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Boosting Productivity: Streamlined Mortgage Lending with Quip Integration within Salesforce

September 30, 2020 eye-glyph 78
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About the client

Meet our client, a passionate entrepreneur from the USA, who has carved a niche in the property mortgage lending industry. With a vast client base, their business prospers on leads flowing in from various sources – be it companies, agents, or even property expos. Salesforce was their go-to platform for managing the complex details of loans and mortgages.


Our client, a renowned player in the mortgage lending business, was facing a couple of significant challenges.

The first challenge was related to lead management. With leads flowing in from property expos and being stored in Salesforce, the team found it challenging to track real-time updates on these leads from different team members. The client desired a system that could keep the entire team updated about the current status of the leads in real-time, eradicating the necessity for inefficient individual updates.

The second challenge revolved around document handling. The mortgage lending process necessitates a wide range of documents, including loan applications and approval documents from loan officers and HUD. The client found managing these documents to be a daunting task. The need to share or modify these documents often required loan officers to switch between Salesforce and various other platforms, leading to a time-consuming and productivity-hampering process.

In summary, the client was struggling with:

  • Inefficient lead management: Difficulty in tracking real-time updates on leads from different team members within Salesforce.
  • Complex document handling: Challenges in managing, sharing, and modifying loan-related documents across different platforms.


To address the challenges faced by our client, we developed a comprehensive solution leveraging the capabilities of Quip within Salesforce.

Firstly, we set up Quip within the client’s Salesforce org. This setup was based on the details provided by Quip, including the Quip subdomain. We configured the permissions to ensure the team had access to it.

Next, we utilized Quip’s feature that allows the creation of documents and spreadsheets within Salesforce. These documents could be shared with users within Salesforce and also with users outside Salesforce via a shareable link.

We then added two key components of Quip to Salesforce:

  • The Quip Component provides a list of all Quip files associated with a record.
  • The Quip Document Component, allows users to interact with Quip documents and spreadsheets.

One of the standout features of our solution was enabling real-time comments. This feature allowed the team to collaborate in real-time by commenting and providing feedback within a document or spreadsheet. This feedback could be viewed and updated by the entire team who had access to that document or spreadsheet.

Lastly, we facilitated cross-functional collaboration. When multiple members were working on the same lead, they could merge all the data related to that lead. This ensured that everyone was on the same page regarding the lead.


“Integrating Quip within Salesforce has transformed our lead management and document handling. Real-time collaboration and unified data have boosted our productivity. Truly, a game-changing experience.”


  • Enhanced collaboration with real-time updates and feedback on leads
  • Streamlines processes with unified lead management within Salesforce
  • Improved productivity by reducing switching between platforms
  • Efficient document handling with easy creation and sharing of documents
  • Unifying the data related to the same lead

Productivity increased by


Effective communication between the teams increased by

60% => Customer engagement increased by

Customer engagement increased by

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