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Leveraging AI for Efficient Case Handling: A 40% Decrease in Workload with Einstein Analytics

April 15, 2021
Salesforce Service Cloud And Einstein Analytics
Salesforce Implementation & Integration Services
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About the client

Our client is a reputable law firm in the USA that brings on board both lawyers and clients through their website. They utilize Salesforce to manage data collected via their website, specifically in the form of case forms. Recognizing the need for a more efficient and effective management system, they sought to implement Service Cloud and Einstein Analytics.


The law firm was wrestling with several issues that were impacting their productivity and customer service. The most prominent issue was the management of a large number of cases and knowledge articles. The tremendous database of information made it hard for the client to find the most relevant knowledge article. Also, this process is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task.

Another challenge was handling customer service via chat. The support team had to spend considerable time and effort researching and crafting responses to customer inquiries, which often led to delays and potential customer dissatisfaction.

Classifying the various types of cases was also a significant challenge. With a multitude of cases being registered, the internal team found it difficult to categorize them accurately.

Understanding customer behavior was another area of difficulty. Even though the team made efforts to understand their clients better, it was a slow and complex process.

Lastly, the firm was struggling to manage customer inquiries across multiple platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and SMS. Handling multiple requests simultaneously often resulted in delayed responses and was also an expensive process.

In summary, the client faced the following challenges:

  • Managing a large number of cases and knowledge articles.
  • Providing efficient customer service via chat.
  • Classifying various types of cases.
  • Understanding customer behavior.
  • Managing customer inquiries across multiple platforms.


We implemented the following solutions to overcome the above challenges for
our client.

  • Einstein Analytics integration: Einstein Analytics was integrated into their Salesforce setup. This tool uses past cases to learn and recommend relevant knowledge articles for new cases, improving case management efficiency.
  • Einstein reply recommendations: This feature uses past chat transcripts to predict common responses to customer inquiries. It helps service agents select, edit, and publish replies quickly, enhancing customer service via chat.
  • Einstein case classification: This solution uses historical cases to train an AI model. The model learns how service agents have set field values on past cases, enabling it to recommend field values for new cases, thereby improving case classification.
  • Einstein prediction builder: This tool allows the creation of custom prediction models without any coding. It helped the firm understand customer behavior more effectively.
  • Einstein bots: These virtual customer assistants resolve customer inquiries or gather initial information before handing it off to an agent. They integrate with chat and messaging channels like SMS, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp, providing 24/7 customer service.


“The team is hardworking, creative, and provides quality solutions in a timely manner. The team has shown a high level of knowledge and skill throughout the development process.”


  • The firm’s day-to-day operations became more efficient.
  • With Einstein Bots, customer support was available round the clock.
  • Decreased workload allowed for better resource distribution.
  • Enhanced customer service led to happier clients.
  • The firm is now better equipped to handle future growth and challenges.

Improvement in overall productivity


Decrease in customer response time


Enhancement in case resolution time


Cost savings

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