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Achieving 73% Increase in Interdepartmental Communication with Pardot: A Success Story of a Leading Window Manufacturer

March 22, 2021 eye-glyph 78
Salesforce Integration & Implementation Services
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About the client

Meet our client, a company that makes custom windows. They’re known for their high-quality hardwood windows. But even the best companies face challenges. Our client was having a tough time keeping their customers. They knew they needed to find solutions to keep their business strong. That’s where our story begins.


Our client faced a few challenges. The biggest hurdle was managing the customer leads. The client was finding it difficult to track potential customers due to inefficient follow-up strategies. This resulted in the potential leads falling through the cracks.

The client had a larger number of email leads, but managing them manually was becoming a cumbersome task. This led to mismanagement and a decrease in client retention. Furthermore, the lack of communication between the sales and marketing teams affects the revenue and lead conversion.

The client was facing difficulties sending follow-up emails to customers who had shown interest in the product. However, there was no system to track and respond to such customers. This resulted in, the number of customers unsubscribing from their emails has risen.

In summary, the client was facing challenges with;

  • Lead management
  • Email marketing
  • Lack of communication between sales and marketing team
  • Retaining customers


With the help of Pardot, we have managed to solve the client’s issue of managing leads. Pardot enabled the client to score and grade leads, nurture them, and segment them effectively. It was a game-changer, making the process of capturing user’s email addresses much more efficient.
Pardot’s ability to support a large number of email addresses was a boon. It allowed our client’s marketing team to create list emails based on pre-designed templates, streamlining the process and reducing the chance of mismanagement.

The integration of Pardot with Salesforce bridges the gap between the sales and marketing teams. It facilitated interaction between the teams, enabling the marketing team to view sales charts and understand the efforts needed to maintain sales.

Pardot enabled the client to create multiple email journeys using the custom templates to ensure the client received personalized and relevant communication.

With Pardot’s implementation and integration with Salesforce, we were able to address our client’s challenges in lead management, email marketing, internal communication, and customer follow-ups. This led to improved customer retention and enhanced business performance.


“Cyntexa has demonstrated an exceptional level of professionalism and commitment by completing the work within the agreed timeframe. The team, with their expertise and dedication, has delivered a system that not only meets our requirements but also enhances efficiency in our operations.”


  • Efficient tracking and nurturing of potential leads
  • Simplified handling of a large number of email leads
  • Better communication between the sales and marketing team
  • Personalized communication with customers
  • Improved customer retention

Increase in lead management


Improvement in email marketing efficiency


Boost in communication between sales and marketing teams


Simplification in designing email journeys

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