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Transform your field service game with Field Service Lightning Implementation for the Retail Sector

May 31, 2021 eye-glyph 78
Field service Lightning
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About the Company

Our esteemed client has a retail chain of pet care products and services across the UK. Their services include grooming, training, boarding and daycare facilities for dogs and cats. Also, they have over 1500 branches nationwide.

The client wanted a robust infrastructure platform that could support their specific scheduling requirements and include a variety of other customer touchpoints, including pricing.


Starting with the challenges our client faced, they initially wanted a robust architecture that could support and manage their field scheduling requirements for the field agents and manage them. Also, they demanded a pricing management system.

They asked us to develop a highly customized, fully branded, employee-facing UI with an integrated appointment booking system that would be user-friendly and easy to learn for internal users.

Moving further, they demanded to connect FSL with existing backend systems (including SAP and ERP) via an APIM hub built by them, allowing for full integration of scheduling and pricing with customer data and exposing the scheduling API to the customer self-scheduling UI.

In a summary:

  • Creating a Robust Architecture and Pricing Management System
  • Need for User-friendly UI and Appointment Booking System
  • Integrating FSL with Backend Systems like SAP and ERP


After we understood our client’s needs and requirements, we implemented a Field Service Lightning solution for our client. It is a comprehensive solution designed mainly to focus on businesses providing customer field services. It helps to connect and optimize the entire service process, from the initial customer interaction to the execution of work in the field.

We developed a comprehensive scheduling and pricing solution to support their 100,000+ concurrent users, including the company’s 20,000 associates, call centre staff, and end customers.

As our client demanded, we also designed a price management system which ensured the pricing system is flexible and configurable to accommodate price changes, seasonal promotions, and coupons in the most efficient way and to accommodate the thousands of SKU involved in scheduling appointments for the entire range of services and products.

We developed a custom-engineered user interface (UI) along with the backend infrastructure development and configuration on Field Service Lightening. We designed different User Interfaces for the call centres, managers, and employees.

To facilitate easy appointment booking for the customers, we implemented the following features:

  • Price management
  • Quotations and invoice generation
  • PIN login
  • Service qualifications
  • Customized customer scheduling rules
  • Text and email notifications

Moving on, we implemented seamless system integrations with multiple company endpoints such as the end customer’s Web UI, available through the website; the end customer’s Mobile UI, available via the mobile application; and the backend systems.

We also created multiple front-end applications from scratch for use by various users, accessible through an associate web interface via a web browser and a mobile interface via a dedicated mobile application available on Apple tablets.


“Cyntexa is an easily approachable partner for fulfilling your business needs and requirements. They proved they are the best in the field by completing the project on time per our needs. They are patient with your requirements, and we are glad to be associated with them.”


Easy integration with customer data, service history, and other information.
Intelligent scheduling and dispatching tools allow organizations to efficiently assign tasks to the proper personnel.
Through user-friendly interfaces, employees’ productivity and efficiency increased.
The appointment booking system allowed customers to make appointments at the point of their fingers.
Seamless system integrations across customer-facing Web and Mobile UIs with custom-built front-end applications, enhanced accessibility, streamlined user experiences, and improved overall efficiency of operations


Business growth increased by


Customer interactions increased by

75% => Resources utilization increased by

Resources utilization increased by


The efficiency of customer service increased by

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