

    The team of consultants solves all complex business problems and offers trustworthy guidance that aims to maximize the benefits of the platform.

    The significant investment you have made in this partnership will yield results multiple times over, enhancing your ROI.

    These are some of the major benefits that you get by choosing the right partner for your business. However, when you go out into the market, you have multiple options to choose from. This might confuse you a bit as to which consulting company yields the best results for your business.

    Don’t worry; Cyntexa is to the rescue!

    Why Should You Opt For Salesforce Consulting Services From Cyntexa?

    Cyntexa is an award-winning Salesforce crest partner with a strong customer base of over 675 clients worldwide. We have a track record of 900+ successful projects, and our team of experts delivers services tailored to your unique business needs. Along with this, we analyze your business needs and recommend solutions that enhance your current capabilities. We ensure that your business goals are met, prioritizing customer satisfaction.

    Among many, one of our notable success stories is with an Australian footwear brand that revolutionized its retail landscape by leveraging our Salesforce consulting services. The business faced challenges in identifying its high-demanding products and managing stock levels at multiple storefronts.

    Our team of expert consultants looked into this issue and suggested incorporating Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The integration process was seamlessly conducted, ensuring that the analytics produced optimal results. This integration helped the business gain insights into customer preferences, enabling accurate demand forecasting and optimized product placements.

    Check out How We Helped an Australian Footwear Brand Case Study


    Salesforce consulting companies lead businesses towards finding the best possible solution for all things related to Salesforce. Whether you are a small business that just started with the technology or a large enterprise that is looking to optimize your existing setup, hiring a partner can prove to be a game changer for your business.

    It’s essential to make the right decision, and by partnering with Cyntexa, you’re doing just that.

    Don’t wait any longer; contact us now!

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