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Revolutionize your Incentive Game: Easy Incentivizer for Banking Sector

September 17, 2021 eye-glyph 78
Easy Incentivizer
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About the Company

Our esteemed client is a bank institution that serves customers of all categories. They provide various banking services and are the leading giant in their industry. Among all the services offered, the client’s team includes credit cards with various attractive offers. The bank pays their employees an extra amount in the form of incentives based on the number of credit cards they have issued.

In order to reward their employees, they were using an application that did not provide automation, and most of the work required manual efforts by the employees. Therefore, it was prone to more errors, leading to wrong calculation of incentives. Also, it was a very lengthy and time-consuming process. Hence, they desired an automated and cost-effective solution.


Our client faced various challenges we catered to by seamlessly implementing Easy Incentivizer into their system. Firstly, due to performing manual calculations for every employee, the team was overloaded with work and consumed a lot of time. They had to start by entering the data to add a percentage of incentives, which became a stressful and tedious task for them. Also, manual data entry resulted in errors and inefficient management of commission. Therefore, the client sought an automated solution that could give better and more efficient results.

Moving further, our client was bearing additional Costs to track those errors. The team required extra effort and time, which added to their working hours and compensation.

Moreover, calculating incentives based on the number of cards issued by the employees and then rewarding them accordingly was a redundant and time-consuming task. This would sometimes cause delays in issuing the incentives to the employees. Therefore, the client sought a solution that automatically calculates incentives and does not require repeating the whole formula.

Additionally, the client demanded a solution that could track and evaluate the performance of the employees.

Summarizing the challenges:

  • Manual Workload
  • Inefficient Management of Commission
  • The incurrence of additional Cost
  • Time-Consuming Process
  • Unable to track the agent’s performance


After understanding our client’s needs, requirements, and challenges, we suggested an application named Easy Incentivizer that would change their employee reward game.
It is an easy-to-install application that helps in overcoming the problem of progressive commissioning. The client’s team could implement changes quickly with only a few clicks when any change was made to the commission rule or structure. The application eliminated the need to update the changes manually and saved the team a lot of time and effort.

This free application simplified the incentive process of the client by eliminating the need for manual work. Additionally, it reduced the chances of errors, allowing for calculating the appropriate incentive amount for an employee. Furthermore, it was cost-efficient, as the client did not have to pay additional fees to the employees to resolve the errors.

We crafted personalized dashboards in the application to allow the client to track the agent’s performance. These dashboards helped the client view and follow each employee’s performance for the current and past years.


“Cyntexa offered us a great application and customer support. After implementing Easy Incentivizer in our bank, our team’s workload has reduced while the performance has improved. It has saved us time, made us money, and made our incentive processing run smoother.”


  • Eliminated the manual workload over employees, which saved a lot of time.
  • Timely disbursement of incentives.
  • Removed the additional costs.
  • Facilitated the client to view and track the performance of employees, which led to better decision-making.

Decrease in Cost


Decline in Manual Workloads


Calculation Time was reduced

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