Expect The Unexpected: Tanushri’s Tale

Head Of Growth And Strategy

August 11, 2023 | visibility 835

Tanushri is one of the most ambitious and creative people onboarded at Cyntexa. She is confident, compassionate, and a team player in all actual senses. She’s a risk-taker and an exuberant performer. Here’s a little bit about her story.

Tanushri hails from a family of scholars, and since her childhood, education has been one thing her parents were particular about. All her cousins and older sister always did great academically at the school level. Tanushri was never much inclined towards fetching excellent marks. Still, she always took it with a pinch of salt when she saw her sisters getting accolades and appreciation during annual functions. 

She remembers clearly that her father refused to sign her test copy because she scored low. Only then did she give it her all; in her 7th standard, she outperformed herself. And since then, there’s been no looking back for the student in her. Her teachers and parents were surprised and pleased with her remarkable academic results and performance.

While Tanushri was still in college, her elder sister had already started working. It was through her that Tanushri first heard of the word Salesforce. Later, she attended a session organized by her college, which Shrey took. Tanushri was officially introduced to the world of Salesforce through his enlightening words. She was so intrigued by his words that she wanted to make a career out of it. As an avid learner, she didn’t see opting to learn a new course as a challenge, to be honest. And as she is a risk-taker, she was all geared up to take it head-on.

She soon realized that S2 Labs is the only training institute in Rajasthan that proficiently teaches all about Salesforce. Then, without further ado, Tanushri enrolled in one of the batches of S2 Labs. 

Further, she performed exceptionally at the Salesforce training and bagged an internship under Shrey’s company, Cyntexa. This internship opened multiple doors and gateways of opportunity for her. Little did she know that this was just the beginning of an incredible journey she would be a part of, with some bumps ahead! 

After graduation, she was offered jobs from multiple MNCs with handsome packages, along with Cyntexa. This was one of the toughest decisions that she had to make. She faced it all, from her family’s doubts to her friends’ mocking. The judgment that followed made her feel, amidst a tornado, helpless and clueless. Sometimes, the situations are so beyond one’s control that one loses track of one’s individuality. This was similar to Tanushri’s case. Everyone around her almost convinced her to consider going for an MNC rather than a comparatively new startup. This created a feeling of self-doubt for Tanushri, time and again questioning whether she should take up this role with lesser pay. The questions about growing in life, getting a better position, and getting better pay bothered her a lot.

Eventually, Tanushri followed her instincts, as she knew that her limit to learning would be the exploration here at Cyntexa. Her reasons and priorities were clear. She wanted to stay in Cyntexa, where she had spent a few months and closely observed the organization’s work culture and growth. Moreover, though she faced a dilemma of choice and what to do, it was evident in her mind that what she didn’t want to do in her life was mere CODING!

She gave her father a time stand of 3 years to prove herself at Cyntexa. Tanushri became the first female member at Cyntexa and instantly gelled up with the entire core team. Plus, she knew the startup culture and was quick to do everything from scratch, whether writing blogs, handling cameras, or managing client projects. She was on her toes!

Explore Life at cyntexa

Life here at Cyntexa has been exciting and enthralling since day 1 for her, but initially, not everything was fine for her, she had her fair share of challenges and difficulties. While working in a startup and doing diverse work, including her forte of coding and developing, Tanushri felt she had arrived. But destiny had other plans for her. Seeing her zeal and curiosity to learn, she was offered the opportunity to handle, build, and look after other subsequent departments of the company like HR, Sales, Marketing, etc. This was an out-of-the-blue situation for her, and somebody who lacked faith and confidence in themselves at that moment might have freaked out. Even Tanushri initially freaked out and was hesitant to sign up for this, as she was utterly confused about how she would explain her role at this organization. 

Her thoughts and people’s expectations took her aback. Being from a technical background and suddenly hopping into the role of a non-tech-trained individual was a tough job. Leaving something for which she had been trained professionally so well for doing completely different things was extremely challenging for her. Coding was her mastered skill, and leaving it made her conscious and uncomfortable, to say the least. She wondered what she would do if not coding. Will she be a misfit everywhere? 

She was caught up in a bubble of self-doubt and anxiety. Worst of all, she didn’t choose to vent it out thoroughly with someone or confide in someone who doesn’t judge her and her decisions. She had nowhere to go. Her mind horses chased and ran everywhere in all possible directions. She spent countless nights overthinking whether she would be able to prove herself. And her role here will have a valid title? Should she consider a switch? All these questions tested her patience and faith.

She felt directionless and lost most of the time and could not justify her role and tasks at Cyntexa to her near and dear ones. Most of the time, she was at the bottom of jokes in her friend circle, who again mocked her for being from a tech background and doing “HR-related stuff!”. She kept quiet, went numb, and smiled in doubt for everyone to think she was okay when she needed to talk to someone. She also recalled that when she couldn’t find her answers, she overslept but did not share anything with anyone.

Later on, when she couldn’t curtail all her inner turmoil, she gathered all her courage and decided to talk to Shrey about all this. And during this incident with Tanushri, she said, “You must perform well if your mentor or leader instills faith in you.” She discussed all her shortcomings and dilemmas with her mentor, Shrey, and took the leap of faith.

Moreover, Tanushri is a supremely talented and innovative individual who dislikes being put to monotonous work, and this challenging task had all the perks she enjoyed at work. Thus, she gradually built her command over all her work. With little apprehension but complete trust in the process, she went ahead with thinking beyond developing and coding and gave it a shot! The once-confused freshmen eventually became the head of the Growth and Strategy Department, and the rest is history!

Tanushri always believes that “Formative education lays a foundation stone for your path to adulthood,” which is true in her case. She formed the right kind of values and skills early in life that have helped her in her professional life. The core of her values can be summed up as honesty. She is true to her work and wishes to instill the same in her teammates. She learned how to handle people, work, and clients efficiently because of her determination and the spirit not to give up. All these values were brushed and enhanced further when she dealt with multiple other challenging clients and projects here at Cyntexa.

Customer stories

Good leaders lead; great leaders make others lead! Tanushri falls in the latter category. She ensures that the right talent is deployed at the right place so that no effort becomes futile. She adequately understands the needs of the business and the people to bridge the gap and add value to their lives. However, as a leader, she also faces challenges managing and coping with her team. She recalls her one difficult episode while dealing with groups and people who had given up early on without even trying their level best, and how she gathered herself and her team together. It was a hard time for her as a person of commitment and perseverance. She did question herself a little, but she didn’t let this episode define her as a leader and sink into her core values. 

This also indicates her leadership style, which exhibits ease, dedication, and hard work. Tanushri is a hands-on leader who is always available and approachable to her team members. People look up to her, and she gives it all back: courage, concern, and commitment to work. She pumps up the trust in her team members that her leader once instilled in her. As she knows, with great power comes great responsibility. And she does it all. Plus, you’ll always find her saying, I LOVE MY JOB!

Live the Life at cyntexa

The task and the process of growing every day and giving it your best each day is challenging. But Tanushri doesn’t let these thoughts crowd her mental space. She delivers her best and does what is expected of her exceptionally well. When asked what keeps her going with a smile and without a frown each day, she replied, Once a wise man said, geniuses know the art of letting go and I swear by it.” The genius she is, she left no stone unturned to give her team and Cyntexa her best. She learns and unlearns meticulously, and she balances her professionalism and personal commitments well. 

Moreover, Tanushri feels that each day counts. Even if the effort made each day is a tad bit, it depends. She continuously worked on herself, even on the days she felt like some things were going haywire. So it won’t be wrong to say that not everything was easy for Tanushri. Thus, the timid college pass-out Tanushri, who once was super scared to walk up to the stage and talk, now shines like a star and represents Cyntexa at multiple events today.

Each day is new for her; her motto is never to look back with regret. The ordinary girl who dreamt of just being able to lead a mediocre life has fulfilled life’s extraordinary demands with no complaints! Moreover, the irony is that those who were once in doubt about her decision when she started her career at Cyntexa now ask her about any job opportunities here. This is truly an impeccable and unexpected story one could witness. 


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