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Defining Operational Mastery With Salesforce For Glass Services Provider

June 2, 2020 eye-glyph 78
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About the Company

Dominating the residential, automotive, and commercial markets, this business is the premier destination for anyone seeking top-notch glass repair and replacement services. Their skilled technicians cater to the distinctive needs of vehicle owners, homeowners, and visionary business leaders, ensuring swift and cost-effective solutions.

Rooted in a philosophy centered on the customer, they not only meet expectations but also cultivate an enduring bond of trust and satisfaction, securing unyielding customer loyalty. In the world of eCommerce, they’re committed to making customers super happy—like a guiding light for top-notch satisfaction.


The client is facing the task of efficiently overseeing their field agents’ activities at customer locations. Recurrent complaints about the inadequate quality of services delivered by agents underscore the urgent requirement for a robust monitoring system.

Another significant hurdle is the manual process involved in responding to service requests. The lack of an efficient mechanism to swiftly identify and assign the most suitable agent from their database has resulted in delays in addressing customer requests. This delay not only impacts customer satisfaction but also hampers the overall efficiency of their service delivery.

Furthermore, the absence of a proper system to manage assets poses a considerable challenge for the client. Ensuring that field agents have the right supplies to meet customer needs in a timely manner is crucial, and the current lack of a streamlined system is impeding their ability to achieve this.

Additionally, the client faces a daunting task in assigning the right agent for each job. Scheduling conflicts between customers and service agents are a common occurrence, leading to difficulties in finding mutually convenient time slots. This challenge is exacerbated by the occurrence of duplicate booking requests, further complicating the process of allocating agents effectively. Addressing these challenges is paramount for enhancing overall operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

They required a comprehensive solution capable of addressing and implementing the following challenges:

  • Dealing with ongoing service quality complaints due to a lack of a strong monitoring system.
  • Having trouble responding to service requests promptly, affecting customer satisfaction.
  • Struggling with disorganized asset management, leading to delays in supplying field agents.
  • Facing issues with scheduling and managing duplicate bookings, impacting operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

During their search for a suitable solution consultant and implementation partner, they came across our services. Here’s what our experts proposed as a solution for them:


Looking to the edge of their challenges, our experts recommended them to implement Salesforce Field Service Lightning, a tool that empowers businesses to manage their field teams efficiently. This powerful tool allows us to effortlessly generate work orders for our service agents, providing a seamless way to track their activities in the field. What’s more, we’ve connected the dots by linking work orders with accounts, assets, contacts, and service contracts, creating a well-organized system for improved efficiency.

To amp up our game in time management and ensure the right person is always where they need to be, we’ve integrated the schedule and dispatch feature. This handy tool not only speeds up appointment bookings but also automatically assigns the most suitable agent based on their location, time availability, and skills.

Recognizing the importance of keeping a close eye on our assets, we’ve implemented an inventory management feature. This nifty addition allows us to pinpoint parts in need of repair, ensuring that our customer’s products receive the attention they deserve. Our innovative system even lets us view all parts of a product at a glance.

And for the grand finale, ensuring flawless service appointments is a breeze with the dispatcher console. This game-changing feature takes charge by automatically distributing appointments among our service agents, providing real-time management and scheduling. It’s the secret sauce to keeping our operations in top-notch shape.


Kudos to our Salesforce experts for transforming field operations! Implementing Salesforce Field Service Lightning was a game-changer. Work orders became a breeze, appointments got swifter, asset management became a cakewalk, and service appointments were flawless. Our team’s dedication shone through, paving the way for remarkable improvements in response time, customer satisfaction, agent efficiency, and a surge in service demand. Cheers to operational brilliance!


  • Streamline field team activities with easy work order generation and seamless tracking.
  • Accelerate appointment bookings and ensure the right agent is assigned swiftly based on location and skills.
  • Identify and address parts in need of repair promptly for enhanced product attention.
  • Achieve flawless operations with automated task distribution among service agents in real-time.

Decreased in Service Request Response Time


Increased in Customer Satisfaction


Increased in Agents Efficiency


Increased in Service Demand

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