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CIS Global has expertise being developed of mechanical movement and power management products to an assortment of industries, such as IT servers, Consumer Appliances, and Datacenters.

Project Challenges

Project Challenges

How Salesforce can solve CPQ issues

The client was facing the following challenges:

  • Create region-based pricing management – The client was facing an issue where they wanted different prices for different regions so that they can charge according to local pricing and local currency without selecting prices for different products in multiple regions repeatedly.
  • Customer-based pricing – The client wanted to charge different prices to different customers on the basis of the customer relationship such as; if a customer is permanent then he will automatically get a discount whereas, the other customers will be charged with the regular price.
  • Custom quotes & Customizable terms management – The client wanted custom quotes with customizable terms to be managed. They wanted fully customizable terms where they can use a single quote with different terms for different customers so that they can to reduce the redundancy of quote templates.
  • Approval for discounts – The client wanted a system wherein they had total control over the limits of discounts offered to customers, so if a salesperson exceeds the approved discount limit, he/she will need approval from higher authorities. Approval depends on the discount so the level of approvals may vary.
How Salesforce can solve CPQ issues
CPQ Implementation with Salesforce Sales Cloud

Project Solutions

Project Solutions

CPQ Implementation with Salesforce Sales Cloud

We implemented the following solution to overcome the above challenges for our client

  • PriceBook & Region dependency – Implemented the different prices for the different regions so that when the region of salesperson changes he will see product prices accordingly and salesperson in one region can not see other regions’ price-book. 
  • Contracted Pricing – We have provided a solution such that when a permanent customer comes he will get a discount on the basis of his subscription with the company whereas all the other customers will be charged on the basis of the regular price.

  • Customizable Terms on Quote –   Provided a lightning component using which the salesperson can change terms for each account or can choose from the predefined terms set as well. These quote templates are created on visual force pages so, quotes are colorful now and fully customizable according to quote type.
  • Advance Approval – If a sales guy discounts a product more than allowed discount limit an approval request will be initiated and can go up to a certain level depends on discount.

Project Results

Witness the increase in productivity and reduction in time upon successful delivery of the project.
Reduced time elapsed in managing products
Faster Checkouts resulted in increased completed purchases.
Faster Quote Generation
Reduced time elapsed in managing discounts

Client Review

Fast & Intelligent Work
The team at Cyntexa not only solved our problem but they also provided extra inputs to make our process better, still managed to finish the project before time.

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© 2020 Cyntexa Labs Pvt. Ltd. All Rights Reserved.