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From Brick-and-Mortar to Digital: A 60% Increase in Customer Retention in Pet Services

April 21, 2021 eye-glyph 78
Pet Care
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About the client

The client is a leading pet care organization in the United States. They offer a range of services to pets like vaccinations, medical treatments, toys, food, and medications. The client has a network of pet hospitals located all over the USA. They also have collaborations with various other vendors for their products.

The client wanted to take their business online as the sales were affected because of the Pandemic & wanted to provide their customers with all the supplies and relevant services they needed.


  • Getting Data from various sources: The client had to deal with CSV files from the vet source company, which were not compatible with the storefront.
  • Relevant product listing: The client wanted to show relevant products to the shoppers even when they entered keywords that were not in the dictionary, instead of displaying “Result Not Found”.
  • Improving product recommendation: The client wanted to provide more personalized and accurate recommendations to the customers based on their purchase history and interests.
  • Payment process: The client wanted to ensure a secure and trustworthy online payment process for their customers.
  • Shipping and order tracking: The client wanted to manage the shipping and order tracking of the goods, and verify the correctness of the addresses provided by the customers.
  • Better invoice management: The client wanted to have a better system for managing the invoices manually.
  • Inventory management: The client wanted to keep track of the inventories, their availability, and their price across multiple stores in different locations.
  • Market expansion: The client wanted to market their business and expand their customer base by reaching out to their existing and potential customers.
  • Sales tracking: The client wanted to monitor the performance of their advertisements on Google and know which ones were generating the most leads.


We implemented the following solution to overcome the above challenges for our client:

  • SFCC storefront: We have created a website in SFCC, which is a platform for online stores. The website showed the products and services that the client offered for pets. The website also stores the data from different sources, such as vet companies. The website updated the data regularly using SFCC jobs.
  • Mobile apps: The client also got mobile apps created for their website, which made it easier for the customers to use. The mobile apps used OCAPI callouts to get the data, place orders, and do other actions.
  • Sales Cloud: The client used Sales Cloud to manage the orders that were placed on the website. The orders were sent to the vet companies from Sales Cloud so that they could be delivered to the customers. The order status and shipping status were also updated and sent back to the website so that the customers could see them.
  • Optimizing search functionality: The client used Einstein Search Dictionaries to improve the search function on the website. This helped the website to show relevant products to the customers even when they searched for terms that were not in the dictionary. The website used algorithms to suggest synonyms for the search terms.
  • Chatbot integration: The client used the Einstein chatbot to provide faster and better customer service. The chatbot helped to answer the common questions and queries that the customers had and also to build trust in the website.
  • Payment integration: The client used the PayEezy payment gateway to process the payments on the website. This ensured that the transactions were secure and the customers could save their card details for future purchases.
  • Integrated UPS shipping method: The client used UPS to ship the products to the customers. The client created APIs to connect UPS to Salesforce and to send and receive the order and shipping information. The client was able to track the orders and manage the shipping for different locations.
  • Smarty Sheets integration: The client used Smarty Sheets to verify the addresses that the customers entered for delivery or billing. This helped to avoid errors and delays in the shipping. The client used the address validation API to check the addresses.
  • Subscribe Pro integration: The client used subscribe-pro to offer subscriptions for some products that the customers needed regularly, such as monthly or weekly. The client integrated subscribe-pro with SFCC and made the necessary changes in the code.
  • Reports & dashboards: The client used Google Analytics to track the performance of the ads that they ran on Google. The client was able to see which ads brought more customers to the website, and which pages the customers spent more time on. The client also created reports of the orders, payments, new customers, and leads weekly to see the sales and other statistics. The client created these reports and dashboards in the Sales Cloud.
  • Marketing Cloud Connect: The client used Marketing Cloud to reach more customers and grow their business. The client connected SFCC & Sales Cloud with Marketing Cloud and synced the data. The client created custom email templates, marketing journeys, and newsletters to attract more customers. Also, all the order emails were triggered from Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


“We are very grateful to Cyntexa for their excellent integration of various Salesforce Clouds in our system. Their solution has not only boosted our sales but also enhanced our data management efficiency and effectiveness. We appreciate their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to our project.”


  • A user-friendly and attractive website for online shopping
  • Stores and updates the data from different sources in one place
  • Manage the catalog, pricing, and inventory of the products & services
  • A convenient and accessible way for customers to access the website on mobile devices
  • Sends and receives the order and shipping information from the vet companies
  • Ensures secure and trustworthy payment transactions for the customers
  • Tracks the performance of the ads that they ran on Google and see which ones brought more customers to the website

Sales boosted by


Customer base expanded by

60% => Customer experience and retention rate increased by

Customer experience and retention rate increased by

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