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Chatbots, Invoices, and Glam Galore: Cyntexa’s Recipe for eCommerce Success

April 30, 2020 eye-glyph 78
Consumer Goods
Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud & Einstein Chatbot
Salesforce Implementation & Integration Services
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About the Company

Specializing in Women’s Beauty and Personalx Care Products through their eCommerce platform, this business faced persistent challenges in delivering seamless customer support and optimal user experiences.

Determined to overcome these hurdles, they turned to Cyntexa for expert solutions. Our partnership not only addressed their existing concerns but also paved the way for an enhanced and customer-centric online shopping journey, solidifying their position as a go-to destination for beauty enthusiasts.


In their pursuit of elevating the online shopping experience, this eCommerce business identified several key challenges. Foremost, they aimed to enhance product recommendations by delving into customers’ recent purchase history and understanding their interests. The goal was to provide more relevant and engaging suggestions, ensuring customers remained connected with the latest offerings.

Another significant hurdle was delayed customer support. Recognizing the need for swift responses to product-related queries, they sought a solution to streamline communication and provide customers with quicker assistance. The aim was to create a seamless and responsive support system that would contribute to overall customer satisfaction.

Moreover, their focus extended to improving the user experience across their platform. By refining the website’s interface, navigation, and overall design, they intended to instill greater confidence in shoppers, fostering a positive and enjoyable shopping journey.

Lastly, in a bid to optimize backend operations, the business sought a better invoice management system. The goal was to eliminate the manual handling of invoices, providing vendors with a more efficient and time-saving process. This not only streamlined internal processes but also contributed to a more organized and vendor-friendly business structure.

They needed an all-encompassing solution to tackle and solve the following challenges:

  • Having a hard time making personalized product suggestions.
  • Dealing with ongoing delays in helping customers.
  • Finding it challenging to make shopping easy and enjoyable for users.
  • Facing issues with how things work behind the scenes and managing invoices.

Here is the solution our experts suggested for them:


To revolutionize their eCommerce operations, our team implemented Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud, replacing their conventional legacy system. This transition empowered them with a modern and efficient platform to manage their online store seamlessly. The introduction of Salesforce Commerce Cloud aimed at providing customers with an enhanced and user-friendly shopping experience, consolidating all essential features in one accessible place.

The integration of Einstein Chatbot was the next strategic move, designed to streamline customer interactions. This smart chatbot not only reduced wait times for user requests but also saved valuable agent time by efficiently addressing common queries. This enhancement significantly contributed to building user confidence in the application.

Addressing the intricacies of invoice management, we integrated SAP with the application which automated the transmission of order details to the respective vendors, eliminating the need for manual invoicing for every product order. Moreover, our team implemented Einstein Product Recommendations, leveraging artificial intelligence to offer personalized merchandising on each web page. By understanding shoppers’ preferences and recent purchases, this feature provided accurate and personalized product recommendations, simplifying the shopping process and enhancing overall user satisfaction.

Lastly, to provide a unique and interactive shopping experience, we introduced the 3D View feature. Shoppers could now virtually try products by either taking a picture of themselves or uploading an image, adding an innovative and immersive dimension to their online shopping journey.


In overseeing the beauty and personal care project, Cyntexa’s team played a pivotal role in transforming the client’s online store. Introducing Salesforce brought a significant improvement to the shopping experience, while the chatbot streamlined customer support effortlessly. Manual invoicing headaches became a thing of the past, contributing to smoother operations. The addition of personalized shopping suggestions has resonated well, enhancing customer satisfaction and creating a more enjoyable online presence.


  • Shifting from old legacy system to Salesforce enhanced the overall store efficiency.
  • With Chatbot, customers get instant resolution of their queries, providing efficient query handling for improved user satisfaction.
  • Manual invoicing tasks are eliminated, preserving the efforts of teams and adding value to their oerational efficiency.
  • Shopping experience is improved with tailored merchandising, hypign user satisfaction and engagement than ever.

Growth in Customer Satisfaction Rate


Increase in Lead Conversion Rate


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