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Why is Salesforce Service Cloud unignorably crucial?

May 18, 2020 | visibility 113 views


Built on the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, Salesforce Service Cloud gives organizations the tools needed to ensure customer retention. A pioneer in providing Customer Relationship Management SaaS, cloud-based Salesforce is all set to provide your customers with the means to engage with you on a scalable level, keeping customer-centricity and personalization as the key goals. Salesforce Service Cloud is a comprehensive platform that enables organizations to quickly and efficiently materialize on customer satisfaction functions to derive more value on a mutual-beneficial basis. 


Why Service Cloud is unignorably crucial?

Delivering extraordinary service not only reflects on your brand image but also on the level of confidence for your employees. Keep your customers engaged and giving a pat on the back of the sales team is crucial in setting up a positive ethos. Giving your customers multiple channels to reach out to you not only reflects on your Customer Engagement dashboard but also on your review panel in the online social media world. 

Leveraging cloud technology, Salesforce has given you all the tools you need to set your sales team’s guns ablaze. While you put all the right gears grinding on the Salesforce Sales Cloud platform to get your customer onboarded, its important that you not leave your customer high & dry once the deed is done. 

You need to be able to service the acquired customer at the same level of standard as before the sale. If not you may be spending more on acquisitions, and neve give a hoot about rising churn rates. Offsetting the balance between these two key metrics is crucial and that’s where the Service Cloud platform can help you produce stellar results.

Salesforce Service Cloud Features

There are ten components that form the Service Cloud console. Each with a unique set of capabilities, the Salesforce Service Cloud console can be curated to the exact requirements of your firm.

1. Lightning Service Console

The key to a well-designed first aid kit is that everything you need is marked in plain white and stowed in an organized and neat manner. During times of distress, you pull out what you need at first glance. 

Set up a customizable dashboard for your customer service agents, in such a way that all the information they need in one place, available at once glance. All communication channels connect to a single console, making ticket resolution a breeze. With Lightning Service Cloud, you get personalized lightning speed customer service.

2. Case Management

Customize the service cloud and streamline your processes with case management. An AI-backed solution that allows you to see every customer interaction on a timeline, Case Management allows you to focus on the next step for a clear resolve.

Keep your most important interactions as your reference and work forwards based on analytics. Assign cases to the right agent so that you drive high performers to serve yours and the customer’s best interests each time.

3. Knowledge Base

More often than not, giving the wrong answer leads down a rabbit hole that neither the agent nor the customer is possibly aware of. A tiresome experience for all, the way to avoid lengthy resolves is to have the required knowledge base at the tip of your fingers. 

With secure customer portals, public sites, and public customer communities, you can engage in an effortless and friendly conversation with your partners at any time through any device. Give your customers access to the first KCSv5 verified knowledge management and incident management solution, and the digital world can help your customers do what they like to do best – get the quick solution without having to interact with an agent.

4. Service Process Automation

The biggest proponent of automation, Salesforce has organizations covered when it comes to eliminating repetitive tasks. Automate email responses, field updates, assignments and more, so that your agents don’t even have to deal with the bulk of the issues.

With drag-and-drop simplicity, Service Process Automation allows you to deploy quick and scalable solutions across channels to keep the cases moving. Removing stagnation is the key to ensuring that your customer is always listening to the user-friendly voice.

5. Omni-channel routing

Improve agent efficiency by assigning every employee with what he can do best. Team your best employees with your best customers and you’ll automatically ensure that your console always looks clean.

The key to driving business growth is understanding the importance of Omni-Channel engagement. Pick up the subtle cues and hints that your customer provides you, and dispatch results based on Customer Experience. Omni-Channel routing also gives you insights on employee efficiency in itself. use this data to hone your training and segment your employees, based on the value they provide.

6. Service Analytics

Service Analytics is all about turning intangible customer experiences into tangible customer data that is visible on the dashboard. Einstein discovery uses millions of data combinations to get you the answers you need to optimize your service processes. 

If you want to deliver personalized service the eight-way, Service Analytics puts predictive CSAT into the hands of employees, so that they are easily able to follow the age-old boy scouts motto – “Always be prepared”.

7. Call Center Management

Given the challenges that customers and employees both facetting boring hour-long conversations, many companies have now shifted to using chatbots alone for troubleshooting. But this solution is not yet viable in this day and age. 

Service Cloud Voice leverages Einstein intelligence to simplify various cess that your telephony should handle. Salesforce has also announced that telephony will natively be integrative into Service Cloud!

8. Telephony Integration

Computer-Telephony Integration, the next big Salesforce thing for call centre management, aims to provide your customer data to your employees before picking the call! Get the profile on screen,  call back your customers instantly with a clickable link, log calls automatically and control calls over the console – the best friend to your lowest level agent.

9. Self Service

While the baby boomers are yet to get over the use of the telephone, the millennials are actively repulsed by the very thought. 

What’s the answer? Self-service portals that get it all done in a flash. Plan a meeting, check an account, pay a bill – do all this with simple drag and drop builders. You can also improve website traffic, by directing your customer’s interests towards enriching content on your site that is readily available.

10. Digital Channels

By Integrating channels to your customer service portal, you can reduce employee burden tremendously. Optimize your IT Service team with ease using these tools:

  • Live Agent: The personal chaperone to your customer, use a live agent real-time to convert sales quicker. Using snap-ins, you can now also chat with your customers through apps. This solution is also available with multilingual support to take your service globally.

However, the biggest advantage of using snap-ins is the ability to give your team leads coaching on a real-time basis!

  • Mobile messaging: Connect to your customers and deliver personalized messages using their preferred portal – SMS, Facebook Messenger, and Apple Business Chat. This service will soon be extended to WeChat and WhatsApp.

You can use chatbots or live agents to connect with your customers. The good friend tone that PMs set is undeniable and works well across all customer segments.

This feature also allows you, employees, to manage multiple conversations on a single console, giving the multitaskers an upper hand while driving your service costs down.

  • In-App: Enable two-way video chat right on your app or webpage! Few will dare to move this way, but the results are ensured!

For the most personalized experience, going face-to-face is the only way, as you can easily guide your customers to find the answers on their own – the dream for every service agent.

With seamless customer experiences that offer specialized support systems that have never been done before, Salesforce Service Cloud is a powerful toolset to land in the hands of your best agents.

The key to providing good customer service is to provide equal service to your employees first. Remove the frustrating barriers, the long conversations, the “not so friendly tone for an easy to resolve the issue” and you’ll make for both happier employees and happier customers.

The salesforce customer service metrics survey conducted on 7000+ customers has reported 32% more customer happiness. Since the data was taken from 2017 were in, many of the enterprise features available today weren’t back then, it may have even improved. 


While you may be wondering if an investment on the after-sales console is the right move, you won’t be able to deny the learning you will get through Service Analytics. Moreover, improving employee productivity automatically reduces cost – costs that you can put into acquiring new customers rather than wasting time and resources in retaining the old ones.

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