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Transforming Fintech: Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Drives a 40% Surge in Lead Conversion

August 31, 2020 eye-glyph 78
Salesforce Financial Services Cloud
Salesforce Implementation & Integration Services
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About the client

Meet our client, a prominent player in the U.S. fintech lending space. They stand out for their proactive approach to addressing America’s significant credit challenges. By offering flexible financing, they fuel the growth of small and medium-sized businesses and bring innovative financing solutions right to the consumer’s doorstep. Their short term loans are designed to be versatile, helping businesses stock up on inventory, meet fresh orders, or manage cash flows more effectively. With a dedication to delivering the latest in financial products, they are not just a lender but a partner to their customers, empowering them to reach their financial aspirations.


Our client, a leading fintech lender, was dealing with some tricky issues. They had customer information all over the place, which made it hard for their sales team to find and use the data they needed. This caused delays and made it tough to give customers quick, good service.

They also found it hard to connect with customers and agents in a meaningful way because they couldn’t easily see what needed to get better.

Since keeping data safe is super important in finance, the client knew they had to protect their customer’s information from hackers. They worked on making sure they could keep their customer’s trust by keeping their data secure.

In short, the client had these problems:

  • Making a good connection with their agents
  • Having customer data spread out in their system.
  • Finding new ways to talk to and help their customers
  • Keeping customer information safe from hackers


We have recognized the client’s obstacles and implemented Salesforce Financial Services Cloud to tackle the specific challenges within the fintech sector.

We integrated the client’s disparate systems, centralizing all critical data into a single, user-friendly dashboard. This platform is equipped with robust features and customizable options that are straightforward to deploy. Now, the client can access all customer information in one location, enabling them to pinpoint weaknesses and opportunities for enhancing borrower engagement.

Furthermore, we tailored the platform to merge financial data into a unified dashboard, providing instant, AI-powered insights and advice. This integration helps the client refine their decision-making process, boosting efficiency, and discovering fresh avenues for customer interaction.

We’ve empowered the team with access to vital client information, such as account details and financial objectives, aggregating data for each client on a unified dashboard for a comprehensive view. The Salesforce financial cloud also facilitates effortless communication between clients and the financial services firm, fostering seamless engagement.

By automating routine tasks, we’ve personalized service interactions and leveraged AI to gain deeper insights, allowing us to better predict and meet customer needs. Our strategy encompasses a Customer Data Platform, Intelligent Virtual Assistant, Intelligent Agent Desktop, Customer Service Coordination, and Financial Services Analytics. These tools enable lender to deliver more effective customer services and enhance satisfaction in the modern digital economy.


“We strived to be pioneers in the fintech lending space. Facing challenges with data fragmentation and cybersecurity, we needed a solution that could streamline our operations and protect our clients’ information. Thanks to Cyntexa’s innovative approach, we’re not just solving problems—we’re advancing the fintech industry.”


  • Consolidated data into a single dashboard
  • Automated routine tasks, freeing up time for the team to focus on more strategic initiatives
  • Robust cybersecurity measures have increased the trust of customers
  • Real-time analytics and AI-driven recommendations to offer personalized experience

Increase in Process efficiency


Increase in Customer Engagement


Reduce in Operational cost


Boost in Lead conversion

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